Elections 2013

*Please note that this post is mostly for opinion purposes only and is not made to offend the hearts of the politically opinionated. Obvious representation of personal biases of the blogger is not intentional but unavoidable. :)*

Just a quick note that this post will be lengthy and I would totally understand if you won’t read this post. I just have to have it here.

Comelec Halalan 2013

Who to vote? I’ll tell you that I would be voting this May 2013 Election and I’m a first time voter. And since I don’t really know all of my candidates, I then find it really improper for me to just go there and shade blindly. But that’s really how it worked for me. But anyways. It’s actually good that I visited COMELEC’s website few days ago because for some reason, it’s SERVICE UNAVAILABLE now.


Today is the big day. I can almost feel the crowd and the confusion that will no doubt accompany the day of the 2013 Elections. I have no doubts that political chaos could ensue well after May 13. Oh well, at least it makes the news programs more entertaining to watch. :)

With all the confusion and mayhem in the political world, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish who’s who and which side to believe in. I can’t really understand some of the aspiring politicians because for some reason, they’re all kind of the same for me. At some point. FOR THE POOR. It’s unfair. Philippines is not all about the poor! We may be under a bad government, yes! But it’s not only because of bad governance. These people I’m talking about are not gonna do anything new, in my opinion. See, what will happen? They’re gonna elect these politicians and expect a dramatic change two days after the election. And then they will conclude. Seriously, people?

Also! I’m keeping an eye on those people who I haven’t heard before. I think they can do it better than those who have been “serving” for quite a while now. Because they have yet to prove something so they can’t be all rubbish and stuff. Also! I don’t think I would like to elect those who have annoying jingles that I hear every day because if you’re running for a position, you should think of the welfare of your countrymen, not yourself! And you should be at least considerate not to wake up people very early in the morning by your loud stupid jingle!

Let us not judge others by who they are going to vote for this May 2013. I’ve seen numerous debates in Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other message bulletins that eventually lead to nowhere. Debating about politics is like debating about religion. There will never be a winning party in the discussion. Everyone has their own opinion that they will defend.


It’s amazing how many different opinions are out there, and how boldly people will push them at you. I’ve definitely shoved my fair share of opinions at people, but lately with all of the Campaign business happening it seems like opinions are much more on the forefront. I know politics gets more heated during election years. I’m sure that this kind of thing stands out to me more because this is the election I’ll be able to vote in (by the way, VOTE. You should vote. Really. I think it’s an important thing to do) so I’m more…actively participating, I suppose you’d say.

So, let’s just stay still and practice our right to vote at this day of the elections. If bashing cannot be avoided, then point them to the candidates themselves and not to the people that support the candidate. The thing I hate the most are self-righteous individuals personally attacking each other because they don’t agree with the choice of other people.


As each of us have our personal reaction slash observation slash comment slash experience in this national election, lemme tell you mine…

May 13, 2013, 7:30am started finding my poll precinct in San Juan Elementary School, which could have been easier if the school just posted the list of voters in the wall by precinct and made a map of the precinct’s location in the school, instead of collating the papers in a table with 3 or 4 people manning it, thus clogging up the information booth. Since I haven’t had my voter’s id, thanks to this Comelec app by ABSCBN that I can check my registration status and knowing what precinct I will vote for and sparring me from rumbling with the crowd. By 8:00am we found it, just to realize they consolidated 5 clustered precincts in one room having for one PCOS machine. Whew! Nevertheless, we piled ourselves up not knowing we are doomed to wait for an hour before finally getting inside the voting room because they prioritize those who are senior citizens. By 9am, I couldn’t say I was lucky to have my ballot ready to be filled out, and believe me it only took me less than 15 minutes to accomplish it and have my ballot fed on the machine. Finally, my vote is casted!

Though we’ve been hearing rants and wrath amongst our people nationwide, there are also “some” good news (at least) to savor. One is the fast counting of the election returns which is way way forward than our previous elections, and second I commend ABS-CBN and GMA who made a remarkable coverage on this national event.


For all Filipinos who voted this May 2013 national election…Congratulations! God bless the Philippines! Vote Wisely! #VoteNowCozYourVoteWillMakeADifference #PrayingForAPeacefulAndCleanElection


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