Crushes Are Fun

Crushes may seem like a teenage thing. But even grownups experience it all the time. One of the funniest things in the world is having crushes. Work crushes, friend crushes, unknown-person crushes – all are equally exhilarating and can provide endless hours of self-entertainment.

However, emotions are the weirdest things. Crushes are a rollercoaster. For a few moments, it can make you float on cloud nine. While it’s enjoyable and exciting for a few weeks, a long term crush can bring more nervousness and pain than happiness. Crushes, just like love, always starts with infatuation. And when you have a crush on someone, big chances are, you’re just madly attracted to them and nothing more. And, so it goes. You crush. You move on. And you hope to God that one of these days you find someone who you don’t want to live without, who will stop you, and tell you they can’t live without you, too.

Thought Catalog

Crushes are fun. The experience of being attracted to someone and then finding ways to get to know them is a small but gratifying sentiment. It’s like childhood – it’s innocent, it’s silly but in a good way, and maybe it’s a reminder that you’ll never lose your youthful enthusiasm. And whether the crush is someone you never knew or someone with whom you’re familiar, all of a sudden this person takes on a whole new meaning.

You begin to notice the way they do everything. You memorize their features, you remember every conversation, every gaze, and every time your eyes meet. And now you’re smiling when you think of them. When they’re around, you feel butterflies, and somehow you manage to keep your eyes on them without ever quite being able to look at them straight in the eye. And you wonder how they could not possibly get it…

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