I miss you

I hate missing people. Whether they’re dead or abroad or simply out of your life.  Sometimes it’s just a simple case of them being busy at some stuff or work.  It’s the paralysis in changing the situation that breeds that desperation accompanying that gnawing feeling. EVERYONE’S missed someone at one point or another.


I miss you. A phrase I’ve come across to so many times. I’m not only referring to the ones I’ve received but this also includes the ones I’ve read on the timeline of my social networking accounts. Well, I’ve been receiving a lot of these lately. They say they miss me but some just don’t make an effort to make me feel it. It sounds so demanding, I know. But don’t you think I have a point?

I miss my friends. I haven’t gone out with them in a while and there have been several trips & dinners & movie days I’ve missed that I feel that “nagtatampo na sila.” Sure, you’ve been away from a certain person for a while, but you can’t exactly say that you miss them, yet they decide to tell you that they miss you. Once they tell you that they’ve been missing you, one feels a certain pressure to say the same thing, just like when someone compliments something that you’re wearing; you feel the pressure to compliment something about them. It can be pretty awkward to just stay there quietly, or to just smile. Oh! Or how about when someone decides to ask you if you’ve missed him or her? Would you lie? Some people would.

I miss you. It sounds soo easy to say, right? Of course, it is. However, sometimes it is not easy to believe. It’s hard to prove that someone really misses you. Someone says, “I miss you“, and then the receiver returns with the same phrase. It’s so easy to say it. It takes a second to say it. However, how will you know if someone truly misses you? Maybe they just said that because it’s expected to say it. Maybe they said it just to add a dash of “caring + loving + thought” to the message. Maybe they’re just being nice. Maybe. Who knows?


To me, when you miss someone, you’ll find a way to talk, see and hear them. You will find a way to communicate. May it be through text, wall post, tweet or simply meeting up. Even the small talks and short conversations count. Brief communication is better than no communication.

What is my point? Usually when you miss someone it shows in your actions, along with words. Don’t tell you miss someone if you don’t make the effort to NOT miss them! If you live nearby and have nothing to do, meet up! If you don’t have time but you have time to use the internet or phone, send them a message. To put it simply, let them know they’re on your mind. Simply saying “I miss you” doesn’t prove it. Make them feel it. Phrases like these come in a package. It comes together with an action. Just like love. One does not simply say “I love you” or “I like you” If not, the phrase is filled with nothing but blank, empty words. Right?

Don’t worry. I’m guilty of this heinous crime as well. I’ve said this phrase time and time again. Frankly, sometimes, I just say it just to be nice. It’s a crazy world. I do make efforts too, you know! However, the sad part is…it isn’t reciprocated. The simplest update on how things are going and whatnot are very much appreciated. It’s a sad thing. However, you don’t always get what you want.


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