Happy weekend with Friends

“There is nothing quite like the value of friendship.”

I just got home a few hours ago. I slept over at my friend’s condo for overnight. At last this meet-up have been push through after of thousand and thousand of planning.

Let’s rewind…

Me and my friend, Zackie had an early nurse on-call duty at Makati for the scheduled vaccination. So, of course we shouldn’t be late since we expect the patients to come around 8am. After of almost 10 hours duty we meet our friend, Paige in Greenbelt and go directly to the condo to take a bath and change our clothes. It’s a very tiring day but it’s nice to have friends around; someone you can talk to who also enjoys eating the foods you crave. I had a night out with my college close friends. It was such a good feeling that after a stressful day, we can be with each other’s arms for one night.  The night started with dinner and night swimming. It was a great night! it was night of good music, never ending stories and loud laughter. Bonding moments like these never grow old. So that night was chill but awesome. A few hours after hanging out for milk tea at Agantea we decided to go strolling around Greenbelt and find a place where we can go to. Since it was around midnight or so, every place was packed! So, we opted to go back to the condo and just buy two bottles of Margarita and soda for chaser and some corn and chips. We lost tracked of time and if it weren’t for my cellphone alarm at 4am, we weren’t able to sleep and have stayed awake ’til morning. All you have to know is that we had a lot of fun and that we’re doing this again if time would allow us to.

Nurses on-call
Night swimming!
Chillin’ + Milk tea @ Agantea

The next day we woke up at around 11am. We are so very hungry so we ate our lunch at Gerry’s Grill in Greenbelt 3. Since, it’s Sunday I asked them if they want to hear the mass with me and right after they said yes, we go for the 3pm mass at Greenbelt Park Chapel.  So we heard the mass…And window shopping again after. And a cup of Tea from Chatime. A little chit chats then dinner and rest.
Lunch at Gerry’s Grill
I had a great weekend because I had the chance to go out and spend some time to bond and chat with my college friends. It really feels great to unwind and have some bonding time together with your friends. This one night of bonding was kind of perfect. We all had fun sharing stories about our college memories, current tsismis, and some other stuff. Even though we didn’t do crazy stuff, it was nice. We all went home around 8pm.
Girls nigh out is not complete without MIRROR SHOTS!
Wooow. It’s really a tiring weekend for me. Nonstop. Mind you…My dad’s already mad at me for staying out most of the time…I guess it’s already a part of me. I’m into adventures and I’m the one who can’t stay at home for a very a long period of time especially when there a lot of invitations to attend to. :p We only live once, so grab all the opportunities!! Hehe

So that’s it. Heaps of fun. That weekend made me too happy that I didn’t want it to end. However, all good things must come to an end. Oh my. Looking forward now to my birthday for a break. Cheers!! :D I hope you had an awesome weekend too. Be awesome and spread happiness!:))


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