Since I cannot sleep yet and the moon is bright. I’ve been scrolling my news feed on twitter and seeing my friends keep on posting on this trending topic, so I decided to ride on this hash tag #10ThingsILove. Chichi (that’s my dog) was lying on her back, paws straight up in the air, when she rolled over, yawned, and said to me, in her puppy way, “Mom, I love you. You’re awesome.” And she’s right. Hihihi to make this kind of my own, I decided to make a list of #30ThingsIReallyLove, from the sort of shallow to the deeply ingrained. I hope you’ll all do the same (about yourselves, not me) in the comments! :))


  1. When people sing the songs of your favorite band to you (even they swear they hate them)
  2. Ponytails in the summer
  3. Hand written letters and doodles
  4. When people say “you look nice today” even if they see you every day
  5. Surprises
  6. Kisses on the cheek and holding hands
  7. Getting lost in music while I shower
  8. Reading through memories in last year’s planner
  9. Rain when I’m indoors
  10. The smell crisp of new book
  11. How it feels to stick one foot out of your blanket
  12. Coffee and Milk tea while I read or write
  13. The photo booth pictures I’ve got tacked up on the inside of my cabinet doors
  14. When people say “this reminds me of you”
  15. Roses and Tulips
  16. Shopping (clothes, shoes, accessories, watches and bags)
  17. Watching my favorite movies over and over again.
  18. Looking at old family pictures and reliving happy memories
  19. My loyal and cray cray friends
  20. Quotes that inspire me
  21. Seeing people smile. It makes me happy to see other people happy.
  22. The wind in my face on a warm day
  23. True deep felt genuine hugs
  24. My dog. It’s not just her absolutely adorable faces, but the fact that I have had her for years, and she still greet me at the door every day like she haven’t seen me in years. She really is the best stress relievers and just happiness boosters in general.
  25. Food. I enjoy trying out new restaurants. I especially love the role food plays in my life it definitely fosters conversation and it essentially brings people together….and it is deeelicioius :)
  26. Good, witty, random, talk-for-hours like I haven’t seen you in ages type of conversation
  27. Feeling well-rested after a much needed nap
  28. Life. The beauty of it. No matter how bad things get, there is always something beautiful to keep us going forward.
  29. Random acts of kindness
  30. The people in my life. I’m truly blessed.

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