A Quarter Life Celebration

So, here I am, by suddenly coming across with this article, or maybe this exactly what I need my life at the moment. Like the writer, I am also celebrating my birthday in like four days. Whatever the reason, I’m just like her. I am currently going through my own Quarter-Life Crisis…at the ripe old age of becoming 23 years young. Age aside, during this time when you’re about to age a year older it seems simultaneously everything is ever-changing, options seems endless, decisions become complicated and TIME is just flying by.

These are the time you adjusting to become a mature adult and everything it entails, responsibility and independence (especially financially). These are the time finding a job is tough and scary because you either find something you really love or realize that you are going to start something you’d never thought you are doing. These are the years where you learn to question everything and anything, especially yourself and your capabilities. But when you DO and find some clarity in this mad, mad world or at least some sense of direction or have even one person who can relate and will support you and help you carry the weight you receiving, who will tell you, “you can do this, I’m just here!” with a little tap in the back or just a simple hug, then it make everything more bearable and a little bit easier…Eventually, all of us are struggling this type of crisis once in a while. I believe that with a bit of patience and positivity we will find that one thing.

Thought Catalog

Typically in the days leading up to my birthday, I find myself retreating and getting wrapped up in my own head a bit too much. Rather than just being my usual level of pensive, I give in to my excessive tendency to think, rethink and over think each breath and every decision I have or haven’t made throughout the past year, and then proceed to beat myself up for what I consider to be my shortcomings. I know. Healthy, right?

Rather than counting my triumphs, I add up my pitfalls. I become buried in nostalgia, and lost in longing. When milestone years loom, this behavior tends to be the worst. Meaning, I had an especially hard time last year in the days leading up to turning the big 2-5.

Oh the dreaded “quarter life crisis.” Yes, that thing.

To combat the impending crisis, I decided to throw a dance party…

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