My Open Letter to the YOU who will makes my heart beat just a little faster

I was inspired to write this open letter because of this video shared by my friend in Facebook. OMG!! This just made me cry and touch my heart. Everyone needs to watch this coz’ these things are rarely seen in today’s time. Amazing! :)

“True love is not like Romeo and Juliet who died together, but true love is like Lolo and Lola who grow old together.” 

I suppose you are wondering why I got being cheesy and why I’m writing this. Don’t worry, I’m wondering that too! It seemed like a good idea of something to do right now, and I can’t sleep yet, so here I am.

I don’t normally write to YOU, I think I have a dozens of never-ending thoughts in my head…but this one is here and permanent and I think I look forward to you reading it someday. So, be ready for lotsss of cheezy-ish here. Hihihi :)))

I’m doing this…while A Rocket to the Moon playlist ‘Somebody Out There’ on repeat in the background…for the sake of…I don’t know… I have this romanticized version of what we – this…just want to do this…whatever this is – ought to be. I’m not in like or even in love with someone and I’m not seeing anyone right now. It’s totally single and ready to mingle…Single, single you might say. I really want to take my time and enjoy the single, single life, but sometimes I can’t help but to want being with someone, who else doesn’t want, eh? So, here’s to my future You. Sometimes it makes me wonder…Are you actually trying to find me, or am I really just hard to find? I hope you never get tired of looking for me…

Dear my Future YOU,

What’s up, ketchup?

Obviously, you are reading this point because you have passed my ‘high standard’’ first round assessment with flying colors. So, you are respectful, witty, funny, protective, love me and of course, charming and attractive — like me! Ayiiiieee!! :)) So here we are, in a serious committed relationship.

I want you to think of this letter as a sort of, anticipations cheat lists. Featuring a mix of my idiosyncrasies and weirdness and your boyfriend duties to me. So, expect this to be lengthy and cheesy. :))

Before I meet you I don’t know if I want you right now but I want you to know that I’m here, I exist. I been wanting to write to you but I just don’t know what to say! Haha :) it’s hard especially I do not know who you are, I’m just using this creative imagination of mine but I know you’re somewhere out there preparing yourself to be my coolest boyfriend. ^_^


You might find it weird and lame but I’m waiting for you while enjoying the life that I don’t want to miss. Maybe you’re still busy and so do I. We can work this out I know, we let go the why’s. I wonder what you’re doing right now. I don’t wonder this in a creepy way – I think it’s more so in an intrigued way.

Sometimes I think about you! :D Did we bump into each other that day in the mall? Sometimes I wonder if I’ve already passed you on the street; stood beside you in the waiting area, sit beside you in a public transportation. Could you have been on that bus I missed by a second? Sometimes I wonder if I won’t meet you for another year…or if I’ll meet you tomorrow while chillin’ in Starbucks or sippin’ my large milk tea. Could it be you’re scared to find me? I would never hurt you. Are you one of my friends or friends of friends? And suddenly, I’d see you’ve been here the entire time, surely not. You can’t be.

I may not be your love at first sight or not the first girl you love, you kiss and dance with but I promise that I will be the last, forever! ♥ :) I have reserved all the depths of my heart for you. I have secrets that I have guarded only to share with you. This fact alone will tell you that I never doubted the fact that you were yet to enter my life one day. :)

Now, that your face, your facial features, your personality, your smell and your heart, I already know all of that and loved you when the time you read this. :)) You love me; you inspire me, and make me want to be a better person.

I hope you love my insecurities and obsessions on books, movies, TV shows and etc. I promise you I will love you for that. Please, be faithful to me! I don’t want to worry about everything related to how your heart feels about me. It takes a lot for me to commit these days, so I decide to commit to you, I’ll deem you worthy. I won’t mess that up. I hope you’ll deem me worthy as well.

Don’t worry about your flaws. I know you’re not perfect and I will love you for that. I myself also have an endless list of it. We may not get rid of it but I know we will get used to it to the point of laughing it off. We will be the world’s COOLEST COUPLE in the world!! ♥:) And, the happiest one too!! :D We’ll just laugh at everything that will come not only in our relationship but also in our individual lives as well.


I hope you’re a big sports fan too. You know I’m a NBA Lakers fan. I super love Kobe Bryant! I can be the “yeller at TV” for the both of us if you want — I get into it. I will not want you to “shush” me. I’ll want you to giggle to yourself and think it’s cute that I just cursed out an electronic black rectangle on the table or a coach who will never hear me. Better yet, I hope you’re yelling too. I want you to love my parents, my family and vice versa.

I want you to be my bestfriend as well. Someone I can talk to, share secrets, act silly with and even gossip with! Someone that will always be by my side and won’t allow me to cry myself to sleep again. Someone I can always count on.

I am so excited for our adventures together, travelling to strange places, Christmas with my family and your family. I don’t want the over PDA thing when we’re out. Hehe Just holding my hand in public would suffice. Holding it tight but gently would be enough for me.

Please, don’t break my heart. Don’t promise me broken promises. If we run into your ex-girlfriend, I hope you know I’ll be the coolest girl. Unless, she comes up to us begging for you to back, we’ll cross the bridge if we get there. *insert evil laugh* Hahaha :))

Oh, and I want to be silly. I love photos! I like taking pictures. I need you to be cool with taking ugly, beautiful and wackiest pictures on my itouch and laughing at them later. We pig-out and never say never. Travel and shop like there’s forever. Laugh and cry and days will never be darker. After fights we’ll be saying sorry, and then we’d kiss and hug each other tightly.

Let this relationship make us grow as a person. And also, let us help one another to be steadfast in our faith. (I have confidence in this because God won’t give me a non-believer for a boyfriend. Nor will I ever allow anyone to be.) We will be as committed to God as we were even before this relationship. We will date hard. And worship Him harder!

Oh my dear YOU! I know with all my heart that I will know you when I see you and get to know you. I may have dozens and dozens of crushes, but you will always be the one to put butterflies in my tummy and makes my heart beat faster. Soo, keep that in mind! Don’t be jealous! Okay?! :)) I know that you will be unexpected and unmatched by all those before, those men who tried and failed to win this heart of mine. I hope that you will find the HAPPINESS in me. I wish you could love me endlessly. We will keep the spark or even the fire. You will be my LIFETIME CRUSH and SPECIAL ONE so you don’t care to be jealous! ♥ :)

Am I too demanding?? I hope not! Hehe :)) I want there to be a reason you begin your day with me on your mind and end it just the same. I want you to do all of the above because I will also do all the above for you. Everyday. A thousand times over. “WE” and “US”. You want me, I want you. Together at last. Soon I’ll be seeing you…

XOXO, C. ♥ :)

And I’ll stop here…so many thoughts still flowing in my head but I’ll save that when I meet that “you” one day, maybe very soon…Where are you? For now, dear, I give up. And while I wait, maybe I’ll find me instead. I will find that You who really means the world to me and will fall in love with him, and he will love me to bits. He won’t find anyone else like me if he could search the world forever and ever. I will find that You who won’t want to leave my side. He might not be in my life yet: he might have walked past me today, he might have walked outside my house a few hours ago, but one day, he’ll be mine and only mine forever and ever.

There’s somebody out there who’s looking for you .Someday he’ll find you, I swear that it’s true.


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