Trip to the Lion City, SINGAPORE (Part 1)

Hello! I’m back from Singapore and I am missing that place already. It’s nice to finally write a travelling post and believe it or not I’m just done editing all the photos from my latest Singapore trip and here I am blogging it. But all of the process was so much fun; it’s honestly almost like going back to the moment and travelling through the photos. Everything besides me keeps reminding me how good and how happy I am when I was there. I am here going to blog about my Singapore trip last week. I know it’s kinda late to blog this but honestly speaking, I’m so lazy. :P I spend five fun filled days in SINGAPORE and I decided to divide this long post into three parts and beside I want you to keep excited because I can’t barely share everything in one post, so stay tuned. :) It was a short but very eventful vacation in Singapore that involved a lot of firsts.

I went to Singapore with my dad, grandma, cousin and ate Lyn, we spent 5 days in Singapore and it was total fun! I have days filed with joy, laughter, tiredness, hurt feet (due to the miles and miles of walking), fat bellies for tons of food we’re having (but that’s okay, we walk miles and miles so we kinda did exercise a lot), but let’s just sum everything in one word and one word only…FUN!!!!!

**Flight, Arrival in Singapore, Hotel check in, Dinner at Paradise Group**

Woke up at 3am and headed to the airport around 5am because our flight is scheduled at 10:10am and we need to be at the airport 3hours advance. This travel vacay is a gift from my dad for my birthday and for passing my boards as well. I didn’t expect that my dad is serious and will book tickets for the Singapore trip when he asked me what gift I want. He booked the flight tickets instantly. Next thing was to book the hotel for stay which was another major thing and my cousin who work in Singapore take care of this. We stayed at Le Grove Apartments for 5 days, 4 nights. Planning your trip really is a fun thing. You will learn a lot and know more about this special country along the preparation. As we know, Singapore actually is a vibrant, multicultural, cosmopolitan and sophisticated country. Singapore is a very expensive city. Costs for transportation, accommodation, food, and admission fees are all considerably higher compared to its neighbors. It was money well spent, though. Singapore is a beautiful place to visit…not for a long-stay coz it’ll probably burn your budget pretty deep.

I love Singapore! Everything over there was just so convenient. For instance, the public transportation there was efficient. You can get to aboard bus, MRT and easily. Taxi stands also available island-wide, as well as at the shopping centre or hotels. Also, the environment is clean. This is true! To be honest, I didn’t get a chance to see cats and dogs at the roadside, no rubbishes. Unlike Philippines, they won’t let you cross busy streets. I wish us, as Filipinos can learn one or two good things from Singaporean. Sometimes improvement needs comparison too. LOL :)) Next, the foods were quite scrumptious but I think I love foods at my hometown more. Singapore is a safety country. I definitely can’t bet you that there’s no crime in their country yet since Singaporeans have respect for law and rules, you can travel with no worries or fear of being robbed.

We had arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 at 7am. Super early! I was not in a fully-conscious being, super sleepy but super excited!! Our flight was at 10:10am on June 8, 2013, but there are delays so we board at around 11:15am and we reached Singapore at 3:35pm local time on schedule. There is no time difference between Philippines and Singapore. The flight journey was comfortable. Since it was my first time to ride a plane and to travel internationally I had a really nice time while boarding the flight and taking off and was enjoying looking at other airplanes and screaming with joy.  Hahaha kiddo in me kicks in!! :)) Since we were moving forward in time, I can’t get enough time to sleep maybe because I was so excited about the trip that I refused to close my eyes and was glued to the window. But, my dad, grandma and ate Lyn managed to get a couple of hours of sleep and reached Changi Airport on time.

With my dear grandma.
With my coolest dad.

Cebu Pacific uses the budget terminal of the Changi Airport, not much WOW factor during arrival but when you step out of the budget terminal and go to the other terminals, it’s a totally different story. At least now I know how a first-world international gateway should look like. I think the airport is the face of the country; well it’s the first thing you will see before you sight other places in the country so the airport is like a prelude to your spree.  That’s why I feel bad to countries with worse airport, my country the Philippines included; in my country every traveler are paying airport tax and travelers tax, so I wonder where is that fund going if our airport is on the list of worse.
Arrival at Changi International Airport. With my cousin, dad and grandma


So much on that, well my latest travel in Singapore I was faced by CHANGI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, it was spacious and tidy like the other airports, though there’s not much chair to rest or sleep in those long waiting hours for a flight and there’s not much design or structure that tourist like to see and take pictures to. It was the biggest airport I had seen and was very luxurious. We arrived at Terminal 2 which was for budget airlines and we went to Terminal 3 and it was just superb.  We freshened up at the airport and we feasted on the Singapore classic dish at Terminal 3 in Paradise Group Restaurant and explored the airport. The tram services between terminals are so efficient. Also the bus and MRT stations are right within the airport and there is just no need to get outside the airport if you want to take any type of public transport. In spite of lack of sleep and lack of a good breakfast, I was super excited to hop in and out of the trams. :) We also take time to take pictures inside the airport and the time went faster than we thought and it was time to depart for our hotel. We took a cabbie and reached our hotel, Le Grove Apartments at The Orange Road. The cab from Changi Airport to Le Grove cost us around SG$30 and took 30 minutes. I was so amazed on what type of taxis they have…Ohemgee! It’s a Mercedez-benz and Chrysler. :D

00 01 02

By the time we reached our hotel we were tired and wanted some sleep badly. We checked in to the hotel at 6:30pm. I did not have much expectation from the hotel but to my surprise the room was big enough with ample space left even after arranging our luggage, with kitchen and own bathrooms each rooms. The bed was so comfy, room and bathroom was very clean, AC was superb and centralize. I was really impressed with it.

DSC05986 DSC05988

As for our first day at Singapore we didn’t go to anywhere since it was too late when we reached our hotel. The warm feeling you get while visiting a foreign country and meeting people you know there is so wonderful. :) I noted our plan for next day which was visiting the Universal Studios Singapore and Sentosa. We couldn’t wait to start exploring the city :) So it was end for the first day.

To be continued…so stay tune for the Part 2. :)


8 thoughts on “Trip to the Lion City, SINGAPORE (Part 1)

  1. I hope you’ve enjoyed lot in Singapore. For me Singapore is the best destination for vacation. Last year we visited Singapore and stayed at the Marina Bay Sands, the experience of staying this hotel was awesome. Thanks for writing your experience! You have great blogging skills. Rare people can explain about their trip. I have read many travel blogs but your writing skill is simply outstanding.


    1. Yess…I enjoyed soo much my vacation in Singapore. I envy you for staying at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, is the infinity swimming pool there is good? I wish could stay there when I get back in Singapore. :)) Thank you for the compliments about my writing. I’m glad you find it interesting. :D


    1. Yesss I super enjoy my vacation in Singapore! ^_~ No problem dear. :) And, thank you for spending few minutes reading my blog posts! :)) I hope the informations I post will help you. :)


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