Trip to the Lion City, SINGAPORE (Part 2)

Hi! everyone and welcome to the part two of my trip to Singapore, now this is where the fun and mesmerizing parts are, not that the first part doesn’t contain any fun, but this part is more mesmerizing in a different way because I experienced how Universal studios and Singapore is pretty amazing and I’m giving you sneak peek of this gorgeous place right here and right now. Keep reading. :) In case you’re missing the first part, it’s HERE!


To complete our amusement park weekend in Singapore, my family and I headed to Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore. It was a bit expensive, but for the experience, we decided to take the Sentosa Express. We got there a bit past lunch time and it was still sunny but we weren’t sure if it was going to rain so we decided to get on the outdoor rides first while the weather was still cooperative.

At Resorts World Sentosa with Kuya Carlo, Ate Lyn, Daddy and Grandma
Me posing! Hehe
Lake of Dreams

DSC06005 DSC06018

To start off my Singapore trip, I enter the famous UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE…

As you probably know, Universal Studio is the ultimate playground/everyone’s guilty pleasure of the world they’ve always been dreaming of having…say thanks to all the fantasies and the movies we watched during out childhood and the existence of Universal Studio is the representation of that. In South East Asia, it is the brand’s first branch and it’s always been super crowded, I went here not on the weekend, but the crowd just never dies, it’s filled with people all around the world, and that’s what I love about Singapore itself, it’s so attractive for tourist (me also).

There are many attractions in Universal Studio Singapore which I will not list all of them here. But, most information can be found online and I won’t regurgitate them here. Please visit Universal Studio Singapore’s (USS) website HERE for those information. There’s always Google anyway.
Here’s the theme park’s map so that you can imagine it clearly.
You will be welcome by the revolving globe where its title rings revolves around it, here people usually take pictures and mostly crowded as ever.  The theme park is open all year round and it’s been said that it’s always a full house no matter what month of the year, mostly crowded on the specific holidays and the summer season.  The entrance fee is quite expensive at 74S$ but it was money well spent. We shot a few photos with the signature Universal Studio globe at the entrance. Because it is weekend and it way too late, there are lots of people thus making photo taking hard. Immediately we entered and started playing each attraction.

DSC06033 DSC06038 DSC06031 DSC06047

First is the NEW YORK and HOLLYWOOD ZONE are for those who love the movies. Under the protective canopy is the Hollywood zone where you catch glimpses of classical buildings from old-time movies. I personally was like in heaven being in this place, it’s my euphoria.  Walking in the streets where it happens, the magic of Hollywood or the replica of it, but who cares. Along the path there are many restaurants and stalls available to quench your thirst. Food and beverages are not cheap, you may want to bring your own drinking water although outside food and drinks are not allowed.

Another legend, this one from the other side of the world: Frankenstein!

The churros van, too bad I didn’t try the churros but a lot of people recommended me


Second is the SCI-FI ZONE is not intended for the weak heart, it’s a double roller coaster ride where I took the challenge and rode with my eyes close all the way, seriously I think my eyes will fell out if I open it with the rush and excitement. I started the day with mild rides, one in the form of a seated spinning ride while madly spinning on this whirling twirling attraction and the other where you ride in this large bird dinosaur soaring up and down in the air. Accelerator and I forgot the name of the second one we tried to ride on, respectively. Me and Ate Lyn decided to get on Battlestar Galactica. I was a bit more interested in the Cylon segment since it was a suspended roller coaster. You know, Battlestar Galactica is a dual roller coaster: HUMAN & CYLON, where both tracks are intertwined and run simultaneously. You know, you sit underneath the track with your legs dangling, but this one is really much…much more extreme. There are plenty of extreme twists and turn, and…ah I can’t even describe it. When the safety harness lifted up, I noticed what the side effect was. My arms and legs were literally jelly. I didn’t have the strength to push the harness up or even lifted myself out of the seat. I toppled over to the pillar at the side where my flat shoes were. So that marks the ends of the most “exciting” roller coaster ride I had taken to date.

Sci-Fi City is the place where excitement begins in Universal Studios Singapore!
Starting at exactly the same time, the two tracks meet each other at quite a few intervals. Weirdly, I didn’t notice the other track while screaming my lungs off along the scary blue one.

Back Camera 06 03

Getting tired of riding the extreme rides, we headed to the ANCIENT EGYPT ZONE is filled with stunning architecture. This is for those who love the ghost of the mummies, I love The Mummy movie so I’m kinda excited with what’s there for me. Well no surprise here as you will enter a roller coaster ride in full darkness where loud sound of ghost and flashes of light scare the hell out of you. Hell yeah! I haven’t had a chance to try this one for a long queue of people. You’ll find a lot of this twin standing sphinx (I honestly don’t know what to call it). This is the most amazing part of the Egyptian zone, I love this high architecture and those statues, I have always had this huge interest in great details stuffs and I always praised people who crafted them, such genius and hard worker. I generally love the outside façade of this part of the theme park, it’s like you’re in Egpyt with the statue relics.


The JURASSIC PARK ZONE, another thing is because the Jurrasic Park arena is basically RAFTING, so you can imagine how wet that’s going to be.


The 4D adventure of Shrek in the FAR FAR AWAY KINGDOM, 4D experience is almost like 3D the difference is that it seems your one with what’s happening in the movie, the chairs are moving and at some point you will feel what the character does. The adventure is about saving Fiona and fighting the evil ghost of the short villain.

10 DSC06078 ??????????????????????????????? DSC06083

Apart from playing different themed-attractions, we were in fact taking brisk walk along the path and taking photos. Classic cars which date back to 1950s, old buildings are favorite spot for photo taking.

Well, technically we had quite a lot of fun in the Universal Studio even though it was intense heat! Kinda enjoy those 4D Rides, Roller Coasters and some water boat adventure thingy ! Spent like the whole day in the Universal Studio. *exhausted*

So all in all it was definitely a theme park of dreams, I enjoy and love the experience and I recommend it to anyone who will visit SINGAPORE, for the young and young at heart…


…and I’m very fortunate to be able to share this marvelous experience with you!!! And I’m hoping I could come back again. So, here’s for more…Part 3!!

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