Trip to the Lion City, SINGAPORE (Part 3)

Hey yoww!! This is my part three and also final part of my trip to Singapore. If you miss my Part 1 and Part 2 posts, kindly click the links! :))


The next plan after a whole day in Universal Studio is to actually visit the largest Merlion statue in all over Singapore, it’s the one located on the Sentosa Island! I thought it’s going to be far from the Universal Studio but the guide there told us it’s very close, so instead of spending some time in the MRT, we walked forward while enjoying the fresh cool air of Singapore. Thumbs up for Singapore for the clear air, no wonder why Singapore has been voted as the cleanest country in the world. And he was right, it’s not far at all, you can actually see the statue from USS and we walked only for about 5-15 minutes. We didn’t go to the Beach section of Sentosa, we have better beaches in the Philippines it seems unnecessary and were hungry LOL.

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We had our late lunch at Food Republic which located once we came out from the Sentosa Express. In case you haven’t heard of Food Republic, it is a food court chain and it’s quite famous in Singapore. No photo was taken because 5 of us were so hungry to the max – imagine having our breakfast around 10am and having fun until 5 pm plus, then only we had our late lunch. Afterwards, we ventured around Vivo City Shopping Mall in order to kill our time. Not a bad experience actually. Might plan for another visit if I am going Singapore again.

Obviously one of the famous landmarks that shouldn’t miss by every visitor when visiting Singapore would be none other than MERLION PARK located at the MARINA BAY WATERFRONT. I guess most of you who had been to Singapore must be familiar with this well-known of tourist icon that has the combination of mythical creature with the head of lion and the body of fish. Well that’s the only info I could share, check out the pictures I take hopefully it makes you see what I see, a structure that represents the countries power, SINGAPORE the LION CITY.
The Merlion Park

DSC06122 DSC06123

Next destination is Singapore’s famous MARINA BAY SANDS; it is one of the latest grand buildings which can be seen from Merlion Park. It has this three building met by seems to be a large vessel at the top; the Marina Bay Sands is remarkable to see in the actual. What I know about this building is the infinity edge swimming pool. Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort features thousands of luxury room hotel, casino, ice-skating rink, a museum, seven prominent of celebrity chef restaurants and more.  How I wish I could stay here someday? *cross fingers*
Marina Bay Sands
Next, we’re heading to ORCHARD ROAD via MRT. Once we came out from the high-end shopping mall by the name of ION Orchard. Many people visit Orchard Road to fulfill their satisfaction towards their shopaholic addiction.  At the very end of this last day, we do the much needed shopping; I’m too busy choosing some clothes so no time to take pictures. Well if you’re curious what I bought, let me just say I’m a fashionista at heart so my luggage back home definitely includes this. P.S. if you’re shopping in Singapore, check out Bugis Street and Chinatown for bargain hunting and if you have the money for expensive stuff Orchard Road is your destination.

The busy Orchard Road

Bugis Street for cheaper goods

So that’s it, my tiring and very rewarding trip at Singapore, and I swear I was neglected to leave Singapore! Of course, I will not forgot to buy pasalubong for my friends and family back in the Philippines. Admittedly I fell in love with the country and hope to come back there again, it’s just filled with excitement, high point is that the country is really clean with superb city organization and beautiful with places you can never get tired of going and discovering. Small but totally NOT to be seen with one eye only. I read in a magazine once that you can never get lost in Singapore cause there’s always places to discover and that’s true, low point would be the prices, I don’t know but when you go to a country with a higher currency than yours, it seems everything was pricey and expensive which in Singapore it’s a definite fact.
The Gift shop located inside the Changi Airport
I hope this post that I’m writing is strong enough to convince you to book your tickets to Singapore right this moment!

For once in your life, you need to visit Singapore. One of the best countries in the world and let yourself blended with everything that you can enjoy there, you only live once!

And now here I am back to my routine, works and errands to collect more money for another holiday trip. LOL. :)) So that’s all I wanna share about! THANKS and till my next TRAVEL…See you on the next post! Hope you find it useful!

I’ve been writing a lot lately but it’s just so much fun! Thank you guys!


9 thoughts on “Trip to the Lion City, SINGAPORE (Part 3)

  1. I don’t know how to say this but when I went to Singapore, just like your visit, Festive Hotel in Sentosa was first, then Universal Studios, then Marina Bay Sands and some others. The order of events were kinda the same as yours. ^^


    1. Ohh really! That’s great! :) I think Singapore is such a great destination for all the tourist around the world. One of the best countries with everything you can enjoy! :D


  2. We’re going there this coming sept. Our flight would be early morning. We’re still thinking of the things we can do when we arrive at Changi airport around 2AM. lol Hotel check in at 2PM. Still thinking of our itinerary. :D Getting excited. Thanks for all the info you posted here. Just a question, is it better to buy online tickets or would it be alright if we just buy tickets when we get to Universal Studio? 74SGD does include all the rides and attractions right? Any other fees you pay inside USS? thanks a bunch!


    1. Hi! Your welcome dear. I’m glad that those infos i posted is great help to you. :)

      The one we do is we directly buy the ticket at universal studio. Yes it is ride all you can! If you go there with anyone in your family who is a senior citizen there’s a discount given.

      The only thing that is not included and need to pay is the soveiners and foods from the stores located inside the universal studio.

      Wishing you to have a safe flight! Enjoy singapore! :))


  3. You didn’t go to (SANTOSA LUGE & SKY RIDE) ?
    It’s one of the ALOT of thing i’m exited to in singapore ;) i’m going on oct ^^


    1. Yes. We didn’t have a chance to go there because of lack of time. Maybe when we go back at SG we will surely visit it. Have a safe trip on Oct. and Enjoy SG! :))


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