Poetry #1: Pointless

Due to this gloomy, rainy weather I made a poem while I’m having my coffee at Starbucks. First time to make one again after a LOOOOONG TIME. I just put into paper the words popping out of nowhere. Sorry it’s not good. Need more practice.


Why am I sad?
Why I feel uneasy?
I should be happy and in high spirits
I can’t resist from thinking
Crazier things keep coming in my mind
Many thoughts are scrambles
Puzzled words beginning to formed
I want to smile
But I can’t
I can’t resist from what my mind telling me to do
Strange isn’t it?
But, tomorrow is a brand new day
Many things may happened and are unexpected
Every step is unplanned
Decisions may change
All I can do is to face the new day to come
And look in the brighter side of my new chapter!


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