My blog Turns 2!


Wow, has time gone by so fast! Well, can you believe that? The Lass behind the Pen turns 2! I’ve never kept a blog that long in the past, so this is quite an achievement on my part. *Applause* I will have to say this has been a bitter-sweet year. Lots of family stuff going on and lots of personal life (and career) stress. However, to be completely honest, I’m happy with my blog for this past year and I’m happy with my writing progress. Blogging is not an easy thing to stay on top of all the time and sadly, life does get in the way sometimes. And blogging is for everyone, as long as you’ll be able to express yourself and show your individuality among other. I am happy to say though that I’m glad that there are amazing people who spend their few minutes to glimpse my blog and for that I am grateful.

i love blogging

From Notes to Rants to Issues to Thought Catalog Articles to Music to Books to Movies to Food to Reviews to Travelling to Events and to WHAT NOT! Sheesh, The Lass behind the Pen has covered a lot over the past two years, and will surely cover any other nook and cranny over the coming years. :)

God forbid, if I didn’t have an outlet for my rollercoaster of emotions, rants, raves, quirky moments, etc, one might find me talking to myself at all times. Haha! :)

HEARTFELT THANKS also go out to the people who blog hop and read my posts, to those who never gets tired of reading (even if I write melancholic posts) and share their comments, and the lurkers who keep coming back. Thanks a lot! :) ♥


Well, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BLOG!!! and I hope you stay with me on the next leg of this blog journey! Happy Blogging to us! Long live to us! Long live to our Blogs! Cheers!


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