Today is Friday, 13th


This morning I woke up to the sound of the breakfast show on the radio discussing the fact that it was Friday the 13th. I know most of us believe that this is an unfortunate day. Somewhat superstitious myself (yes, I avoid walking under ladders, look in horror at an umbrella open inside and almost all the time, knock on wood). With this date are connected many superstitions, which, over time, have made people suspicious, scared, even terrified. However, it is hard to tell really why this day carries around its bad name – all I know which is my dad told me that in the Middle Ages people believed on Friday, 13th the witches and devils wander the Earth. Some people think that it’s the combination of two old superstitions – 13 being an unlucky number and Friday being an unlucky day (Friday? Unlucky? That’s the best day of the week!!).

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Why Friday, 13th? Why not Monday, for example? I always tend to feel crappier on Mondays than on Fridays. Friday brings relief that weekend is coming. I guess the bad fortune comes from combining the certain day with this particular number. Numbers play a big role in our lives. Ever since the Beginning there were sacred numbers: 3, for example – it symbolizes the three dimensions, the Trinity in Christianity. And I have to say, when you think that something bad will happen you might accidentally get yourself drawn to it. Especially, do not try to prove that there really is “bad luck” by blaming small coincidences. Missing the bus or losing your keys are possible misfortunes at all times and are not “a bad sign from the Universe”. You see my point?


However, it is up to us whether our day will be productive or less. It is us who control our future. Just saying. So, fortune comes to us with our own action. And to make it luckier, add up faith and prayers.

Happy Friday the 13th guys and girls!!!! I know today is supposed to be a day full of bad luck but I tend to believe that luck is what you create yourself. Hope you’re having a Fantastic Day!  Remember… it’s just a date on the calendar…just like the 11th, 12th, 14th & 15th! And it’s all about Attitude!!!  I choose to have a GREAT day!  I choose to have a GREAT ATTITUDE about the road blocks and bumps that get in my way….I almost always learn something new as I navigate my way around them.

Have a Blessed Day!!


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