Chew on this: Mann Hann

“Eating is always a decision, nobody forces your hand to pick up food and put it in your mouth – Albert Ellis”

When I visit restaurants the first thing that definitely attracts me or caught my attention is the interior or surrounding and Mann Hann surely gave me the Asian and warm vibe. There’s never a lousy day if capped with a sumptuous dine at a good restaurant! There are restaurants you love going back to. And this is one of those. Mann Hann is one restaurant we enjoy revisiting over and over. We almost have a readied set menu of our favorite dishes we have grown to love thru the years. And it never fails to fill our tummies with delight every time.

So why the name Mann Hann? I did a bit of research about the name of Mann Hann and came across this amusing back story on their weird site:

Mann Hann was derived from an ancient Chinese legend that the owners love to tell their children. The romance involved Mann or Manchurian and a descendant from an old Han Dynasty and how the emperor’s opulence showed when entertaining foreign dignitaries by ordering “Mann Hann” Menu which consist of 200 delectable varieties. These feasts usually took them weeks to consume. Nobody knows for sure how the story ended but somehow synonymous with authentic Chinese Cuisine.

What a heritage, huh? Haha.

It was another lunch together with my friends Jen and Zackie and I just love it! It’s always nice dining with close friends, bonding and sharing stories together. We decided to take a lunch out at Mann Hann located at the Basement Bldg. A of SM Megamall. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were asked on how many are we. When the guard found out that we were just three, we were asked if it’s okay with us to seat at Mannang, which I believe is a substore of Mann Hann. But since we don’t agree they make a way to find us seat in Mann Hann. It was proven when we looked at the menu; there was Mann Hann on the front, and Mannang on the back. Mannang specializes in Filipino cuisine while Mann Hann offers Chinese food.


Mann Hann and Mannang are sister companies. Because these two restaurants are located next to each other, you can order Mann Hann dishes while you’re seated inside Mannang, and you can order Mannang dishes while you’re at Mann Hann.

Mann Hann definitely didn’t disappoint. Their foods were good, prices were definitely affordable & reasonable and ambiance was just perfect.  The food ranges from P200 to P400 and all is good for 2 to 3 persons. You will definitely enjoy the dining experience especially when coupled with the restaurant’s great service. Here’s the menu so that you can see the prices of the food:

mann hannmannang

There’s real stiff competition out there though when it comes to the restaurants at the Mega Atrium. The whole atrium is basically surrounded by restaurants. When you walk around the area, you have representatives from different establishments trying to convince you to dine at their place. The owners don’t have to worry about this though, first time visitors is one thing but returning visitors is definitely another thing, a more important one. Does this restaurant have what it takes for customers to go back? Yes, definitely!  Well, especially if you are a Chinese-Filipino food fan.

We ordered nothing from the Mannang menu since it’s the typical food we eat. What we got from the Mann Hann menu are:


Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php280). What are all these dishes without some good fried rice? A no-rice diet or even plain rice just won’t cut it for your standard Chinese dinner. This fried rice is pretty regular as far as good fried rice goes. An ever reliable choice.


Sweet & Sour Spareribs (Php260) was good food and the sauce was rich and flavorful. Just enough for our taste buds.


Spicy Squid (Php270), not-so-spicy, this one is also a must-try. Tender slices of fried squid with bagoong & calamansi dip which makes it taste more flavorful.

We just had service water for our drinks and of course, since it’s a Chinese restaurant, they serve unlimited house tea. The service is so fast. The food arrived fresh, tasty and still hot, hot, hot in just 15 minutes which I can say is really accurate.

Our food, in my opinion, was superb. I was craving for Chinese food, so maybe that’s why I enjoyed our lunch. I can taste the authenticity of the dishes and how crisp and tender the meat were. Mann Hann definitely has value for money. It cost us less than a thousand for our lunch. We left the restaurant full and our pockets intact.


Mann Hann lives true to its name of carrying good classic Chinese dishes. Well, I don’t think this is what the Dynasty Warriors were eating, but it’s been around since my childhood so its classic enough for me!

Too many good restaurants to try out these days which is why I always make it a point to at least try out new restaurants every so often. Honestly, you can really find some nice and wonderful gems out there in the big sea of restaurants. Mann Hann is definitely one of them. Glad we tried it. So, if you haven’t tried it out yet, maybe you should try it out today.

Have you eaten at Mann Hann? I believe we have the same experience! :)

Basement, SM Megamall, Bldg. A EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong Metro Manila, Philippines
Budget: Php 200 – Php 500


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