You Are So Beautiful

Maybe it will get you someday – the bite of sadness. The sudden urge to just give up and not give a fuck about anyone or anything. Maybe it will get you in the days to come but this one thing you should know – there is beauty in the breakdown.

Stay strong, beautiful blue star. You are loved.

Thought Catalog

It would be an understatement if I tell you you’re beautiful. I don’t need to do it so I won’t. But to tell you how beautiful you are is a harder task to take on. Nonetheless, I’ll still try to do so. Not to flatter you or feed your ego, but because you forget it sometimes.

You are so photogenic if cameras had hearts, they’d fall in love with you. Maybe it’s your teeth, perfectly aligned. You must’ve had a good dentist or you just loved brushing your teeth. Those set of dentures you have there clearly contributed to that smile that swayed me off my feet more than a few times. Or it must be those big black piercing eyes of yours. Because, damn girl, if you were the earth, those eyes would be the Pacific Ocean. Just let me drown in your gaze. And your nose would be…

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