#BangonBohol Medical Mission

“Volunteering can be an exciting, growing, enjoyable experience. It is truly gratifying to serve a cause, practice one’s ideals, work with people, solve problems, see benefits, and know one had a hand in them”.  –Harriet Naylor

It’s been a while since when I updated my blog! I guess this is the time to update and share the stories behind my busy schedule. Hahaha just kidding! :)

However, last month, the Province of Bohol experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) it also affect nearby provinces. A lot of properties was damaged even the churches, bridges, malls and historical sites in the province.

Twenty people. Two days. One group. One destination. One mission.

It was a privilege to be part of the “Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na!” Medical Mission. November 28, 2013, we are scheduled for a flight to Bohol. Given a 2:40pm call time, we arrive at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 in Pasay City as early as 12:00pm. We just waited for the ABSCBN and DZMM team who organized the medical mission where we are volunteers for our boarding tickets. We are boarded at Philippine Airlines plane that would lift us from Manila to Tagbilaran Airport. The team gathered for check-in with the stuffs we had (I mean the medicines and things for the production team). Our team composed of Registered Nurses and professional Doctors volunteers.

That’s me! :)
Tulong na, Tabang na, Tayo na!

After more than 1-hour flight, we arrived at Tagbilaran Airport around five in the afternoon. We ride at two vans wherein we load again our things and we go directly to the Bohol Tropics Resorts Hotel to rest and put our things.

With my co-nurses: L-R: Jen, Me & Zackie
Nurses on duty.

We are given one hour to rest and freshen up then an orientation was given to us on what to expect and what are the things to do during the medical mission especially in dispensing medicines to the Bohol community and where Barangay to conduct the medical mission. After sharing some ideas and finalized our itinerary for our medical mission we eat dinner at the hotel restaurant and rest for the next day event.

L-R: Crista, Zackie and Me
With Dr. Jeanette
With Dr. Ian

54 610

So, this is it! Since it’s a 6:00am call time me and my co-nurses wake up early for the breakfast. The team prepared themselves and we packed the goods for the mission. We left the hotel around 7 in the morning and directly go to the Barangay Booy Covered Court, Tagbilaran City for the courtesy call unfortunately the Mayor is not around.

24 14

As we arrived, I see the people are patiently lined waiting for the registration to start to have a free check-up and get free medicines. After the short talk and briefing for the medical mission, we set up the area for the medical mission and medicines distribution.

Our doctor volunteers.
Doctors and Nurses


We started the registration at exactly 8am. After more than four hours of consultations, dispensing of medicines and soup kitchen, we were able to cater almost 1000 people. Also, we give them mini entertainment program where the Kapamilya stars from ABSCBN performed a song, dance number and give some raffle and games. In this little act the artists give to the Boholanos give smiles and hope for them to get through from the calamity they experience. Of course, I’m a fan of the artists that performed so I grab the opportunity to take picture with them. Fangirl mode!! Teehee :))

The families are enjoying the show.
The Boholanos are actively participating.
with Jericho Rosales :)
Group shot with Jericho :)
With Sam Milby :)
With Kean Cipriano :)
With John Prats :)
With Jovit Baldivinio :)
Group shot with Empress Schuck & Julia Barretto :)
Group shot with Mr. Noli De Castro :)

After four hours of medical mission at last we’re done and ready for our lunch at the hotel. Since our flight is 4:40pm we still have time to enjoy the place and take pictures. This bonus, we believe is God’s way of patting our backs for a job well done. Finally, at 3pm, we were at the Tagbilaran Airport where we waited for our flight back to Manila. After more than an hour in the air, we landed safely at NAIA Terminal 2 at 6:42pm.

L-R: Zackie, Me, Jen & Sir Erwin
TLC Team :)

To the ABSCBN and DZMM Team had worked hard to arrange it all. God bless you all for helping the poor Boholano’s this way! You definitely restore their hope for a better future!

It feels great to get tired and exhausted for something worth of every sweat you get! It’s good to be part of this team. Though we may have been to Bohol for just a short while, nonetheless, the experience we had, the friends and comrades we knew, the people we have helped – the people who showed us how to smile despite the adversities, those will forever be cherished.

We have hundreds of photos from the 2 days medical mission, and I would have liked to share them all with you, because it was so inspiring to see the change it made in each of the families. Just to see them smile and saying their ‘Thank you’ for the little something we give them make my heart happy.

We will always be grateful that at one point, we were able to help #BangonBohol.

Share your time! Give your service! Be a Volunteer!


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