This the Season to be Jolly, Fa la la la la la la la la

Happy 25th of December people!! Hope you guys have an awesome Noche Buena yesterday. :)

photo (2)

If you read my blog, then you’ll probably realize that it’s been a while since I last posted anything. Things have been going pretty well in my life lately; I’ve been having a lot of fun going out with new found friends and all. I’ve seriously been having loads of fun this Christmas season because so as you can probably imagine it’s a bunch of parties left and right. I haven’t really had a lot of alone time lately which is I guess what I was after too.

Christmas is actually my favorite holiday and December is my favorite month for people at least can be thoughtful even for just once in a year. December is the month of shopping for yourself and shopping gifts for your loved ones. It is the month of reuniting with your closest friends, reconciling with your frienemies, Christmas parties with workmates, friends, and colleagues. It is the month of giving. It is the month of flashy Christmas decorations, blinking lights everywhere, the month of simbang gabi with puto bumbong and bibingka. The month of distressing yourself from work and school. It is the month where people become extra nice with each other. And most of all, it’s the month of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, the reason of this celebration. Isn’t it somehow magical? That in just a month, people smile with each other, gives Christmas greetings, become such a happy kid and celebrates with their most special loved ones.
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Christmas lunch with my family @ David’s Tea House
I’m happy for the year that has been but somehow it deeply saddens me that I have to leave it behind. Leaving this year behind is very painful because along with it I had to leave some people behind as well. If I had it my way it wouldn’t turn out like this but hey everyone knows you don’t always get what you want. So to the year that has been and to the people who have touched my life this year, I wish you all the best. You know who you are; I just hope you read this. I truly, sincerely and whole-heartedly wish that you find love & happiness and I honestly hope I find that too.

Philippines have the longest period of celebration for Christmas which starts at early September. By that time, you can already feel the Christmas rush and the cold breeze of air. Some people would even do their Christmas shopping at early September to skip the rush of people in the malls whenever December approaches.

Actually, December isn’t for snow or for Santa Claus, or for those blinking lights. Those are just symbols and decorations and when you can’t feel the true meaning of Christmas, those are nothing. Christmas is for family and friends. Christmas is for reminding us to love one another. Christmas is for Jesus. We should not be confused about the true meaning of it. It’s a celebration for thanking him for saving us and guiding us through everything.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! :) May your Christmas sparkle with hope, love and enjoyment. :)

Let me wish you a Merry Merry Christmas through this song. Happy holidays, folks! :)


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