Fear and Hope, one in the same?


When anyone asks me, “what are your fears?” it’s so incredibly hard for me to answer that question. It’s not that I don’t have them or am ashamed to admit any. It’s not that I have all the answers and have everything figured out. By no means am I proclaiming to be an essence of perfection by not affirming to any fears. We have a generic fear of the unknown, but it is the familiar that we fear with greater detail and certainty. It’s easier to imagine something that we’ve seen elsewhere, making it seem more likely even when it’s not. When I consider how my life was spent, what I want most is to be able to look back and say that there wasn’t anything I regret, no chances I didn’t take, nothing I passed up and most importantly that I have enjoyed life to the fullest. Life is too short to have spent asking yourself “what if “. There are many things beyond our control that keep us from our dreams, but fear is the worst, and we bring it upon ourselves. That’s the seed of paranoia, which would really be harmless if it stayed in our heads. The trouble begins when we begin acting on it, allowing it to sway our behavior in ways that would otherwise have been unthinkable.

But it really takes a long ass time for me to come up with a fear in my life. I’ve had those fears of success, fears of solitude, fears rooted in the negative points of self-conscious, but when those moments arise, I allow myself to feel the moment and move on with a different mindset. I know, easier said than done.


What we hope for is often what we fear, and what we fear, is often our actual hope. But what is it, really, that we fear the most? If it’s on the basis of knowledge and familiarity, then wouldn’t that be ourselves?

Fear will only distract you from your intentions and will only misguide you. Stop thinking I can’t, and stop thinking period. Become centered with your ego and your will, and only do what you must do. 100% or nothing. No need to fear or hope anything, because that would mean you is living in imagination. Find out what you want, get it. Do not hope or fear for anything, only act. Hope and fear are emotions.


In the end, we end up wary of anything that resembles the worst about us. It can hold you in a grip so tight that you feel as though there is no way to escape it. Our imagination takes us beyond rationality, and before we know it, we’re acting questionably based on some vague, gut-feel notion. It makes no sense, but it happens.

Everybody has a fear in life, but overcoming one’s fear gives a satisfying sense of triumph and pride. Embrace your fears. They’re apart of you. Love them in the way you love your moments of strength, success and all out awesomeness.


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