Milk Tea-rific #4: Dakasi

It’s time for another milk tea post. :)

If you’ve been a regular reader, you’d know my undying love for tea and its trendier sibling, the ever-famous and sought-after milk tea. Although I’ve already had my fair share of this refreshing beverage, my hunt for the best milk tea shops in the Metro is still on. And recently, it led me to a new milk tea store in Dela Rosa Makati by the name of Dakasi and of course being the milk tea fan, I checked it out.

I love drinking milk tea; this is one of my favorite refreshment. Now a day’s there’s lot of milk tea available in the market (yes I invaded with lot of store offering milk tea). The milk tea phenomenon seems to be going full steam ahead with no signs of stopping just yet. Being the milk tea drinkers that we are, we’re always game to try new brands.

With the number of milk tea places that have popped up and still are popping up, there’s no way I could ever hope to try or even know about every single one of them. This review is by no means comprehensive, and I’ll try to update each time I try a new place.

Dakasi originated from Taiwan in the 90’s. Today, they have stores established in Southeast Asia particularly in Taipei, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Indonesia, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. The Taiwanese milk tea brand opened its first store in the Philippines about a year ago, and it has since expanded to include 17 branches around the country, bringing its worldwide total to over 500. According to their website their specialty is Taiwan’s green tea and was founded in 1999.


When we were walking along the streets of Makati, my friend recommended the tea to me so we went to the little store they have. Because it was my first time I had trouble on choosing what I’d buy. In the end, I ordered their best seller, Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea.


Walking into a Dakasi store is sure to bring a smile to your face. Done up in bright white and yellow, with a smiling star as its logo, Dakasi seems to call to adults and young alike as a place to let go of your worries for a few minutes.

dakasi01 Dakasi03

I tried one of their bestsellers on my very first visit, the Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea. Indeed, it tastes good! It’s not too syrupy, and I could still taste the tea in it unlike other milk teas that end up tasting either like milk or sugar. It has pearls added on it already, but you can always try combining it with another add-on if you wish to. The pearls are smaller, softer and sweeter compared to those sold in the market. Honestly, the tiny little pearls in regular serving of Dakasi Milk Tea remind me so much of Happy Lemon’s one-gulp pearls. Dakasi’s pearls were sweeter than Happy Lemon’s and the general taste of the milk tea drink is heavenly sweet, and I really liked it. I had the most gulps between me and my friend. It was definitely worth the try and worth coming back to. :)
Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea
Aside from being happy with our orders, I’m also impressed with the selection at Dakasi. Dakasi offers drinks in hot and cold form. For the cold drinks, they have specialty drinks, special milk tea, matcha tea, iced tea, iced drinks, fresh tea, fruit yogurt drinks, smoothies and Yakult + tea. If you are new to the milk tea world, you could try their bestsellers like the one I mentioned a while ago. I have yet to try the following on my next visit: Dakasi Okinawa Milk Tea, Oreo milk tea and Strawberry Au Lait. And unlike other milk tea shops, this store offers a lot of hot concoctions as well.

As me and my friend discussed our usual catch-up topics, we observed the shop and agreed that it could be a great place to hang out. The staff was as happy to help as the cheerful ambiance implied, the store itself was very clean and efficient, and the teas were served in record time. The ambiance is just right for light reading, studying, or just talking with friends. The best thing is they have free WiFi connection, so that means you can really do blogging there, or homework. :)

0 00

Of course, that doesn’t prevent you from personalizing your options. Dakasi allows you to specify your sugar levels, although they recommend trying these at 100 percent first since these were specially formulated for the best flavor. You can also pick from six add-ons: egg pudding, chocolate pudding, red bean, grass jelly, pearl, or coconut jelly. Here’s a glimpse of their menu:

IMG_008 IMG_007

Dakasi has potential in attracting a lot of milk tea lovers, and I’m one of them. People should definitely try it.

Dakasi has branches at Annapolis Carpark in Greenhills Shopping Center, Dela Rosa Carpark 1 in Makati, Market! Market!, Banawe Street in Quezon City, UN Avenue corner Orosa in Manila, Festival Mall, Robinsons Place Otis, P. Tuazon Street in Cubao, Robinsons Place Manila, Trinoma, Technohub Iloilo, SM Calamba, SM Sta. Rosa, Harbor Point, The District, and Marquee Mall.

If you want to know more about Dakasi visit their website or you can check out their Facebook Page.


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