Poetry #3: Restless Soul


We struggle to have meaning in this world
We try but yet we wonder
Where we all should go?
It is confusing…confused by the sheer magnetism of it all.
We all have tough times.
Hidden in the questions which we cannot find
Answers that are all hidden, deep inside our minds.
Hidden in our is the life we try to hide
Waking up not knowing
Is it really reality or is this just a dream
Feeling like stranger in my own universe
Misplaced by thoughts like bullets striking my mind
Still breathing but I can’t take another shot

What happened to those times
When I am the author of my imaginary land
Where things have no meaning,
Where your thoughts all drift together
And you have no feeling.
I am exhausted now,
From all the thoughts
And I don’t know how to make things stop!
But I know a trick, to make things pause,
For eight hours at least.
It comes after the sun has vanished.
When stars sparkle like magic and safe in my closed eye
Then lost in my own little world,
Where pain, sadness, hate and fear of life washes over me
Where the things I love are at my fingertips.
Giving my life tine to breathe
You want to fall back into your welcoming sleep
Where nothing goes wrong.


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