Sitting With Loneliness

Thought Catalog


The hardest thing to feel is loneliness. Not just to be alone but to be lonely.

When I say feel, I mean to really feel the loneliness and to know it; to acknowledge loneliness, shake its hand, offer it a glass of cheap Barefoot wine and let it sit with you, to be with you, in you.

I mean to feel the loneliness and not try to immediately unfeel it; not try to mask its odor with some other feeling like anger, competitiveness, anxiety, ignorance, stress, arrogance, jealousy, martyrdom, depression, remorse, nostalgia, hopelessness…

I mean to feel the loneliness without trying to distract yourself. Without grabbing the nearest emotion numbing drink, or inhaling a puff of musky forgetfulness. Without ordering “shots for all your ladies,” so you aren’t binge drinking alone. Without slipping a little pill down your throat whenever the loneliness starts to creep up your chest.


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