Ooooh! Summer


Hello, I’m back with the glorious summer sun! Cold months has finally left us in peace! Our minds are drifting to summer barbeques, beaches, and the fact that we won’t have to haul around a bulky jacket or nice sweater!

And for the first day of April, we kicked it off with #OoohSummertime! I’ve always had this idea of the summer I want to have and now, I won’t let the things I want to be just theoretical, but I wanna see them happening. I wanna live my days the way I want it to be.

In a climate where only two seasons are sharply distinct, it’s mostly about the long and lazy days when you can get up early, sit under a tree with a mug of coffee to watch the sun rise, or wander into the garden in bare feet. It’s about warm and green-leaved surroundings, and the aura of infinite time. This timelessness may be, of course, an illusion, but there’s no doubt that the pressures of everyday life, in summer, seem less pressing.

Summer, it’s exciting, it’s fun,  it’s hot and it’s awesome. Since there are only two seasons in the Philippines, I prefer summer season more; biased in disguise ’cause my birthday falls on summer. Hot weather and burning sensation keeps mingling with me, together also with dry land and scorching, intense hot sunny sun.

It’s not for nothing that we associate summer with childhood, as most of us experience to be a student it’s like nothing better than the last minute of the last day of the school year, when the bell rings and they are set free for two or three months, to run wild in the neighborhood, ride bikes, swim, play games. None of that boring stuff, such as long home works, projects and arithmetic.

Usually during summer I spent my days listening to music which you guys will find old fashioned, but believe me it’s a lot better than the music today. Fast paced, every minute there’s something new, I appreciate old songs more than the new ones. As a person who’s not really engaged in Hip Hop or Dance music, Indie-folk, Rock, RnB  and Pop Rock are definitely the answer.  I felt like I’ve been born during the 60’s or 80’s time, if I do have a time machine I want to turn back the time to that era, I want to experience life before. Life now is engaged to a lot of problems; economic, love, war and many other form of rebelling. I find it easy to deal with – easy to deal with because I really don’t care so much for the fact that it’s saturating. Just like music, we criticize, we judge and even give our opinions, but at least for music it is well appreciated, for other aspects of life it’s just a simple opinion which they prefer not to listen ’cause.. yeah.. it won’t help? (I don’t think so) Nevertheless, opinions keep each and everyone going, it would be a big help for improvement.

Well, let’s just enjoy the summer and feel the heat. Excited for my Summer escapade! :)

Ooh Summer, you’re lovely! Oooh.


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