Hello, I wrote this for you

This message is a little THANK YOU.


I just wanna say this little shout out to you people!! This comes from the bottom of my fat heart.

To everyone I know who is ever so kind and loving and understanding.

To the friends that stick to me through thick, thicker, and thin to thinnest.

To the friends I feel comfortable with and love me for my quirks, coz’ I love theirs too.

To the friends I exchange laughs and food with.

To my Mom and Dad for loving me exactly the way I am and telling me you’re proud of me.

To the kids on the street whose smile beams and remind me that life is wonderful.

To all the fascinating people that I have exchanged conversations and stories with.

To the new acquaintances that I have exchanged Hi’s and Hello’s.

To the familiar faces that occupy the hallways that I have smiled to and/or have smiled to me and smiled back.

To the girl that approached me when my bag zipper is opened.

To the boys who prove that there are still noblemen even just by opening doors for me, offering their seats for me and for other girls.

To all the friendly people that have touched a time off of their life to be kind and all the lovely things that they have done to me.

To all the readers, followers and strangers that have been kind and are proliferating positive vibes and good things, I feel utmost grateful for you.

To all the people who have uttered lovely words without me knowing, I am grateful.

To the ones who are anonymously working for the good.

To the people I knew, and have yet to meet who have sent messages in pieces of paper that reverberate with love, I am utmost grateful.

To the souls occupying the bodies that are full of love and sunshine, I love your dark parts too, and this message is a mere thank you for everything that you do.


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