Side effects


The introvert in me is so tired, literally. The child in me is so tired, she never gets to play anymore. I never realized being a company nurse meant spending all my time on work because of these freakin’ mid-shift and night shift schedule. I love people, but sometimes they exhaust me and now all my extrovert powers are gone. I even don’t have time to hang out with people because I spend my off days to rest and sleep. Weekends and weekdays can’t tell the difference anymore. I get home and the only thing I want to do is to have a little catch up on my reading and sleep. I find myself avoiding situations where I have to make small talk with people because I am not well versed in the act of initiating and maintaining conversation with unfamiliar people, my apologies! I need someone with big arms to come and cuddle me, but I don’t want to ask. I’m so tired. I just want to evaporate into a cloud and get a body massage and drink my favorite Milk tea and watch my TV series. May please come faster so I can escape from the busy pace of this city and start my summer getaway. Adulting is so hard, you guys.


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