Quality over Quantity


Because the hashtag #happynationalbestfriendday is trending on the social media sites I make this post for my oh so awesome and cray-cray bestfriends and friendships out there.

In life we will come across so many people in our lives, and some think that the more friends you have the more popular you will be and the more better you will be, and that is wrong. You can have so many friends, you can hundreds of people being your friend and some people will be more concerned about having quantity instead of quality, well, that should not be. Before, it mattered a lot to me about having many friends to hang-out with. I used to think that, it was great to be known for having many friends. But I realized that as days go by, this big number of ‘friends’ gradually diminish. It is filtered and just like filtering, only those who are pure and real gets through.

I’d rather have a few friends who will be by my side, to back me up, and to support, love and appreciate me for who I am. Everything should be mutual when it comes to friends. It takes two to tango and it takes both to be the backbone that keeps the friendships up. Aside from having the complete will of these people who prefer to stay with me, I still choose who are those worthy of staying in my life. It does take time to get to know someone, and friendships and good friendships take time to build. So you build your trust in accordance to how someone is, their actions, words, kindness, their honesty, their loyalty and the way they are to you and how they treat you.

large (1)

And now that I’ve got the good set of individuals. Few friends I can trust, depend on and share stories and things with, rather than having hundreds, that will only be there part time and not full time. I can say that it’s not always the number of years you’ve been together, but stickin’ to each other during the gloomiest and deepest shits of our lives.

I want the best for everyone, and I am speaking through experience. I’ve been burned so many times from fake people, I’ve been hurt, but all it takes is opening up your eyes and being more aware of peoples actions.Just take your time. There is no rush to friendships. You will find the suitable people for you. It will take time and effort, but never ever think friendship will never happen for you. Just believe in yourself and know that there are types of people for you that are suitable. Just relax and take it easy.


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