Summer Adventure: Boracay 2014 Part 1

Summer is undeniably everyone’s favorite season of the year. It’s the perfect time to go to the beach, hit the waters, and get a tan.

Gorgeous tropical environment, stunning coastline, sparkling water, romantic sunset, fun-filled daytime activities by the sea and vibrant night life, where else to experience it but at the dazzling island of Boracay in the Philippines!

Hello sunshine! I love outdoors and strolling in the beach is one of my most favorite runway. I was in Boracay for almost three days. As I have said on my previous posts, I love travelling spontaneously. One of the most spontaneous trips I had is my trip to Boracay. I had no plans of going to Boracay actually. Me and my friend still undecided. With just limited money I have on me and knowing that Boracay is a first class beach destination; thinking of my possible expenses might be a nightmare. But, the adventurer ego of me wanted to give it a try at least and I think it was a perfect escape from chaotic life in Manila. To have a breathe of fresh air and leave the busy city once in a while. All I need to do is prepare myself for excitement since this will be my very first Boracay escapade!

For those who are not familiar why Boracay is the so-called paradise of the Philippines, I’ll give you a little vision of the island.

Boracay is a tiny island in the Visayas region of the central Philippines. As the most popular travel destination in the Philippines, it’s far from undiscovered — the island absolutely teems with tourists, especially Filipinos, Koreans, Chinese and Americans. It is a paradise for sightseers, adventure-seekers and party-goers, if you fall into any of these categories, then this place is for you.

image (20)

White Beach is the main hub of the island, stretching along the west coast, and it’s often cited as one of the world’s best beaches. And with a beach path running parallel to the shore, you could spend your whole stay on Boracay on sand — I know I nearly did! It is divided into three sections named after the former boat stations: Station 1, furthest north, is home to luxury resorts. Station 2, in the middle, is a huge commercial hub and home to tons of shops, restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as DMall, a massive shopping complex. Station 3, furthest south, is much quieter and more relaxed. There are other beaches — Puka Beach is a big day trip destination.

image (30) image (31)

As for me, I loved the Station 2  and spent the bulk of my time there, and would often head up to for dinner and drinks.

And, now I’ll share to you my awesome Boracay escapade. It may seem like an ordinary quick getaway, but adventures seem to follow wherever I go.

Believe it or not, this is my first-ever visit to this island. So now, finally pushed through my daring travel dream: to explore the island of Boracay for the first time.

With Cebu Pacific’s promo fare deals, I was able to get to Boracay. Since my friend doesn’t have a credit card I  booked for us a affordable but not cheap flight to Kalibo and I got so excited. Finally, flight time has arrived. We boarded the Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Kalibo at around 10:05pm. We were rather lucky because our flight took off on time. We have heard of instances of delayed flights especially with the Kalibo route, hence the minor worry. The flight was okay in general. I’m thankful that we arrived at Kalibo International Airport safe and sound.

image (3)
Selfie at the Airport while waiting for boarding. Haha! :))
image (22)
Hey! That’s me. :)
image (21)
That’s my friend, Jen!
image (24)
Take a selfie first before the plane will take off! :) nevermind our big eye bags Hehe
image (23)

Since, we’re a budgeted wanderer we decided to go to Boracay via Kalibo. Kalibo is one of the main hubs towards Boracay. It is about a 2hrs bus/van ride away from Caticlan Jetty Port, where you will ride a boat about 5-15 minutes to get to the beautiful island of Boracay.

After the arrival in Kalibo International Airport, you can see a lot of stalls offering a package of either bus or van with ferry ride. This package usually costs from Php 200-Php300 depending on the bus/van company. During my visit we opted to ride a van which costs us Php200/person. Good thing is, the services is open for 24hrs so no need to worry for your transportation to get to the island of Boracay anytime you arrive.

After almost 1 1/2 hours of travelling we were dropped off to Caticlan Jetty Port where we paid environmental and admission fee (Php75) and terminal fee (Php100). We were also required to sign up in the visitors’ log sheet where everyone is need to sign in order for the local government unit to monitor the number of people coming into the island. The ferry ride (Php50) is just 15 minutes, so basically, after almost 2 hours of travel you will arrive to the mesmerizing island of Boracay.


BUT wait there’s more, after the 15 minutes ferry ride, you still need to ride a tricycle, which is the main transportation vehicle on the island, that costs Php150 to get to the White Beach where most of the hotels are located. The Php150 is for the whole tricycle, so you won’t share it with anybody, it can carry up to 4-5 people. But, if you are really in a budget, you can share the tricycle with other people.

Although it seems tiring to get to Boracay after deplaning in Kalibo…Everything just seems to go away once you catch a glimpse of the glistening sand and turquoise water of Boracay.

May 3, 2014, we arrived! The long travel is finally over! Boracay here we come! First thing to do is to look at the shores, just like in the news, Boracay sand is still the finest and whitest sand I have ever seen. The shores have algae, though. I love the scenery of the beach and stuff and I like the idea of walking around underneath the intense heat of the sun! Yeah, I’m ready to get sun-kissed skin and care bears don’t care…Sun is fun in Boracay!

image (29)
Nice bumping to my friend, Jorine :) Unfortunately, we didn’t spend more time because they going back to manila that day when we arrived.
image (27) image (28)

We stayed at Frendz Resort Boracay, which would be our home for our 3days, 2nights stay in Boracay. Upon check-in, the hotel personnel check our reservation and gives us our key and accompany us to our room. We paid Php1000 per night for 2 persons. For this amount, we have our own bed, with toilet and shower heater. The resort has its own mini diner inside where you can eat if you’re tired to go outside. There is also a Wi-Fi Access Zone. We booked through HostelWorld although you can also do the reservations at Frendz Resort Boracay website here.

We arrived in our hotel early morning. We did not waste our precious time. We only rested for a few minutes. Take a bath and quickly change into our favorite summer bikini and shorts then ate breakfast at Mcdonalds located at Station 2. We were slightly far from D’mall and all other shops. We had to walk a few miles, but we were thinking this is Boracay! We have to walk to see everything! :)

The first thing we did was taking pictures near the beach. The whole day we were just walking along the white sand beach! ahhhhh feeling the white sand of Boracay on my feet made me feel excited and the thrill of hearing the waves and lots of people strolling along the streets of boracay!! This is truly a vacation! The sand of Boracay is certainly one of the best I have seen because it is very fine. Majority of the people I saw are foreigners so I was already expecting that the prices of meals and other stuffs are staggering. Watched the magnificent sunrise. I now understand why people love this paradise. One of the best sunrise I’ve ever seen.

image image (2) image (4)

The place is scenic. I don’t have anything to add anymore. I, myself was blown away by its wonderful shore, the district itself and the beautiful people surrounding it. No wonder, Boracay is one of the world’s best tourist spot for travellers around the globe. There are plenty of fun activities to do in Boracay, like the boat sailing, flying fish, scuba diving, helmet diving, island hopping and many more! Later that night, we walked along the white sand beach where some parts are well lit. The night life in Boracay is quite marvellous as well. You’ll see tipsy people holding a bottle of vodka or tequilla while partying hard. Haha! I am laughing right now but I am not kidding.

image (26) image (25)

Me and my friend went on Smart Live it all out – Solar: All time glow event @ Epic Bar. This event happened from sun up to sun down. Party at the beach and the music and rave is awesome! People are fun and drinks are wild! :) Restaurants and bars are lively during the night where we saw a couple of live bands performing in different locations. Unlike other beach resorts in the country where visitors only enjoy the beauty of the seaside at day time, Boracay offers a unique experience of fun and adventure even at night time. As the sun dramatically goes down, Boracay springs to life and visitors are treated to an ultimate party adventure. Catch a glimpse on the video I take during the party at the beach. Put your hands up in the air!!
Wake up, sit on the beach, get brunch, get lunch, picture takings, swim a little bit. Watch the sunset, get dinner, maybe get a drink or two. That’s all you have to know.The thing about Boracay is that the beach here is so great — the sand so white and fine, the beachfront so long, the landscape so beautiful, the water so warm and turquoise — that you can do nothing else and still feel entirely accomplished.

By past midnight, we were already feeling tired (and a bit groggy) so we decided to end the day. We needed ample sleep to match our equally hectic itinerary set for the next day.

So, here’s the Part 2 it covers our fun and extreme land and water sports adventure. :) Check it out!


6 thoughts on “Summer Adventure: Boracay 2014 Part 1

  1. I hope you can come back to Boracay, and stay at our vacation house there. It’s got 7 bedrooms and 4 baths… It’s not open yet, but soon it will be. You can check out my website for some details. Cheeers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Yeah, I wish I can comeback again next year to Boracay if my schedule allow me to. :) Really? you have a vacation house at Bora? Where is it located?
      Sure, if you can give me discount. Hehe Just kidding! :) I’ll check your blog to know more of the details. Hope by next year it is open already. :)


  2. It’s already finished, but no beds yet. We’ll go on vacay in June, next month, and check out the place. It takes a bit to make a house livable. Hopefully, we can get it ready in a month or two.


  3. Great Post, Nice Photos! :) I Really miss Boracay.. Where everything was perfect :) what I love most was the nightlife in there. Plus the Water Sports, Land Activities, Foods, magical sunset :) I’ve never seen the sunrise yet, hopefully next year. I also look for a cozy and relaxing place to stay. I find The Orient Beach Boracay, it was peaceful that I really had a great time stay, it was also affordable with complete amenities like a 5Star Hotel but it was Newly Opened Hotel, everything was new. It was 5 mins ride to D’mall, and from the world famous white Beach, its not hassle anyway because they have a free shuttle Service going to D’mall. You can find great deals in many sites. Plus they serve really great Breakfast and oh, complimentary coffee was available at your room. Staffs are really accommodating and very friendly :) they are the one who help me in booking my activities and had a great deals. I really had a great stay! Cant wait for my next visit in Boracay :)


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