Summer Adventure: Boracay 2014 Part 2

Check this out! For Part 1 of my Boracay adventure.

Tip: Availing of water sports activities as a group can be very advantageous since the bigger the group, the bigger the chance of getting lower rates (per head). The more the merrier, as they say. Do remember that while these activities are fun, they consume a lot of time.

Due to the tiring activities we did (and the cocktails consumed) the previous day, waking up early in the morning seemed very challenging. We started the day with the breakfast. We also had coffee to counter the strong urge to sleep. We wouldn’t want to waste our time sleeping in freakin’ Boracay, would we?

By 9am, we wandered again to White Beach. The morning view of the coast was beautiful as ever. The sunny weather really added to the beauty of the scenery, not to mention the rather few tourists roaming around (possibly due to the late-night partying).

image (8)
Good Morning Boracay! Getting ready to do our water activities already.
image (10)image (9)

For our itinerary activities today we booked at Boracay Fun Philippines online and we chose four activities: Parasailing, Island Hopping, Helmet Diving and ATV which we get as a package that cost us Php4000/person. So went to our meet up point at the front beach of Astoria de Boracay, Station 1. We contacted our coordinator, Sir Vergel to assist us for our planned activity that morning. Since Sir Vergel had other clients to attend to, he referred us to his partner, Mark, for the booking assistance.

So, here we go *drumroll* let’s start with our first activity:

1st: Parasailing on the blue waters of Boracay

This time, it’s by Aerial adventure! I’m so excited to try this one. In fact, this is my favorite among our adventure in Boracay. Do you ever wonder how it feels to ride on those chutes half a mile away from White Beach?

Parasailing is such a common water activity in any tropical island vacation, but a Boracay vacation will not be the same without taking a bite on this exhilarating experience.

Parasailing is an activity I’ve had in my travel wish list for a while now. Being flown in the air in those chutes looked like so much fun. Scary, sure, but definitely fun. It is a gentle ride on air while being carried by this colorful canopy chute and be towed by a rope attached to a moving speedboat. With Mark, our coordinator/tour guide, took us to the Boracay Fun Philippines booth in Station 1 to register and signed a waiver. From the shores of Station 1, we rode a speed boat to the middle of the bay. From here, we were transferred to a bigger boat that had the contraptions needed for the activity. It was a cooler boat than the speed boat, it was bigger, the seats were soft and everything looked white and clean. :) We were then asked to wear life jackets and the Kuya started putting on us the harness and fixing the ropes, then we were led on the edge of the boat and instructed to just sit down and hold on to the straps. OMG! Okay, we just followed but in a bit of panic cause we really don’t know what will happen next. Haha!

image (13)
Me and my friend ready for flight.
image (14) image (12)

Slowly, I could feel the chute being pulled by the air. We just started screaming to get off the tense we felt. Whoooo! Then, we were floating meters away from the ocean. I looked down at my feet and at the boat, which looked so tiny. The skies were a beautiful sky blue color. In the air space around us, other people floated in their own chutes, enjoying the same views. What a perfect start of our day.

image (19)
Can we go higher?
image (18)
image (17)
Wooohh!! And Higher.
image (16)
Whooops! Seems high enough.
image (15)
Ok. This is pushing it.

Was it worth it? The flight lasts only about 15 minutes and cost us Php1500/ person, but the experience of floating above the calm waters was priceless. That was such a fun experience and not at all as scary as I thought it was going to be. I’m glad I tried it.

And really thankful to our tour guide, Mark for taking all these photos and video, he really had a lot of good shots that made the whole Parasailing really cool! . :) So, here’s a short clip of our aerial adventure. Woot! Woot! :)
Also, thanks to all the boat staff  in assisting us well and making our Parasailing experience a safe and fun one!If you haven’t tried this water adventure, go and try it on your next visit you’ll surely not regret it!

2nd: Snorkeling and Island Hopping

The island hopping lasted for about 3 – 4 hours, we passed at the crocodile island and at the Puka Beach where we hopped in and spent lunch. Puka Beach is located at the far north of the island offering nothing but the simplest beach experience. There no sail boats there, banana boats, parasailing and other water adventures that the White Beach is offering, but if you want the best of Boracay’s splash, sun, sand and shells, you’ll have it here.

image (11) image (10)image (5) image (4)

The whole place was so tranquil too when we got there with only 20 tourists enjoying the sun, sand and water. The sand felt more coarse soplease wear your flip flops.  There were also some nice looking seashells that I got to enjoy picking. Upon reaching the entrance to Puka Beach, you’ll be welcomed by a line of small stalls selling different handmade crafts, mostly made of Puka Shells, and the beach’s restaurant, Pajack Kamayan.

image (9) image (8)image image (7)image (6)

They said that the reason why this beach was called Puka Beach is because of the Puka shells that can be easily found on the shores, and indeed, there were a lot of them there. Some locals even sell fresh Puka shells and some created nice bracelets out of them. Which, I find so nice, BTW. There’s no entrance fee here, so if ever you are in Boracay, I insist that you visit this place and fall in love with it.:) Puka Beach is worth-visiting and is indeed a world-class tourist destination.

image (32) image (33)

We resumed after lunch and passed at the famous beach resort of Manny Pacquiao, the West Cove, and at the exclusive resort of Shangri-La.
image (13)
West Cove, Manny Pacquiao’s Resort
image (15)
Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort
image (17) image (16)image (14) image (12)

Now, onto the snorkeling moments! We stopped in the middle of I don’t know  where for some snorkel time! I’m pretty scared but I love sea activities. Just a tip, if you have your own mask, by all means bring it, or buy one, if budget permits.  Snorkeling was fun!  I looked down for the first time and I actually saw the depth of the sea! It’s so different because when you look at it from the boat, the sea seems shallow, but it’s actually very deep.

image (36) image (38)image (37) image (35)

Tip: You may want to bring along a waterproof dry sack so that you can carry with you some cash or gadgets, even while swimming.

3rd: Helmet Diving and Reef Walking

We were very anxious and at the same time excited to do helmet diving because it’s our first time also.We rode a small pump boat going to the dive area. Helmet diving is a bit scary because you have to go down to the deep blue water wearing a pressurized helmet, a slight error can be very fatal. So before we went on to dive, we had a short orientation on the do’s and don’ts while we’re underwater. Our package also included pictures and videos of us under water!


Helmet diving’s objective is to go 15-20 feet below the surface, feed the fish, and stay down for about 15 minutes. The most challenging part here is the pressure on the ears, which we were told to equalize to lessen the pain. The guide said to sneeze really hard while holding your nose shut, once we feel the pain so our ears would pop. Mark, our tour guide, advised to also try to swallow, or yawn. The helmet weighs 35kg above the surface and only 2kg below the water.

I was the first to go down, and gosh. Honestly, despite the orientation, I was oblivious what to do so when the helmet was put on my head scare for my safety stroke in my mind, I gripped hardly on the iron handle and did not release my hand so the diver pulled my body down and gently guided me. My ears were really painful for the first 2-3 minutes. Equalizing didn’t help immediately. My friend, Jen, went down next and gestured the “OK” sign, I released a deep sigh of relief and slowly smiled back and realized it’s safe to breath underwater. :) Here are some of our photos:

image (2)image (4)image (3)image (5)image (6) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We were given slices of bread to feed the fishes but I was not concentrating, I was thinking more of going up back to the boat. It was too much for our nervous system so my friend touched my hand to send a signal to the diver to pull us up. Once back to the boat we could not help ourselves but poke fun with each other and laughed hardly on our bloopers! But it was a great experience another check on my bucket list. :)

Tip: You might want to pay attention to the instructions given, especially the sign language. Universally accepted signs may differ with underwater signals (thumbs up is given to signal that you want to go up, not “ok”). 

4th: ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Ride

If you’re not a fun of water sports adventure then ATV/Buggy Ride is the best land adventure for you to try. You can rent it for Php500/person for an hour of tour/adventure. You will have a tour guide to follow throughout the ride and you can have stopovers in Mt. Luho Viewpoint. But make sure that your ride is in good condition, wear helmet at all times, & don’t forget to stay safe, have fun & enjoy the view.

image (2)

We were led to the rows of ATVs for the test drive. Our personal guide gave us instructions on how to safely operate the ATV. Good thing it’s an automatic transmission. It had a push-button at the right side of the handlebar which you have to push to speed up (contrary to the squeeze-throttle motorcycles have). I also had trouble turning the handlebars as I found them to be very stiff and resistive (lack of lubricant perhaps). Driving the ATV is a piece of cake for me even though I’m not a motorcycle rider and have a little knowledge on driving, I was confident that I would quickly adapt to the technique in handling the machine. I think even though you don’t know how to drive you can easily learn how to ride an ATV.

ATV riding skills: like a boss Haha!
image (5) image (4)image (3)

Tip: If you’re not too sure about your driving skills, regardless if you’re going with the ATV or the buggy car, you might want to give the driving honors to a more educated (or at least confident) companion. Although the trail is completely concrete, it is one uphill ride but that has several turns and curves.

What a way to end our activities for the day! We went home to our hotel with sore arms and muscles but it was all worth it! Remembering those times still bring smiles to us! It was indeed an adventure! :)

For three days and two nights it felt like I was in a completely different world, no worries, no concerns, no tension, I relished every moment of pleasure and freedom. It’s good to think life one at a time. I had this very amazing, really incredible experience of fun and leisure.

We had our last-minute souvenir shopping at some boutiques around the White Beach. And by the time we were finished shopping, we rushed back to our hotel to make sure that we didn’t leave any important stuff and just to make sure that I’ll be able to catch my ride back to Kalibo.

image (2)
Boracay Sandcastles! The locals create sandcastles as charming backdrops for photo opps, they will just ask for a donation.
image (3)

Time was not good on us as our flight took off late as scheduled. Our flight is delayed for almost an hour via Tiger airways and wait at Kalibo International Airport.  We arrived at Manila after an hour and back to reality again! Can’t get enough of Boracay. I’m so sad that we have to leave…Well, that’s life!

So why I love Boracay? I figured, it’s not just about the island’s sun-kissed shoreline, ivory sand and crystal water, but more about fun and discoveries, the exciting activities at daytime and lively scene at night time, the sugary sand, the sunset and the energy! Simply the best of both worlds!

Every second of our stay here is worth of a good memory. Every smile is worth of good friendship and experience that can’t be bought anywhere. I’m highly recommending it to everyone! This is one place that you’ll never get tired of visiting, and I myself can’t wait to my next visit here!

Thank you, Boracay, and to everyone who made this wonderful trip sooo memorable!

Thank God for giving me this chance. I guess he knew how hard working I am so he treated me to a very relaxing vacation at this very lovely island.

I’ll see you soon! I promise! :)


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