Today You are You: My 24th Birthday Post

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! -Dr. Seuss”


As you all know (or not know), I’ve turned a year older today. I feel so old already! But then there’s also that part of me still feels like I’m 12. Anyway since I’m 24 now, this calls for a self appreciation post (wait, that sounds conceited haha) so let me just share random facts about myself! In lieu of this, I’ll bore you (or entertain you, or inspire you) with a few thoughts and insights I’ve come to believe and value. Do read everything, as you might feel the same way. (or against it, in which case I’d rather you don’t mind this post at all).

On weird food choices and quirks. I mix my sundae and I don’t stop until the fudge and vanilla have really combined (most of my friends are grossed out by this). I’m really big on dessert combos. I’m a big fan of throwing [things] together—so if I’ve got a cookie, or a brownie, or whatever, I grab that, grab some ice cream, grab some sauces and whatnot. Most people go for the single dessert; I’m a fan of mixing it together.

On folding, rolling and tearing papers that I’m holding unconsciously. It’s habit that I’ve noticed way back in grade school. Whenever I have any kind of paper in my hands, I find myself folding and rolling it then tearing it into pieces. That’s why Starbucks and DQ staff give me strange looks whenever they ask for my receipt.

On trying all Pocky flavors. I can’t even count how many times I’ve professed my love for Pocky and how different the ones made here and made in other countries and from the one made in Japan. There are only about 100 flavors of Pocky in Japan and I’ve had about 20 flavors off my list so good luck to me!

On being active in social media. Take away my TV, deactivate my Facebook. I don’t mind. But I just need to be updated with my WordPress, Twitter and Instagram. It’s a thing.

On lesson I learned in college that I will always be grateful for is learning how to cross the street. I very rarely commute so the biggest obstacle I faced in my freshman year (aside from math) was crossing the street. But eventually, I learned to do that on my own after constantly being dragged by my friends or holding tightly onto the handle of their bags.

As much as I love dressing up, nothing beats my big worn out shirts and cotton shorts. Home clothes are awesome and it’s when I’m wearing them that I feel most like myself.

I’m a big Disney fan. I was a Disney baby, a Disney teen and now that I’m 24, a Disney adult. I still have Disney princess theme songs saved on my iPod.

I can get extremely talkative at times. In general, I don’t talk very much. Most people tell me I’m reserved and sometimes too quiet or shy. I’m usually like that to people I’m not that close to. But to certain family and friends, there are times when I talk like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m a goody-goody and bit conservative. More than I’d like to admit, I guess. My friends label me as the “good girl”. I rarely drink, I’m uncomfortable wearing really, really, really short shorts and people tell me that I’m always proper and poised.

I value loyalty the most. It takes a while for me trust and really get close to other people, but when I do, they have my loyalty for all eternity (woah, big word haha). But seriously though, loyalty is so important to me and it’s something that I value highly.

On academics. Knowledge per se isn’t what I’m after. To me, it’s learning that is essential. There are plenty of ways to learn: paying attention in class, participating in an org activity, conversing with my friends, or even observing other people do something insanely ridiculous. I don’t mind opening myself to new experiences or making mistakes, as long as I learn from them.

On friends. Sure, having a lot of acquaintances may seem like a breeze, but having truly good friends is rewarding for a lifetime. These days, I make it a point to strengthen my relationships, and value the people who bring out the best in me and who truly care for me. Now, I’m pretty sure I have a good idea whom I’d like to keep for the rest of my life.

On relationships. This particular aspect of my life is on hold now. These days, I choose to discover the world and see it through my eyes first before I engage in a relationship. I don’t see why I must not wait for the right time to allow myself to fall for someone. I couldn’t bear to see myself hurting and suffering like plenty of other girls because they failed to realize what they were giving up, and how it wasn’t for the right reasons. It pains me to see that the world’s becoming more and more dangerous each day, and I couldn’t seem to trust myself with just anyone. Nevertheless, I still look forward to the day I’d start feeling butterflies in my stomach, the days I’d listen to every love song and enjoy every moment of it, the days I’d feel light and let my heart flutter, the day I’d tell myself that I’ve finally found someone and that I know we’re meant for each other. Wenk, I know, cheesy. It’s hard to stay on track, it’s constantly a struggle, but I know it’s worth the wait. One day, at the right time, in God’s will, I will find my prince who’ll never gives up on me and loves me unconditionally.

On my country. Boy, did I use to hate the Philippines. This year, I had a number of realizations, which collectively became an epiphany: I couldn’t be happier and more proud to be Filipino. Although I was never a patriot, I learned so much about the country this year. It sucks that other people don’t feel the same way, though. All they could think about is how pathetic the government is, and how bad this country is, and how they want to get the heck out of here one day. I’m not saying it’s their fault, but I hope they’d see the light, just like I did.

On God. There simply are no words to describe how much I’ve grown to love Him more and more each day. Growing deeper in my faith is more than merely a something religious, it’s a lifestyle. My relationship with Him is a foundation, an investment, and a gift.

On joy. Scrap temporary happiness. I’m talking about true happiness, I’m talking about joy. Nowadays, I tend to sacrifice a few temporary happy moments for life-long, memorable ones. Meaning to say, I don’t live for the moment just because the moment feels fun; I live for the sake of living a life worth living for.(Oops, I hope you got that. Lol)

On being more selfless. Can you count the number of I’s I used in this blog post, and the number of I’s you say every day? Precisely. We live in a world with a self-centered philosophy, and I’m just sick of how I’d grown to love myself too much. It’s about worrying about not having something new to wear, or complaining about not being able to drive yet, while other people don’t have money for clothes or transportation to begin with. Therefore, I impose on myself a paradigm shift.

On life (as we know it). Everyday brings about a new set of accomplishments and disappointments. I look forward to each day, no matter what the outcome may be. Life’s such a beautiful gift; I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t have it. I will live my life to the fullest and ain’t no one’s gonna stop me. Hence the term YOLO—in its purest, most innocent, and most beautiful sense.

On being 24. I know, I’m old. I don’t have a wish, I have a dream, and my dream is to inspire.

So, shall I live my next few years on this planet the best way that I can? Challenge accepted.

I challenge you to do the same, too! :)

So there you have it! Things I learned and discovered about myself for the past twenty-four years! To celebrate my birthday, together with my family and sister’s boyfriend we just had dinner over small talks. Must done something right to deserve the best people in my life. Thank you to my family, all the friends and relatives who greeted me on my birthday. Thank you for making me feel special and loved on my day! :)

Birthday dinner. So happy to spend my special day with my family. :)

Just few of my birthday greetings! Thanks so much friends and family. :) I appreciated you guys so much! <3

2 3

I may not have everything I want but I’m happy that I have everything I need and much more. I am thankful for every day that I get to wake up to, for the time being lent to me to love and care and be with my family, for all the blessings that I can share to those who need them more. I am blessed and I am grateful in every way.

I am young and I can do so many things, and one day I will be as great as I imagine myself to be. I will never stop trying. So help me, God. :)


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