All The “Thank You”s I Never Said

Thought Catalog

I was raised to be generally polite. I knew it was important. I probably read that somewhere, or was denied a free cookie at the Publix bakery because I did not know the “magic words.” If there is anything I despise more than people who ride the elevator to the second floor, it is the general lack of manners today, justified by YOLO and its outdated cousin, the late, great, IDGAF. Maybe its time we started GAF though, or at least realizing that having only one life makes it that much more important to have a fulfilled one that positively impacts others around us.

Jack Kerouac once wrote, “One day, I will find the right words. And they will be simple.” I can only hope that I am able to properly thank all those who deserve or are in need of hearing it. Even if my words are delivered a…

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