Highs + Lows



1. It’s been a while since I last wrote a decent blog post about what’s happening in my life or what I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been on a rut; going back and forth thinking if I should stop blogging completely. I don’t know. I was definitely thinking crazy that time because my blog has been one of the big things that have contributed to helping me grow as a person. Hoping all of you haven’t stopped reading this blog just yet because I definitely trying my best to update it and I have a lot in store for you! It’s just that some of my posts are ended on the drafts section.

2. I’ll start off my low posts with the progress of my sleeping habits. NO PROGRESS. My sleeping habits went from horrible to disastrous. Until now, I feel like I’m so deprived of sleep. For last month, I usually sleep passed 2am. No, I haven’t been over thinking if that’s what you’re thinking. I’ve been reading this book. And now, since I’ve been with 12 hours of duty, morning becomes my night and vice versa. It’s awful. My schedule is such a mess. And, my body clock is so fucked up. I guess I have a good reason this time. I want to sleep badly like a normal human being. With no sleep, comes the Grumpy Cai. (Beware if you encounter this creature.)

3. Yesterday, my co-nurse asked me if it’s fine with me if I’ll go to duty in the morning since she have some errands to attend to for her thesis so I agree with it even though I’ll have only 3 hours of sleep. Since I came home early last night, I tried to schedule everything like “Eat dinner by 7. Then, shower and brush my teeth after so that would be like an hour. Surf till 10. After, time for bed!!” NOPE. None of that happened. The schedule wasn’t followed. I pretty much winged the whole thing as usual and I ended up catching up with my favorite TV shows and reading Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. I was so into it that of course I lost track of time and ended up at 12am. I even surfed more after till 2am and settled for more reading Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed articles and fell asleep around 3am. *Another one of your fantastic traits, Cai! *Applause*

4. I stopped jogging. Well, only for the past weeks. My schedule of work didn’t allow me to, so yeah it’s been taking a lot of my time lately.

5. I recently went online shopping to buy my dogs, Chi-chi and Mimi dog treats. They came in mail this week! I got them dog bone bites and cookies flavored beef, bacon and cheese. GUESS WHAT…THEY DON’T LIKE THEM! I tried feeding it to them last night, and they didn’t eat it…AT ALL! :( Way to show appreciation, dumdum. Haha!

6. Having not enough free time and almost spent my rest day staying indoors and catching up some sleep, I forgot my ‘mommy’ duty to my baby dogs (Chi-chi & Mimi). I haven’t brought them to pet salon for their daily grooming. I feel terrible. I promise on my next off will make some time for them. :(

7. I spent my last paycheck on clothes and books. YES, CLOTHES! I feel like it was such a “waste” because I see more worth in spending on food than on clothes. Nonetheless, it’s too late to be sorry. I just think it was for a good cause (for myself. LOLS) cause I deserve it. :))

8. I’ve been missing my best girlfriends, S and J. And of course, some of closest friends in college. Our schedules and offs didn’t meet. Please don’t make ‘tampo’ with me because i’ve been absent in your hangouts. :( Missing them all. #sepanx

9. During my off days which is a one day rest day, all I wanna do is to lie down, catch up to my fave shows and read my books all day while drinking a hot chocolate or frappucino (and maybe eating waffles + bacon. Yes!)

10. I felt like my said “weekend” was a waste of time. Most of my plans didn’t go right and definitely, the weather made it worse.

11. F E E L I N G exhausted from my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, I just don’t want to think or feel so I push my feelings away.

12. I love commuting but I hate commuting here in the Philippines. Plus, the rain makes everything harder.


1. I had an “explosive” debate with my co-nurses at work.TOPIC OF THE DAY: Labels: What can they do for you and why most people are afraid of it? We concluded that having labels provides order in the world. You get to know who’s taken and who isn’t, most people nowadays are afraid of putting labels because of their fear of commitment. They say it’s easier to be in a “relationship” with no labels because it creates an atmosphere of fun with no emotions intact. Which I didn’t agree! I think with that kind of relationship it is for those who like to have FUBUs, a dating life and MU. They may differ in some motives and in some actions but the reason or fear is most likely the same. Do you have any say about this? What do you think?

2. I’ve been talking to one of my bestfriend about backpacking around Europe and maybe travel around Asia when we’ll become rich and have lotsa time and lotsa money without thinking whatever expense we may have. Haha! I realized and have been told time and time again that when it comes to travelling, it’s not really about the place but it’s about the memories, the people who are you with.

3. R E A D I N G. I’m done with Kafka on the shore by Murakami; I already start my book review for this so watch out, I’ll post it soon. Currently, I’m reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan! So far it’s been a breeze reading through it. I’ve been kinda reading slow lately because of work stuff but I’m sure it will hang on by the time comes!

4. I MISS RUNNING. All I do now is planking/core exercises. NOT RUNNING! :( I miss the feeling of assurance when you stride, forgetting every fear, or maybe just forgetting everything about the world. Your focus would always be: BE BETTER. DO BETTER. I should make time for that this time.

5. WAFFLES. I’ve been going this awesome waffle place in Ortigas. They have a distinct taste, not the ordinary waffle flavor, but still great! They make their waffles in a sandwich style, which is pretty neat considering you’d be walking while eating. They start with 30php to 60php! Very affordable. What a great treat!

6. I LOVE COFFEE SO MUCH. But, I don’t drink the hot one, yeah! Weird me! lols :P I mentioned earlier that I’ve been staying up really late…well guess who is my bestest friend ever!!! IT’S COFFEE!

7. I love my readings. Just to clarify, in my lows, just because my readings take a lot of my time, doesn’t mean I hate them.

8. Also, I just talked with one of my closest girlfriends which is what I just needed. I mean, we didn’t really get into details yet going as far as being completely updated but just talking to her really reminded me of how blessed I am with the friends I have in my life.

9. And oh I just joined a Blog Giveaway from my fave fashion blogger and it’s my first time joining in this kind of ‘contest’. I hope I will be pick! Hehe *fingers crossed*

I’m trying my best to make this post a good contrast of the good and bad things in (my) life. Like maybe try to outweigh the bad things and make people see (well me, ‘cause it’s my life) that things aren’t so bad after all. It’s also to remind people (and me) that we shouldn’t let the bad things in life get us down. We don’t have to sacrifice the good for the bad, right? I guess it’s working. I guess.


3 thoughts on “Highs + Lows

    1. Hi fellow-obsessed-fan of TC and Buzzfeed hehe yesss i love every articles they posted even though sometimes it gives sooo much feels about yourself and life! WG, WG keep me hooked hopefully i finish it soon. I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! :) Thank you! :)


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