Last night, my cousin and her cutie daughter visit us in our house and stayed overnight. While I’m resting and busy catching up with my readings this kid walked up to me and asked me questions that completely caught me off guard. The truth is, I just couldn’t elaborate my answer because “it is what it is.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m just resting because I’m not feeling well.”

“Why are you sick?”

“Because of the change of weather, I think. People get sick all the time from changing mix of hot and cold air.”

“But, Why?”

There are things that just can’t be explained. Why is the black board green? Why the sky is blue? Why are boxing rings square? Why can’t we choose the people we fall in love with? Ooops! That totally came out of nowhere. Yeah right! But, yes. The point is, we have a lot of questions about everything. We want answers. But the trouble with life is that sometimes you have to let the mystery remain a mystery. And, because of this, I don’t know, I felt something that even I couldn’t explain. But that’s just between me and myself, the space between felt like clarity. The clarity that gives me scares the shit out of me. And I don’t know why. Clarity is a very rare commodity.


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