Poetry #4: Filipendulous


And when I ran out of words before I could even get to my point,

Just as practiced slow breathing failed to abate the boiling pot

Of emotions, stirred like a mysterious untested potion,

Made to palliate the throbbing pain in the chest,

or in the zones where I used to placed my hands.

I ran to that corner of the earth where people gathered in circles

To gaze secretly at each other, only to run away when our eyes met.

In an attempt to understand why failed love often leave us in a corner

With people basking the irony of missed opportunities,

I should first realize that, the challenge of life is to find someone

who holds on to your love with a grip that is not tightened by pity, familiarity,

or worse–lust,

But by your effortless gestures and thirst for consistency that make me blush.


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