Movie Blog: Big Hero 6

It’s been a while since I posted a movie review, so are you ready??

I introduce to you, the most huggable robot ever!


Normally, I don’t cover review for Disney films, but I decided to make an exception for Big Hero 6. It’s not because the film is outside of Disney’s comfort zone or that it offers anything out of the ordinary. It’s simply a really fun and entertaining superhero flick with a lot of heart. Big Hero 6 is based upon the Marvel series of the same name, but it has far more in common with a typical Disney production than it does with the comics it is based upon.

Warning: There are SPOILERS ahead!!!

The movie’s plot is nothing new, but it is enjoyable. Big Hero 6 is set in the fictional city of San Fransokyo, a fusion of modern-day Tokyo and San Francisco. A 14-year old genius in robotics, Hiro Hamada, and his older brother, Tadashi, live at a coffee shop with their eccentric Aunt Cass. However, Hiro is more interested in participating in illegal bot fights than going to a ‘nerd school’ that will teach him things that he apparently already knows. All of this changes once Tadashi shows Hiro his university’s lab. At the lab Hiro meets his brother’s friends: GoGo Tomago, a no-nonsense, adrenaline-driven, developer of electromagnetics; Fred, the school mascot and resident comic-book expert/hippie otaku; Honey Lemon, a quirky chemistry expert; and Wasabi a heavily-built, slightly neurotic lasers expert. Hiro is also impressed by the esteemed Professor Callaghan, and Tadashi’s invention, the personal healthcare robot, Baymax.

Hiro is with the in-crowd. The in-crowd in a science lab but they’re a fun bunch.
japanese-teaser-trailer-big-hero-6-tadashi1 hiros brother
This is Tadashi, Hiro’s brother. You don’t see much of him but he’s always there.
Our protagonist ‘nerds’ before and after suiting up.


As you go on with the movie, you actually get a bit more, you find out that he starts his own superhero group and call it Big Hero 6. But what you don’t know is that there’s so much more fun that happens in between all that.

This is the bad guy. Yokai, the villain.

Final Battle

This film is one of the most visually interesting movies Disney has put out and you can totally believe that you are watching a live action movie. However, it is also a love letter to super hero comics and Japanese culture. In many ways, it is similar to Wreck it Ralph. Just as Wreck it Ralph is a tribute to retro video games and arcades, Big Hero 6 is homage to mecha shows. Being an adaptation of a Marvel comic, Big Hero 6 is also equipped with stylistic camerawork during action scenes and slick entertainment that goes well with its brisk pacing. The scenery of this film is quite gorgeous, with its mash up of San Franciscan details and a futuristic, fantasized Japan. San Fransokyo looks great: There are architectural designs of buildings that look quite identical to the skyline in Tokyo. At the same time, the cafes and streets are shaped and designed like of San Francisco. It’s brilliant.

San Fransokyo. Just attempt to say it fast five times.

big-hero-6-progression-cass-cafe-3-copy-586x245 tumblr_inline_n8r413Xqna1qz4h4rSan-Fransokyo-City-Big-hero-6Every character in this movie is either relatable or lovable. Of course, both are great. Hiro is a relatable character, since he is young and at a stage to discover what he is meant to do. In addition, you get to see all the cool things that he can invent. You can’t help but root for him. As for the robotic nerds, Hiro has four teammates. Though you don’t know their personalities enough, they each have a character archetype that you can associate with easily. They’re all likable, but the film focuses more heavily on Hiro’s relationship with Baymax. Hopefully if Big Hero 6 ever gets a sequel, it should take the time to develop more layers for each supporting character.

Hiro_and_BaymaxOkay, now the real scene-stealer in this film is, you guessed it, Baymax. If I can give only one reason for you to go see Big Hero 6, it is to see Baymax be hilarious and cute and kickass and cute and cool and…Did I say cute? His chemistry with Hiro is what makes the film shine like gold. Everything about it works. There are definitely moments that will remind you of other film scenes. But here, Baymax is like this: Imagine WALL-E being transformed into a big marshmallow-like balloon that you can hug and bounce off of. Sometimes the simplest of designs are the best. . I mean, Baymax’s face is literally composed of two circles connected together by a straight horizontal line. In the end, the robot is the best thing about Big Hero 6.

Baymax goes from adorably silly looking to cool better than most heroes.
Big Hero 6 movie still baymax cat hiro
A big silly cuddly robot petting a big fat cuddly cat. Cute quota complete.
At the end of the day, I think everyone could use a hug from this big guy.
Yeah, everyone loves Baymax. And you will to by the end of the movie. Or maybe after watching him for 10 minutes.

The only possible criticism or nitpick on this movie is its story. Big Hero 6 falls a little short of the emotional depth and dazzling imagination of Wreck-It Ralph and is not as clever a take on the superhero genre as The Incredibles was, it still is well-made family entertainment. Compared to previous Disney entries, this one is very straightforward with little concepts or themes to talk about. Because of that, the film becomes more predictable. The narrative moves really fast, which is great, but it is also filled with countless entertaining action scenes or humor scenes that you might want some more exposition. You might think Big Hero 6 is a big game-changer in the type of story it’s telling, but as the film progresses more and more and it gets closer to its ending, you will realize that Big Hero 6 just wants to be a simplistic entertainment flick for the whole family. As a film on its own, the film works really well, and it does have a couple moments that are touching. However, for others who have been spoiled by how much deep content Frozen or Wreck-It Ralph had, this new one might feel like a step down for Disney. It just does what Disney confidently knows they are good at doing.

That being said, Big Hero 6 is filled with beautiful animation, endless humor, and memorable characters. It is Avengers for younger viewers. For the kids, there are enough fancy gadgets to not only hold their attention but to also inspire them to create something cool in the future. If anything, the film asks the younger folks to pursue whatever passion they have. Expect more people wanting to pursue engineering or robotics after this film’s release. In fact, expect some amazing genius to create a real-life Baymax. When that happens, I’m buying one immediately.

Overall, Big Hero 6 is a solid, if slightly generic, family film. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. From start to finish this was a fun movie. It’s a movie that all ages will enjoy. It’s not a kid’s movie it’s a movie for everyone. Kids will love it; adults will have fun watching it too. Its story is instantly familiar to anyone acquainted with superhero franchises. So is Big Hero 6 a complex, life-changing movie? No. Is it fun? Hell yeah. Even if certain aspects of the film seem a bit too familiar at times, Big Hero 6 is well-paced and so lovingly put together that it’s impossible not to smile while watching it. It has a playful agenda that is out to constantly tickle our hearts, and at the right moments, touch them. Finally, as I mentioned before, Baymax is the heart and soul of the film. He may just be one of the best Disney characters of all time.

Like all Marvel films, there’s an end-credits scene following the movie featuring a big cameo, but barely anyone seems to know to stick around for it. So, be sure to stick around for a great post-credits scene.

If you left the theater early, here’s what you missed…

Last chance to head back before spoilers!

POST-CREDIT SCENE: We see Fred in his house looking at a family portrait talking at his father and say he wishes he could have been better. Fred then touches the portrait, which opens up a secret room with gadgets and suits. We then see Stan Lee appear behind him and we learn he is Fred’s father. Stan Lee holds up a pair of spandex underwear and they find they share the same method of underwear use (front, back, inside out, then front to back). They hug, and Stan Lee says they have a lot of catching up to do. We then see a final credit that reads “and Stan Lee as Fred’s father”.

Also, here’s the film trailer. Yeah I liked it that much. The kid in me loved it.


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