DECEMBER is everyone’s favorite month

It starts with the cold. It gets pretty chilly during this time of year. A good kind though, as it brings along with it the spirit of the holidays. You start to notice how the cool breeze complements your late night walks or how your lips tingle at how a little more menthol your cigarette tastes. You stare and take in all the bright lights at the mall, in your neighborhood and in your home. Oh how they illuminate your love for this special season! You hear Christmas tunes on the radio, listen to carolers down the street and blast Michael Bubble’s Christmas album with no shame. The mood, the atmosphere, everything changes.

There’s a change in you, too. There’s an extra spring in your step. Every display of kindness makes you feel extra warm and fuzzy. You feel the need to hug everyone. You don’t know why but you just do. You get the urge to buy everything Christmas related – from your own tree, an assortment of wrapping paper and colorful ribbons to santa hats (maybe even beards) and large stockings. You’re happier and more hopeful than usual because you’re eagerly awaiting family gatherings, noche buena and of course, presents!! All of a sudden you feel like making cookies and cupcakes out of scratch – even though you have no idea what you’re doing. Maybe you’ll even go so far as to print photos of your loved ones and post them on the walls of your bedroom. Just to remind yourself of how wonderful life really is…then follow it up with a movie marathon composed of Love Actually and The Holiday with a jar of Nutella or Cookie Butter by your side.

SMILES are more contagious, HUGS are tighter and KISSES are lovelier. Greetings become more sincere and heartfelt. People become more giving and forgiving. Everyone, in general, becomes a better version of themselves and that’s something we can all agree on. Cheers to December for bringing humanity together and in a way, making right the wrongs of an entire year in preparation for a clean, new slate.


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