Chew on this: 8 Cuts Burger Blends

Hi my lovely-awesome readers! It’s been a while since I wrote a food review and now I’m posting my first food review for this year! Hell yeah! If you’ve been following my blog by now it’s quite apparent that I’m a sucker for good food! Burgers and I have a weird relationship. Normally, I’d prefer pastas and pizzas over burgers. However, when I crave for burgers, I yearn for it really badly. Like a mad man who needs his doze of bacon at once!DSC01274

8 Cuts Burger Blends had been quite popular in the past months. There were lots of news that they serve really good burger. Naturally, when I got a whiff of this new burger joint, I immediately informed my fellow carnivores and decided to finally try it out for ourselves in their branch in Megamall.

8 Cuts Burger Blends is brought by the same people who gave us Burger Bar. What they showcase here is that you can create your own burger. You can choose what meat cut to use for your burger and what toppings to put. I think choosing your own meat is a clever idea. I have my preferences when I eat my burger. I like to have my burgers meaty and yet juicy. Plus, I like my burgers how I like my steak; medium with perfect grill marks. And I was quite happy with how my burger was made.

8 Cuts was very casual with the concrete floors and unpainted walls that really sent out that “I just want to enjoy my food” vibe. Still, everything worked for us and we were looking oh so forward to our burgers ahead. Most burger places allow you to customize the toppings of your burger, but did you know that there’s a restaurant where you can customize as well as what cut of beef your patty will be made of?

6 5

Alright, I wouldn’t blabber much, so let me now share with you the “comfort food” we had!

The place was not packed when we got there. Luckily there was one vacant table which was perfect for us. Each table has utensils, napkins, and condiments on standby.


My best friend and I decided to dine at 8 Cuts Burger Blends which gets its name from the eight different cuts of beef from which you can choose your burger patty. Each cut has its own characteristics to suit everyone’s preferences. You can completely customize your own burger since you have the option of choosing everything from the bun, toppings, and beef. Everything sounds so good it’s such a shame you can’t just load up everything on your burger.

First thing that you notice about the place is the open kitchen. It’s basically an aquarium where you can see how the staff prepares the food—a food factory line. Kinda neat seeing that your food is not tainted by a mischievous kitchen crew, right?


The server let us study the menu, and came back when (he thought) we were ready to order. Honestly, the menu was easy to comprehend but we were overwhelmed with the choices; I wanted to have them all! In magazine format, their ultra-cool menu was an innovative approach that I had never seen before. The pages illustrates their five patty types, each formed from eight cuts of meat in various amounts and combinations (hence the name “8 Cuts Burger Blends”). I was so torn between ordering the Four Cheese (parmesan-crusted patty, cheddar, gruyere, mozzarella) or the Q-daddy (bacon slices, caramelized onions), that I just opted to Make-My-Own.

2 3 4 1

If you’re not feeling creative with your meal, you can just choose from the Tributes which are their own mouth-watering burger creations. While I honestly wish I could have tried all of the burgers, Jen and I just went for their best-sellers which are Piggy and Q-Daddy.

While waiting for our food, I couldn’t help but take pictures of their cool interiors. The place has a very modern, hip feel to it. The ambiance is relaxing amidst its simplicity. The place is cozy and refreshing. I guess its rustic design is a welcome reprieve from the normal dining decor. I love the gigantic butcher’s knives all over the walls because it adds so much character to the space. The casual and energetic atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for getting your hands dirty and digging into some greasy, delicious grub.

Cute set of knives hangin’ on the wall


Not to mention the tempting smell and sizzle of patties that welcomed us. It was a perfect timing because we’re in the mood for some #yoloburgermeal. 8 Cuts is an ultimate burger heaven. For me, it’s like a patty lab where they create assorted burger patties and invent various meat blends. Take note of the word lab – not factory. Each order is hand-pressed to make sure that it won’t look and taste too processed.

Now, on to the main event — the burgers!! The burgers are made in a systematic, assembly line like fashion. The process begins with: The Grind. Fresh cuts of meat are forced down the grinding machine, where it is blended with the other cuts, to create 8 Cut’s signature blends. The ground meat is then seasoned and rolled into a ball, where it goes into; The Press. The meat is hand pressed, and formed into patty, and slapped on to; The Griddle and The Build station where the burgers are then assembled, from the condiments to the sauces, depending on what you ordered.

I had the had The Q-Daddy which is a quarter pounder Ox Blend patty of flank, oxtail and rib eye, with yellow cheddar, onion tangles, crisp bacon strips, iceberg lettuce, tomato, jalapeño ranch and sweetly spiced BBQ sauce, all on a Sesame Seed Bun.

The Q-Daddy

This is a burger of excesses, I tell ‘ya! This pretty much has everything I look for in a Burger…Cheese, Onion strips and bacon, and two kinds of sauces in a single burger? I didn’t even know how to start eating this! But, it all works. I enjoyed this burger so much that from my first bite to the last, I was in pure, meaty nirvana. I just can’t have enough! This pretty much has everything I look for in a Burger…Bacon, Cheese, BBQ sauce, and Onion Rings. It’s like it was made specifically for me in mind! I loved the Q-Daddy, and this is most likely what I would order again.

My best friend, Jen had The Piggy which is a quarter pounder Beef Bomb Blend patty of the chuck and short rib with mozzarella, fried bacon strips, house-made bacon jam, lollo rossa, tomatoes, garlic aioli, all on a Sesame Seed Bun. For bacon lovers, this is heaven on a bun.

The Piggy

According to my best friend, the whole burger was so enjoyable, it successfully satisfied her burger craving. And the beef bomb blend is the bomb! Succulent yet not too intense, it’s definitely a beef patty that can work, work, work with all kinds of toppings.

Unfortunately we were not able to try making our own burgers. Since we had to wait in line for quite a time, we were already so hungry the moment we were seated. We just tried some of  their own combinations and it was not as bad.

Just like any good Burger shop, 8 Cuts has a delicious selection of Milkshakes too. I ordered the Salted Caramel Milk shake (P150 12oz/P180 16oz) from the “Classic” Milkshake selection. It was delicious, with its rich creaminess hitting the sweet spot of my taste buds. Jen ordered the Chocolate Milk Shake(P150 12oz/P180 16oz). The creamy and not so sweet chocolate shake was something to have as a drink to balance the taste from the burger. And besides, American dining won’t be complete at all if milkshake is not available on the table right?

Salted Caramel Milkshake
Chocolate Milkshake

By the time we finished our meal, I thought I had already lost any skill at breathing!

That’s me and my bestfriend Jen happy with our burgers! :)

Although I am not much of a burger person, I was able to appreciate the quality and taste of the burgers here in 8 Cuts. However, what took away some of the points was the lack of creativity in the presentation of each burger. Service was also exceptional. The service crew were very engaging and accommodating to our requests. But more importantly, our orders were served within committed delivery (10-15 minutes).

What about food, you say. Well, good food is a prerequisite in ANY restaurant. Without decent food, concept and service and ambience are nothing—although these three complete the overall dining experience. 8 Cuts’ food is undeniably good, it’s just that by sticking to their standard medium-well patties, they might be limiting their customers. Of course, we can always make a special request, but we must be informed beforehand!

I had a taste of all the burger we ordered, and I could definitely suggest this place guys! Burgers was AWESOME. It was succulent and you just can’t stop taking bite after bite. It was kinda hard to distinguished the taste from one another but good thing was my burger has these almost caramelized onions which was sweet and crispy chips on top adding more distinctive taste to my burger. But rest assured, all the burgers we had was great!

There’s so much going on in their burgers that there’s definitely no other way to eat them than to just go right for it, and get your hands dirty. The patties are so tasty and juicy that you should expect meat juice to run all over your hands while eating. I couldn’t actually taste the ingredients individually, but all the flavors just come together in every bite! Seriously, every mouthful was just an explosion of flavors! Throw your diet out the window because these burgers are not for the faint of heart.

Overall, my 8 Cuts Burger Blends experience is a pleasant one. Everything, from decors to menu, stuck to the concept, and for me theme is everything. Execution comes next, and at this 8 Cuts definitely did not fail. Indeed, good food are best consumed with friends. So that was it!

If you’re looking for food porn-worthy burgers, then head on over to 8 Cuts and “meat their blends.”

See you guys on my next Travel Food Trip! Where should I go next?

For more information about 8 Cuts Burger Blends, visit their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK and TWITTER.



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