About me

Hi there! CAI here! Welcome to my blog!


Proceed with caution…


Greetings to you who has risked a glimpse into the chaos of my mind. I can’t tell you what to expect, as I know not myself! Seasons come and go, as do my thoughts on so many matters.
ASIAN. Registered Nurse at heart. Girl with a big heart for fashion. Never shout never. I’m a simple girl who’s looking for adventure in my rainbow colored life. I’m a free spirit, a restless soul. I care a lot for little surprises and roses and tulips. I write, I blog. This is where I express my thoughts, interests & myself. It contains my daily thoughts and experiences. It will also include some of the things I find interesting and worth sharing. My blog consists of everything. This blog contains all the words I wanted to say, or would’ve said, or might never say at all. I hope you would enjoy this place. Don’t be rude but healthy comments are accepted!
It may sound cliche, but yes, I blog to express, not to impress! I write to empty my mind and to fill my heart. Be ready for all my random raves and rants. Be surprised!!
Thanks for visiting my blog, enjoy! See you around the corners of my blog! :)

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