Long Distance Love

Many people believe that long distance relationships are never going to work out. Nobody says it is going to be easy – that extra distance that makes many things unachievable. Things could get complicated, and you could get sad and lonely at times. I’m not going to lie to you; long distance relationships are probably the toughest kind of relationships, the ones that actually require you to give in every single thing you’ve got, the ones that can turn you into the one of the most frustrated people on the planet, and the ones that can actually make you start questioning and begin to understand why you ever agreed to put yourself through this. The endless struggle of not seeing each other, making late night phone calls and keeping the fire alive is all too real. But, there’s no denying that as challenging as it is or was, living apart from one another only brought you and your significant other closer together.


I, like many other happy people on this earth, have found myself in a long distance relationship and while it might be difficult, it’s working out just fine for my boyfriend and I.  For the first six months of my current relationship, I had been living between eleven to fourteen hours away from my boyfriend. We had known of each other for several months until last September, both of us decided to level up our friendship and continues on a more serious relationship; however, I never experienced a serious long distance relationship beforehand.

It completely changed when my boyfriend made serious career changes and decided to work on a cruise ship line which means he’ll be thousand miles away from me travelling from one country to another. Because I don’t want to be a hindrance for his dream and I want him to be happy. I supported him in whatever dream/s he has. I also understand that if we both have our time apart to achieve some of our goals, then we can have a future where we achieve the rest together

Just like any other long distance relationship plays out, we struggled, grew and learned to love in our particular way. It was difficult but we were committed to make things work out. It’s very challenging and being in this kind of relationship has changed me a lot. You both need to adjust with each other time and schedule. It’s hard but I know it will be worth it. Being in a long distance relationship is never easy. You need to deal with the distance, time difference, the loneliness, and even jealousy of the people who get to see your significant other. Long distance relationship may be tough but it has its own surprises too.

My boyfriend and I are in such relationship and so far, we’re getting the hang of it. But sometimes, no, every single day I just can’t help to miss him. It’s hard being away from the one you love. Only people who spend their days missing another person like we do truly understand how hard it is to see someone so important to you on a screen and only on a screen. And even more annoying, every time your data is crappy or your wifi cuts out, your connection is lost or you’re left reconnecting for minutes on end. It’s absolutely infuriating.

When time difference is such real bitch, whether it’s an hour or 12, being on another time zone is a constant struggle. When you’re waking up, he’s half-finished with his day. He’s headed to bed long before you’re even thinking about clocking out for the night. I know it isn’t the end of the world and it can be managed with a little compromise between you two.


There are times you’ll worry for no reason about stupid things. That’s the thing about distance; it can make you a bit paranoid. I don’t even know where to start on this one. I’m sure other women out there understand what I’m trying to say. Let’s just say that when you’re thousand miles away, TRUST and UNDERSTANDING is a big deal. Without those two things, your relationship will fail. I promise you that. Now, I know you might be getting a bit worked up. But you don’t have to mistrust him while thinking of horrible scenarios in your head. For me anyway, I know that any awful thing that crawls into my mind isn’t true. It also helps when you know what they’re doing and who they’re with. It leaves less blanks for your mind to fill in. It requires a lot of understanding. Understanding that his day change and our schedules are different. And that’s okay. All you have to do is understand that things get busy, and that you talk when you can. However, if you believe in your heart that the person your with loves you as much as you love them, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you trust one another, you’ll come away from your time apart a stronger couple.

I learned to adjust with my boyfriend’s schedule. I’m getting the hang of talking to him more or less one hour everyday or I say whenever his schedule is not that hectic. Even though sometimes I feel bad I wasn’t able to talk to him or see him, I can’t complain about it. The most I can do is to wait for him to be online and sit from across a screen just to look at each other faces and talk to each other as much time as we possibly can. Just being in different time zones makes scheduling much harder than it needs to be. You have to sacrifice sleep and learn how to make time and prioritize your significant other.

Yes, the waiting can be painful. It sure as hell it isn’t a Hollywood romance. Sometimes you feel like giving up, but you chose to keep going. You need to remind yourself that the results at the end will be sweet as heaven. I see every second, every minutes of our conversation as a blessing. No matter how short the time we have talking to each other. I love him and I hope this waiting, this long distance relationship will be worth it. The little things he does for me are the big things. Getting an “I love you”, “I miss you” and such a simple “Good morning” and “Good night” text in the middle of the day or when you wake up feels like getting flowers from him. It’s pleasant to know that you’re the first and last thing on your boyfriends’ mind. You appreciate the littlest things so much that the bigger things feel even better.

But at the end of the day, when all is said and done, when all your heart and soul has been put into this one part of your life, you will know and be proud of the fact that your relationship has come out a lot stronger and has become more resilient than an average relationship could ever be. With God in the center of our relationship, I know everything will be fine in the end. I’m just excited to see my love, to kiss and to hug him tight.

Are you in the beginning, the middle or end of a long distance relationship? Be strong and take heart!! Here’s to us and a love that survives even the longest bouts of separation. If you’re in a committed relationship and serious about your significant other, the time spent apart will seem short in the long run. It takes time to grow together but you’ll find that distance, no matter how painful, truly makes the heart grow fonder.

Happiness Is A Choice

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It’s the end-goal of everything we do. It’s why we pray, get married, go to college, slave through tiresome days at the office, endure heartache, buy into fads, and move through (the sometimes unbearable) woes of everyday life…  and more importantly, it’s why we care so damn much about it all. It’s why we are so hurt when our lives don’t become what we had hoped they would be. Its happiness, and it’s at the root of everything we desire. But what we seem to overlook is that happiness is not an elusive state of euphoria that we eventually stumble upon once all of our goals are fulfilled. Happiness is a choice, and you are just as capable of experiencing it now as you will be once your life looks as you think it ideally should.

Yes. Happiness is a choice. And you can choose it right now

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What I Want: Things And Stuff

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Love, it does not arrive in it’s perfect form.


“So what is it, exactly, that you want?” she asks. Then she jumps right into it. “It seems like for me it changes every day. I just know that, at least right now, I don’t want anything serious. I can’t be serious with you, because, well, you know. Life.”

I nod the affirmative. (Life, man.)

“But, yeah,” she continues. “What do you want, out of, like, this?” She points back and forth at me from across the table, like a person ushering an airplane in for a landing.

“I don’t know,” I say. “Not exactly. It changes for me too. A lot. But at this point, keeping things casual is good. Good for me, anyway. So we’re on the same page. I’m casual as a motherfucker.”

But this isn’t really how I feel. Not anymore. I have been keeping it casual—more or less without fail—since George W. Bush was president. I think I’m finally ready for some change I can believe in.

So I say this:

“Well, shit. Actually, what I just said is patently untrue. For starters, I want you. Desperately even. And the things that I unwillingly associate with you. Many things. Things that come with the greatest of romantic relationships, the ones you read about in the best of books and the ones you see in the sappiest of movies. The romantic things I aspire to now despite my having spent much of my life pretending to be apathetic or averse to the idea of them. The stuff you can experience from relationship inception to declaration of love and hopefully death and beyond, if there is a beyond.”

I can tell she is taken aback by this sudden outburst, because she is giving me a look like I am about to leave her for her older brother.

“W-what?” she says.

I tell her I am going to keep going and request that she please hear me out. I think that this is my chance to deliver words that will make a person fall in love with me, which is essentially what I have been aiming for my entire life.

“I’ve given this a lot of thought, apparently, and can tell you in one sentence that what I really want is The One, if indeed such a thing as The One exists. And if The One doesn’t exist, I’m going to be fucked because I realize now I will strive for The One until either I find her or die alone looking for a hand to hold. What I want is to be happy, and the end-all-be-all of my happiness is going to come sometime after I find the perfect person for me to spend the rest of my life with. In this way, I am like Ted Mosby, and you know what? I’m not going to apologize for that. If I could traipse my way through life completely happy alone, and without qualms re: living out my days unspoken for, then I would absolutely do it, no questions asked and zero fucks given. But we can’t always help what we want.

“I want to end my workday and look forward to seeing someone afterward, instead of looking forward to spending time reading a book and drinking whiskey, a pastime that can be vastly improved upon. I want someone to marathon House of Cards with me. Someone to introduce me to trashy television shows I’ll pretend not to like. I will act like a martyr when we switch it on; even though this special someone will know that I’m just trying to hide my glee about watching Glee, in an attempt to retain some of my perceived masculinity. I want a girl to recite repetitive commercials with me, the ones we see all the time on Hulu, which we will use to air the late night shows from the day prior while we prepare dinner and drink wine together in comfortable clothing.

“I want to take the worry that I will live most of my life alone out of the existential equation. I want a reason I consider viable for self-preservation, and I want that reason to be a human being. I want somebody who wants to be with me, to spend time together—whether we’re embarking on radical adventures or doing boring, monotonous things that are no longer boring and monotonous when they’re conquered in the company of The One you harbor love toward.

“I want to be the dude who can’t always stay late at work because he actually has solidified plans with his significant other. ‘It’s our anniversary tonight,’ I’ll say, ‘so I really can’t—I’m taking her on this date that starts at the subway station where we kissed the first time, the night of our first date.’

“When my grandfather asks me if there are ‘any live ones’ I want to answer ‘Yes, there is, this one: here she is, and yes, I agree; I did do good.’

“Someday I want to walk in the door after work, maybe in some suburb, or the city, or even a fucking farm way out in rural who knows where—it doesn’t really matter to me because by then I will be comfortable in believing that it is who I’m with and not where I am that really matters.

“Then I want to kiss whoever this ends up being and ask her how her day was. I will smile a bunch because we made this life together, this life that is what I always knew in some way would make me happy, happier than anything else I had ever experienced or done. I want to go to bed with her and be thrilled that I’m sleeping next to someone and not alone, no matter how much of the space or sheets she seizes as her own.

“I want all of these things. But, you know, what I need is something else entirely—a different but important thing to consider, you know?”

She looks at me for a few seconds, says, “That was…strange. You have clearly given this way too much thought.”

“I know,” I say. “I can’t help it.”

“Well, maybe you should just let it happen. Stop thinking yourself out of happiness.”

“Yeah. That might be a good idea. Probably. I’ll try it.”

“I have to go,” she says.

“I thought so.” 

Summer Adventure: Boracay 2014 Part 1

Summer is undeniably everyone’s favorite season of the year. It’s the perfect time to go to the beach, hit the waters, and get a tan.

Gorgeous tropical environment, stunning coastline, sparkling water, romantic sunset, fun-filled daytime activities by the sea and vibrant night life, where else to experience it but at the dazzling island of Boracay in the Philippines!

Hello sunshine! I love outdoors and strolling in the beach is one of my most favorite runway. I was in Boracay for almost three days. As I have said on my previous posts, I love travelling spontaneously. One of the most spontaneous trips I had is my trip to Boracay. I had no plans of going to Boracay actually. Me and my friend still undecided. With just limited money I have on me and knowing that Boracay is a first class beach destination; thinking of my possible expenses might be a nightmare. But, the adventurer ego of me wanted to give it a try at least and I think it was a perfect escape from chaotic life in Manila. To have a breathe of fresh air and leave the busy city once in a while. All I need to do is prepare myself for excitement since this will be my very first Boracay escapade!

For those who are not familiar why Boracay is the so-called paradise of the Philippines, I’ll give you a little vision of the island.

Boracay is a tiny island in the Visayas region of the central Philippines. As the most popular travel destination in the Philippines, it’s far from undiscovered — the island absolutely teems with tourists, especially Filipinos, Koreans, Chinese and Americans. It is a paradise for sightseers, adventure-seekers and party-goers, if you fall into any of these categories, then this place is for you.

image (20)

White Beach is the main hub of the island, stretching along the west coast, and it’s often cited as one of the world’s best beaches. And with a beach path running parallel to the shore, you could spend your whole stay on Boracay on sand — I know I nearly did! It is divided into three sections named after the former boat stations: Station 1, furthest north, is home to luxury resorts. Station 2, in the middle, is a huge commercial hub and home to tons of shops, restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as DMall, a massive shopping complex. Station 3, furthest south, is much quieter and more relaxed. There are other beaches — Puka Beach is a big day trip destination.

image (30) image (31)

As for me, I loved the Station 2  and spent the bulk of my time there, and would often head up to for dinner and drinks.

And, now I’ll share to you my awesome Boracay escapade. It may seem like an ordinary quick getaway, but adventures seem to follow wherever I go.

Believe it or not, this is my first-ever visit to this island. So now, finally pushed through my daring travel dream: to explore the island of Boracay for the first time.

With Cebu Pacific’s promo fare deals, I was able to get to Boracay. Since my friend doesn’t have a credit card I  booked for us a affordable but not cheap flight to Kalibo and I got so excited. Finally, flight time has arrived. We boarded the Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Kalibo at around 10:05pm. We were rather lucky because our flight took off on time. We have heard of instances of delayed flights especially with the Kalibo route, hence the minor worry. The flight was okay in general. I’m thankful that we arrived at Kalibo International Airport safe and sound.

image (3)
Selfie at the Airport while waiting for boarding. Haha! :))
image (22)
Hey! That’s me. :)
image (21)
That’s my friend, Jen!
image (24)
Take a selfie first before the plane will take off! :) nevermind our big eye bags Hehe
image (23)

Since, we’re a budgeted wanderer we decided to go to Boracay via Kalibo. Kalibo is one of the main hubs towards Boracay. It is about a 2hrs bus/van ride away from Caticlan Jetty Port, where you will ride a boat about 5-15 minutes to get to the beautiful island of Boracay.

After the arrival in Kalibo International Airport, you can see a lot of stalls offering a package of either bus or van with ferry ride. This package usually costs from Php 200-Php300 depending on the bus/van company. During my visit we opted to ride a van which costs us Php200/person. Good thing is, the services is open for 24hrs so no need to worry for your transportation to get to the island of Boracay anytime you arrive.

After almost 1 1/2 hours of travelling we were dropped off to Caticlan Jetty Port where we paid environmental and admission fee (Php75) and terminal fee (Php100). We were also required to sign up in the visitors’ log sheet where everyone is need to sign in order for the local government unit to monitor the number of people coming into the island. The ferry ride (Php50) is just 15 minutes, so basically, after almost 2 hours of travel you will arrive to the mesmerizing island of Boracay.


BUT wait there’s more, after the 15 minutes ferry ride, you still need to ride a tricycle, which is the main transportation vehicle on the island, that costs Php150 to get to the White Beach where most of the hotels are located. The Php150 is for the whole tricycle, so you won’t share it with anybody, it can carry up to 4-5 people. But, if you are really in a budget, you can share the tricycle with other people.

Although it seems tiring to get to Boracay after deplaning in Kalibo…Everything just seems to go away once you catch a glimpse of the glistening sand and turquoise water of Boracay.

May 3, 2014, we arrived! The long travel is finally over! Boracay here we come! First thing to do is to look at the shores, just like in the news, Boracay sand is still the finest and whitest sand I have ever seen. The shores have algae, though. I love the scenery of the beach and stuff and I like the idea of walking around underneath the intense heat of the sun! Yeah, I’m ready to get sun-kissed skin and care bears don’t care…Sun is fun in Boracay!

image (29)
Nice bumping to my friend, Jorine :) Unfortunately, we didn’t spend more time because they going back to manila that day when we arrived.
image (27) image (28)

We stayed at Frendz Resort Boracay, which would be our home for our 3days, 2nights stay in Boracay. Upon check-in, the hotel personnel check our reservation and gives us our key and accompany us to our room. We paid Php1000 per night for 2 persons. For this amount, we have our own bed, with toilet and shower heater. The resort has its own mini diner inside where you can eat if you’re tired to go outside. There is also a Wi-Fi Access Zone. We booked through HostelWorld although you can also do the reservations at Frendz Resort Boracay website here.

We arrived in our hotel early morning. We did not waste our precious time. We only rested for a few minutes. Take a bath and quickly change into our favorite summer bikini and shorts then ate breakfast at Mcdonalds located at Station 2. We were slightly far from D’mall and all other shops. We had to walk a few miles, but we were thinking this is Boracay! We have to walk to see everything! :)

The first thing we did was taking pictures near the beach. The whole day we were just walking along the white sand beach! ahhhhh feeling the white sand of Boracay on my feet made me feel excited and the thrill of hearing the waves and lots of people strolling along the streets of boracay!! This is truly a vacation! The sand of Boracay is certainly one of the best I have seen because it is very fine. Majority of the people I saw are foreigners so I was already expecting that the prices of meals and other stuffs are staggering. Watched the magnificent sunrise. I now understand why people love this paradise. One of the best sunrise I’ve ever seen.

image image (2) image (4)

The place is scenic. I don’t have anything to add anymore. I, myself was blown away by its wonderful shore, the district itself and the beautiful people surrounding it. No wonder, Boracay is one of the world’s best tourist spot for travellers around the globe. There are plenty of fun activities to do in Boracay, like the boat sailing, flying fish, scuba diving, helmet diving, island hopping and many more! Later that night, we walked along the white sand beach where some parts are well lit. The night life in Boracay is quite marvellous as well. You’ll see tipsy people holding a bottle of vodka or tequilla while partying hard. Haha! I am laughing right now but I am not kidding.

image (26) image (25)

Me and my friend went on Smart Live it all out – Solar: All time glow event @ Epic Bar. This event happened from sun up to sun down. Party at the beach and the music and rave is awesome! People are fun and drinks are wild! :) Restaurants and bars are lively during the night where we saw a couple of live bands performing in different locations. Unlike other beach resorts in the country where visitors only enjoy the beauty of the seaside at day time, Boracay offers a unique experience of fun and adventure even at night time. As the sun dramatically goes down, Boracay springs to life and visitors are treated to an ultimate party adventure. Catch a glimpse on the video I take during the party at the beach. Put your hands up in the air!!
Wake up, sit on the beach, get brunch, get lunch, picture takings, swim a little bit. Watch the sunset, get dinner, maybe get a drink or two. That’s all you have to know.The thing about Boracay is that the beach here is so great — the sand so white and fine, the beachfront so long, the landscape so beautiful, the water so warm and turquoise — that you can do nothing else and still feel entirely accomplished.

By past midnight, we were already feeling tired (and a bit groggy) so we decided to end the day. We needed ample sleep to match our equally hectic itinerary set for the next day.

So, here’s the Part 2 it covers our fun and extreme land and water sports adventure. :) Check it out!

Hearts everywhere

I know this is kinda late post for valentines day but who cares it still the LOVE month.


Your say on Valentines day?

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance for some, a day of chocolate and cards for others, but for some, it is a day of bitter desperation and longing. I think that everyday should be like Valentines day.

I honestly don’t think it’s nice that you’ll just go along with everyone; that you’ll just make someone feel special once a year. I think that people should erase that mentality and pursue on making their special someone feel loved for 365 days.

I think that is better compared to giving it your all for just one day. Give it your all everyday :) it’s super worth it especially when you know and see how much s/he appreciates everything you do. Even if it’s only by bringing him/her to his classroom or picking him/her up every time. Sometimes even by just texting him/her a sweet good morning/night message. :)

If you love someone, show them that you appreciate them everyday; that you care for them and that even without chocolates, roses, balloons, or any material things, you can make them feel special :) People usually get blinded with what they see thinking that that’s already what they feel, but seriously, I think it’s better if you really show the person that you love that you love them.

Right Down Memory Lane

Today, out of boredom, I decided to fix my bedroom and drawers. Finally, I decided to start seriously de-cluttering and weeding out my stuff and got to somehow finish it today. Fixing my room, especially my drawers are always an instant trip down memory lane.


I don’t have a big room and I even share it with my sister. I just keep a LOT of little stuff. There are always things that remind me of certain events and memories. I’m sentimental like that since. I rarely fix it. I get to keep even the most random items from the past. Haha! I used to be the girl who kept receipts of where she ate or what she bought, wrote every detail of what happened in the back of any paper I see or tissue paper and kept my past planners, notebooks with poems and quotes on it. I used to be the girl who kept every paper and notes from school, thinking that someday it will be useful. Among other things, I found my collection of studio and photo booth pictures from different events and handwritten letters from friends. I found myself staring at each one of them trying to relieve what happened for that particular night or day. Out of the blue, I’d catch myself smiling from remembering a certain memory. Be it embarrassing or funny, it’s simple reminiscences like that, that makes travelling down our own memory lane so comforting. So, here I wanna share some of the stuffs I find while fixing my things. I’m so sorry for the quality of the pics don’t have that much time to edit it. Hihi :P

My notebooks and pens.
My planners.
Taken during my 1st year college. Loooook!! I’m still soooo young!! “Nene” days Hahaha
My College Barkada!! TEAM PETIX. Sooo highschool with the studio pics. Hehe :))
With my dear sister. <3 :)
With my awesome family. <3
Some stuffs given to me by my friends. :)


This was given to me during my last day of review for my Nursing boards by someone named Frank as you can see on the pencil. Haha Actually, I didn’t know him personally, maybe I’ll know him by face. He just asked his friend to give this to me as sign of good luck for our upcoming boards. I just have a chance to say Thank You to him when added me in Facebook. By then, I remembered him that he’s the one who always smile at me whenever we bump each other and of course I’m kind of girl that smiles when someone smiles at me . :) I appreciated this little gesture of him of taking some time to buy this small box and add up some personal touch. :D
LEFT: These are the birthday messages from my roommates while reviewing for our nursing boards. RIGHT: Notes and letters coming from my awesome friends. :))
For some reason, after my clean up, I felt really good. Even though it was really tiring, I had all this energy to clean so more. Hehe  :) Now that I’ve fixed my things and throw the things that are needed to throw…I guess now I have free space for new momentos!! :D

Break Free


I’m exhausted and all I want to do is sleep. My eyes are tired and so is my body. Bad thing is I can’t sleep so here I am jotting down random thoughts from my head at this hour.

I want a late night adventure. I want someone to call me up and say, “hey, I’m outside, let’s go do something!”. I want to go out late at night in my PJ’s and my hair all tied up. Maybe drive around. Go to a park and just swing on the swings. Maybe sit in the grass and watch the stars or maybe go to a 24 hour food place and pig out. I just want a late night adventure with people. I like to be around. No drama. Nothing but good vibes and good company. :)

Visita Iglesia 2013

Hi everyone! In case you are not familiar with Visita Iglesia, Visita Iglesia is one of the most pleasant traditions that Catholics observe during the Lenten season. Every Maundy Thursday, also known as cuaresma or semana santa, it has been a tradition to many Filipino Catholic faithful to do the VISITA IGLESIA which literally means “church visit”. This practice was introduced to us where Christians would visit churches during Maundy Thursday.

Traditionally, seven churches are visited with two stations per visit. Other Christians, with more time and effort, visit fourteen which symbolize the 14 Stations of the Cross. And as a devout Catholic, this practice has been religiously observed throughout the years. During these visits, prayer and meditation are the norms. Each church depends on your liking. Most people prefer it to be 7 like we do.

And with the numerous beautiful churches in our country specifically in Metro Manila, practicing this holy tradition has been an easy task. Another reason why Visita Iglesia is a wonderful tradition to uphold is that you not only get to remember the life of Jesus Christ on the Cross, but also you get to appreciate the beauty of the architectural designs as well as the history of the churches you have the chance to visit. Since I opted to stay in Manila for the holy week, I rather join this tradition as well as a great opportunity to explore Manila while most of the people are flocked in their respective provinces…means less crowd and less traffic. :) With the intense heat during the day, the fan is really a necessity, and of course, plenty of water or any liquid to avoid dehydration. It’s summer and Mr. Sun sure is getting hotter.

In past years, we’ve either concentrated on a specific part of town; visiting churches clustered in that area, or worked our way to a final destination. This year, we went with the latter option – starting in Pasig, Quezon City and making our way to our final stop in Manila.

The following are the churches we have visited for this year’s VISITA IGLESIA (in order of visit):

1st church: Sto. Rosario de Pasig, Rosario Pasig City


When I was still working or going somewhere in Ortigas, I used to pass by this church every single day, but I didn’t have the time to visit it.  Finally, I had the chance to pray inside.  The crucifix at the altar was veiled with a purple cloth, since it’s a practice to remove or veil crosses during Lent.

2nd church: St. Pio of Pietrelcina, Libis Quezon City
“Carry your cross and follow me”. The way of the cross at the St. Pio Chapel


It is located deep within the commercial district of Libis, and literally side-by-side with the tall buildings of Eastwood, is a picturesque little chapel dedicated to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, more affectionately known as Padre Pio. The chapel is quite unique among the churches that I have visited. They apply a very strict dress code, but they do not turn away people who come dressed less than appropriately. Instead they lend people “sarongs”, for free, with which churchgoers can cover themselves. Also, for people who didn’t wear proper shoes like flip flops or step-in shoes which is not allowed inside they usually ask to be barefooted and leave the shoes in the counter. To avoid exchange of shoes they give this small card with number so that after you pray you can claim your shoes. They also lend real wood crosses with different sizes which will be suitable for men, women, young and adults, to carry on the shoulder, for people who want to go through the Stations of the Cross.

3rd church: Christ the King, Greenmeadows Ave., Quezon City


Upon entering the church, a huge image of Christ the King on the altar will immediately capture your eyes. The image looks comely but nonetheless it is a regal image of Christ, crowned as King and enthroned in a magnificent altar. The parish church is one huge hall, upon entering one will truly appreciate the space inside the church plus the fact that it is well lighted and fully air-conditioned.

4th church: St. John Bosco Church, Makati City


I grew up going to mass here, because it is where my parents had their wedding and had my baptismal too, as well as this church is close to our house when we’re still living in Makati. It is commonly referred to by many as just the “Don Bosco Church”. The highlight of the structure is the huge wooden altar sculpture, which resemble leaves in a star-shaped arrangement. The Church is light and airy, with excellent acoustics due to the impressively constructed waffled ceiling. It was also pleasantly cool because of the many air conditioners that line the church’s circumference, as well as the numerous electric fans mounted on the side aisles.

5th church: St. Andrew Church, Bel-air Makati City



This church architecture to be a bit stuck in time, but this vision of the cross hanging from its high, vaulted ceiling was one that I found to be quite poignant and striking.

6th church: Manila Cathedral or Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, General Luna st., Intramuros ManilaMANILA CATHEDRAL02 MANILA CATHEDRAL03 MANILA CATHEDRAL

This is one of my favorite churches in Metro; I even imagine myself having my wedding here and walking in its long aisle. Hehe Anyway, from a distance, the church looks open with all the people surrounding it.  But when we approached the church, it was closed and the Stations of the Cross were stationed outside where people can pray, the sun was setting and the wind was blowing. I was a bit disappointed because I was not able to see the beautiful cathedral from inside.  But, there will always be a next time anyway.  We prayed and went our way to the next church which is the San Agustin Church located just a few blocks from the cathedral.

7th church: San Agustin church, General Luna st., Intramuros Manila



While walking towards the San Agustin Church, there were so many food stalls and booths surrounds the side of the road, where you can buy food or stuffs. I was thrilled to see the face of Intramuros where there are still old, beautiful and architecturally designed buildings. It was my first time to see the church. The roads, as well, were still preserved to be made of stones. The Stations of the Cross were perfectly posted in front of the church with purple cloth on each of it.  It reminded us of Christ’s sufferings to wash away our sins. As we entered the church, I was so amazed by the architectural design from the ceiling to the altar. A world tradition site at that…the interiors features a classic baroque and historical significance that makes it a splendid site. The exterior of the church, though lacking a bit of charm and beauty, really showed the influence of the Spanish colonization with a touch of images on its wooden doors. After praying and lighting a candle, we stayed for a few minutes more to admire the church.  It feels like heaven.

During our Visita, we carry along a booklet which guides us in our reflections. We read the designated reflection on each church we visit. Our route maybe a little too tiring considering the distance, but it is just our little way of paying back, sacrificing, reflecting and doing penance. That’s actually the meaning of holy week, right? After all God is sinless yet suffered a lot more for us. But confession is much encouraged. To think, and thank God for everything that he has done for us. For all the unending blessings He’s showering upon us. It’s just my way to give it all back to Him because that’s all I can do for Him right now. No complaints, just being thankful. :)) It may be a very tiring experience but it is also a very fulfilling one.

I hope that you guys are having a fruitful Holy Week. Thank you Lord for the gift of life, for the gift of wisdom, knowledge and grace and for your unending guidance and blessings to me and my loved ones! :))

P.S: Sorry guys didn’t take any pictures of the churches I went to because I left the camera at home and I forgot that I had my iPod with me. Haha Pictures not mine got it from Google images, credit all goes to the owner. If you are the owner and want it to be removed from this site, feel free to tell me and I’ll remove it for you.


I am not a good writer, but I decided to pour my feelings and thoughts into pages. This way, I am hoping to realize what I want, who I am, and what I really want to be. Ever since high school, I have this hobby of writing in journals or diaries. As I remember my first ever journal is a bundle of pieces of ¼ size pad paper clip together. Haha! :)) I’ve always wanted to write. I am fond of writing down my thoughts, my deepest secrets, and feelings about my crush, about hate and anger to someone, revenge but not literally! And whatever that comes out of my mind. I had kept several diaries (journals & planners) back then and update them as frequent as possible because I really find it fascinating whenever I get to read my entries and laugh about them. It also gives me a sense of fulfillment at times as I felt I became better. I never got tired of writing before I go to bed, not until I was in college where busy times takes place and social networks became popular. I’ve taken for granted my journals and lose time on writing. I was always in front of my laptop all the time. So since, I spend most of my time in the net, I come up to the decision to make an account to blog online. And so from up till now, I tried my best to update my blog like a planner that I have to write on every event that happened to me every single day. It’s my scrapbook of memories!! :D

But even though I’m into online right now, I never gave up my ink and paper. There are still things that only pen can express. After all, thoughts are meant to be written, not to be read. My updates in my blog/journals could just about anything. It could be my means of coping with my emotions (which would be most of the time I believe), my escape route or the expression of random thoughts when my mind starts to float in the air. Writing is for everyone, as long as you’ll be able to express yourself and show your individuality among others. I found something that I love to do. Have you found yours? :)

Here are some photos of my journals/diaries/planners. My old ones are nowhere to be found. :( Where art thou?

My past journals/planners which are gifts from friends except the SB planner. :)
My past journals/planners which are gifts from friends except the SB planner. :)
Gotcha! My 2013 planner.
Gotcha! My 2013 planner.

And I’m still looking for more journals/diaries/planners to collect. :)

Another 12 months and 365 days in progress

I know, I suck! I haven’t blogged in a while. I wonder if there’s any ‘blogging juice’ left in my brain. :P I’ll only briefly apologize for the lateness of this post, which I meant to have written up within a couple of days of it happening. But I’m just a ‘little’ girl reveling in a break, so I got lazy and am just now getting to writing it up. But anyway, excuses, excuses, right?? Hihihi
Congratulations!! I’ve made it this far! With that trending “end of the world” thing…Naahh!! Sure 2012 has been a hard and tough year; yet I survived it!! Clap! Clap!

2013 is fast approaching, and whenever a new year is on the horizon I get a bit nostalgic for the one I am about to close to chapter on. I tend to think about all those things I did or didn’t accomplish, and look forward with hope and wonder about what opportunities this year will bring. Another 365 days are ahead of me. What’s in store of me? I don’t know what God’s plans are for me. But whatever it’ll be, I know it would be for my own good.

My 2012 started out quite rough. There were so many challenges I needed to face that almost put my spirit down. It was like a machine gun firing continuously at me, and the tough part was I didn’t die with the first, second or third shot…It wasn’t anything like the real thing. I had to endure all those bullets being shot at me. There were so many things going on and being my normal self who is an optimist, it was not really a pain in the ass. {Sarcastic me! I’m human too! I feel pain! Hehe} Still, I’m thankful! It was not like I had the world’s biggest problem. I know I’m still blessed compared to others.

It’s been a crazy year. I’m sure this applies to a lot people. There are many reasons to be thankful for what you’ve brought about, but at the same time there are also plenty of reasons to be pissed off. I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations with you but I can honestly say that I don’t blame you. There are many things that I’ve learned from you. There are many things that I picked up from the pain you’ve brought about but also many good memories from the smiles you’ve brought to me.

Looking back at those hard times, it made me somewhat proud of myself probably because I was able to face them rather than cry in one corner or run. I feel like giving myself a big, big pat on the shoulder now. Haha! :)) Looking back, it also made me realize how God truly loves me unconditionally. Though, I wasn’t really giving my all to Him, He did….He was still faithful with his promises even though I wasn’t really in complete obedience in the past years. He was (and is) answering my all-time prayer: to not give up on me, no matter what, even if I have given up on myself and on Him. There were moments I felt like not seeking Him, but he was still there. He never left and that was what I truly needed, not a timeout with Him. It was God who carried me through all life’s obstacles for the past years. I’m sure he will do the same thing, even more, this 2013.

Then it took me to a cloud, you brought me up so high. Met new friends along the way. You gave me hope; gave me something to believe in. Inspired me and reminded me of what it’s like to have faith, to believe in something you can’t even see, to fight for something that you truly think is worth it.

Last year was not just dark moments. I still had my fair share of life’s ups and downs. My family received a handful of blessings before the year ended. I was able to discover something I can do, career-wise. I had accomplished, even not all, more than what I had planned for the year. Yeeeyy!! :D I made new friends, great friends actually. Most of all, I made a lot of realizations and learned many lessons before the New Year kicked off.

It taught me fear, reminded me of trauma and reminded me that life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to, no matter how hard you believe in it or no matter how hard you fight for it. It taught me that there are some battles you can’t win, that no matter what, friends and family will always be there for you. They will stand with you through thick and thin and they will support you no matter what how hopeless you may seem to them. They will always have your back as long as you’re in the right path and that they will give you advice even if you don’t seem to pay attention to them.

Reminiscing how I’ve lived my life, I’ve realized I’m still missing out a lot in life. I want to do sooo many things and I promise myself that I’ll do my best to achieve it!! This year, it wouldn’t be the same thing. I want a “new” year. It’s not about becoming new…..I just want a better me. I want to look at life from a different perspective. It just feels good when you feel good about life whatever it brings. Life doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be beautiful in our sight, and we can choose to see it this way. Well, this 2013 I’ve got another year, another 365 days to fully embrace and celebrate life’s beauty and goodness, to choose happiness every single day. I guess that’s not so hard to do. While we cannot change the things in front us, the things of the world, we can change our outlook on life: to appreciate more and complain less; to thank God more and question Him less; and to love and live life to the fullest no matter how tough the world may seem.

With that, I say goodbye to you 2012…..I thank you for the lessons you have taught me, the people you’ve brought into my life and the trials that you’ve given me. I say goodbye to you with a smile on my face not because I’m glad that you’re over, but because I’m glad that you’ve left me several lessons which I have yet to learn.

So today, we face a new beginning. A new hope was given to us. We have to set our minds and hearts for what is about to happen. As long as we have faith in God and we believe in ourselves, nothing is impossible. ;) This year let us make ourselves better, wiser and bolder. Cheers to confidence, maturity, witty and love. Always remember that this 2013, a new journey awaits. For those who were part of my 2012, THANK YOU for sticking around and let us continue this little journey that we started. I will greet 2013 with a big resounding hello and I can only hope that it’s as great as you’ve been to me.

2013 here I come!!! Just walk, talk and enjoy the roller coaster ride. :))

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! HAPPY 2013!! Let’s welcome it with a banggg!!

**Sorry it’s kinda long for first entry this year! Too many thoughts to share.**