The Little Things

One cold night, you’re all alone in your room, taking a break from all the stress the world placed on you. You can’t help but notice the slight pitter-patter of rain in your window as you cuddle snugly in bed.

You somehow manage to frown, thinking that time is progressive. At times you want to stop the clock—or at least slow it down a bit—you can’t, unless you want it to ruthlessly leave you behind. Life moves too fast.

You remember your childhood. You realize that life won’t be as easy as it was when you were 5, or 7, or 10. You wish you to be young again—that getting a lollipop would mean the world to you; that hugging your teddy bear as you sleep instantly safeguards you from nightmares.

All of a sudden, it comes to a halt, and after 2 milliseconds or so, heavy rain comes crashing down.

Then it hits you. You’ll never be young again. The reason why you couldn’t go back is that you’re meant to move forward. Each passing day is a step closer to your destination, and every step comes with a huge set of challenges.

The rain decides to stop. A rainbow emerges on the horizon, and you suddenly feel lighter.

You realize that life wouldn’t be the same if you were always a kid, if you always had the world to yourself, if you hadn’t moved on. You’re a big girl now, and you can handle anything you tell yourself you can handle. It’s amazing how small things could make you understand the big pictures.

After all, you could still cuddle up in bed with your teddy bear; you could still enjoy the majestic presence of the rainbow in your room.

Two Thousand and Fourteen


Another year is about to end. Wow. 12 months surely passed by so quickly. I won’t be calling this a thank you and a sorry blog anymore, just to make things a little different and since many such fine memories happened this year.

For me, it’s been a mix of earthquakes and rainbows. The year began very silent and a bit emotional but it was also a crazy, busy few months that made time go faster than expected. 2014 has been a roller coaster ride: stepping out from our comfort zones, learning to appreciate other people, accepting flaws and finding beauty in it, charging things to experience and gaining wisdom from it.

Since I am set out to the real world, I learned so many things, learned how to appreciate the little things, and realize that no act is too small. 2014 taught us a lot of things, introduced us  to a lot of people, opened our minds to innovations, and helped us accept and love the people around us. Indeed, Adventure is out there, and out there I go, and these are the most important things that I have learned so far:

Hard work pays off. Sometimes, it’s not always the brains and the charms that work their wonders, hard work still prevails among other things. You should learn how to focus on your goal and keep pushing and keep trying until you get it.

Responsibilities are harder when you get older. I don’t know about other people my age, but my responsibilities somehow got heavier than before. I felt like, there’s no space for screwing up and you have to carefully think of your decisions before it’s too late.

People pleasers don’t always have it good. I must admit that I used to be one because I thought that things would be better that way, but no. You will be more respected as a person who follows his/her own beliefs than a person without their own stand in life.

Learn to be contented in life. That sometimes enough is just what we need.

Continue to be positive. There have been a lot of people who noticed how a happy person I am and it felt great. What’s even better is that, my positivity can be contagious which made me a little proud of myself since I’ve always wanted to be THAT PERSON, a person that brings joy to everyone.

Goodbyes. A few people dear to me had to leave to start their new journey. Sad, but parting is inevitable sometimes and you just have to be happy for them.

Hellos. “If someone goes, someone new comes along.” New people came into my life and for that I am more than thankful. Some of them became friends, a few beaus and some old acquaintance eventually became good friends.

Today is a New Year. A start of a journey for some, the end for others or for those walking a long path, it’s just another day. No matter what point we are in right now, this is the time to remember all the good and the bad for the past 364 days. It’s been a fun, wild ride but surely something to be thankful for. For all the blessings that we have received, for the family and friends that we still have, for the love that we still share, for the laughter and tears that we can still give. Most of all, for another chance that we get to breathe again and make a difference in this world.

Forget all the sorrow and pain of the past year and embrace all the good things that happened to us. If not for trials we are not as strong as we are now, and if not for the optimism and hope, we are not where we are now.

Welcome 2015 with a bang, with a thankful heart and a vision of a blessed future. Let go and let God. Wake up each morning feeling brand new and encouraged to do something worthwhile. Do not be afraid to fail but be courageous enough to stand up and try again. Do not hesitate to fall in love for even with uncertainty, love is always beautiful. Laugh hard, cry hard. Walk with your head held high but with your feet kept in the ground. Be motivated and accept the challenges that life will offer. Dream big and believe in yourself. Never fear change for it will help you grow.

This 2015, as we continue to seek for adventures, may we also remember to thank Him for everything He has done for us. Not everyone is lucky enough to survive this catastrophic year, and for those of us who did: may we continue to seek for beauty and spread the love.

May everyone have a happy, blessed, and wonderful year ahead. This chapter may be blank for now, but let us all grab our pens and construct wonderful memories once again. Good luck, and God bless.

Bonne année à tous!! :)

Happiness Is A Choice

Thought Catalog

It’s the end-goal of everything we do. It’s why we pray, get married, go to college, slave through tiresome days at the office, endure heartache, buy into fads, and move through (the sometimes unbearable) woes of everyday life…  and more importantly, it’s why we care so damn much about it all. It’s why we are so hurt when our lives don’t become what we had hoped they would be. Its happiness, and it’s at the root of everything we desire. But what we seem to overlook is that happiness is not an elusive state of euphoria that we eventually stumble upon once all of our goals are fulfilled. Happiness is a choice, and you are just as capable of experiencing it now as you will be once your life looks as you think it ideally should.

Yes. Happiness is a choice. And you can choose it right now

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Three Years


Phew, what a busy day it has been – finally found some time to say this: A few days ago, was the three-years anniversary of my blog. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I started writing here.

Three years ago, I made the leap and debuted my secret hobby into the world! And can I just say, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have loved the whole journey and learned so much through it all. I am so happy that I get to write and create and express my thoughts whether it is through the adventures I experience, foods I like or the quotes I share, the best-est! part is that I can count each and every one of you and be thankful for sticking with it, reading loyally, remembering your favorite posts, commenting, liking and following and generally just TAKING the time to read the things I share on this blog. It feels like I’m talking to friends over a cup of coffee and a slice of good cake.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey. Merci, gracias! Here’s to four more years, friends. Thanks for sticking around. Let the good times keep rolling!

12 Days That Will Unknowingly Change You Forever

Thought Catalog

1. One day, while you’re running on auto-pilot through your daily routine, worrying about whatever it is you deem worthy of concern, questioning the past and considering the future, evaluating yourself with judgment for every way you haven’t lived up to your ideals for the day, a striking thought will cross you. The future is today. This is the life you’ve spent years planning out and waiting for, but you’re not the person you pictured would be living it. It’s in this moment that people make a decision that defines the rest of their lives. They either sit in the remnants of who they could be or they realize that the only person they can accomplish being is who they are on that imperfect, ordinary day. The people who live the happiest lives are the latter.

2. The day you meet your first, not-out-of-convenience, real friend. I’m not talking about…

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What I Want: Things And Stuff

Reblogged this article from Thought Catalog:

Love, it does not arrive in it’s perfect form.


“So what is it, exactly, that you want?” she asks. Then she jumps right into it. “It seems like for me it changes every day. I just know that, at least right now, I don’t want anything serious. I can’t be serious with you, because, well, you know. Life.”

I nod the affirmative. (Life, man.)

“But, yeah,” she continues. “What do you want, out of, like, this?” She points back and forth at me from across the table, like a person ushering an airplane in for a landing.

“I don’t know,” I say. “Not exactly. It changes for me too. A lot. But at this point, keeping things casual is good. Good for me, anyway. So we’re on the same page. I’m casual as a motherfucker.”

But this isn’t really how I feel. Not anymore. I have been keeping it casual—more or less without fail—since George W. Bush was president. I think I’m finally ready for some change I can believe in.

So I say this:

“Well, shit. Actually, what I just said is patently untrue. For starters, I want you. Desperately even. And the things that I unwillingly associate with you. Many things. Things that come with the greatest of romantic relationships, the ones you read about in the best of books and the ones you see in the sappiest of movies. The romantic things I aspire to now despite my having spent much of my life pretending to be apathetic or averse to the idea of them. The stuff you can experience from relationship inception to declaration of love and hopefully death and beyond, if there is a beyond.”

I can tell she is taken aback by this sudden outburst, because she is giving me a look like I am about to leave her for her older brother.

“W-what?” she says.

I tell her I am going to keep going and request that she please hear me out. I think that this is my chance to deliver words that will make a person fall in love with me, which is essentially what I have been aiming for my entire life.

“I’ve given this a lot of thought, apparently, and can tell you in one sentence that what I really want is The One, if indeed such a thing as The One exists. And if The One doesn’t exist, I’m going to be fucked because I realize now I will strive for The One until either I find her or die alone looking for a hand to hold. What I want is to be happy, and the end-all-be-all of my happiness is going to come sometime after I find the perfect person for me to spend the rest of my life with. In this way, I am like Ted Mosby, and you know what? I’m not going to apologize for that. If I could traipse my way through life completely happy alone, and without qualms re: living out my days unspoken for, then I would absolutely do it, no questions asked and zero fucks given. But we can’t always help what we want.

“I want to end my workday and look forward to seeing someone afterward, instead of looking forward to spending time reading a book and drinking whiskey, a pastime that can be vastly improved upon. I want someone to marathon House of Cards with me. Someone to introduce me to trashy television shows I’ll pretend not to like. I will act like a martyr when we switch it on; even though this special someone will know that I’m just trying to hide my glee about watching Glee, in an attempt to retain some of my perceived masculinity. I want a girl to recite repetitive commercials with me, the ones we see all the time on Hulu, which we will use to air the late night shows from the day prior while we prepare dinner and drink wine together in comfortable clothing.

“I want to take the worry that I will live most of my life alone out of the existential equation. I want a reason I consider viable for self-preservation, and I want that reason to be a human being. I want somebody who wants to be with me, to spend time together—whether we’re embarking on radical adventures or doing boring, monotonous things that are no longer boring and monotonous when they’re conquered in the company of The One you harbor love toward.

“I want to be the dude who can’t always stay late at work because he actually has solidified plans with his significant other. ‘It’s our anniversary tonight,’ I’ll say, ‘so I really can’t—I’m taking her on this date that starts at the subway station where we kissed the first time, the night of our first date.’

“When my grandfather asks me if there are ‘any live ones’ I want to answer ‘Yes, there is, this one: here she is, and yes, I agree; I did do good.’

“Someday I want to walk in the door after work, maybe in some suburb, or the city, or even a fucking farm way out in rural who knows where—it doesn’t really matter to me because by then I will be comfortable in believing that it is who I’m with and not where I am that really matters.

“Then I want to kiss whoever this ends up being and ask her how her day was. I will smile a bunch because we made this life together, this life that is what I always knew in some way would make me happy, happier than anything else I had ever experienced or done. I want to go to bed with her and be thrilled that I’m sleeping next to someone and not alone, no matter how much of the space or sheets she seizes as her own.

“I want all of these things. But, you know, what I need is something else entirely—a different but important thing to consider, you know?”

She looks at me for a few seconds, says, “That was…strange. You have clearly given this way too much thought.”

“I know,” I say. “I can’t help it.”

“Well, maybe you should just let it happen. Stop thinking yourself out of happiness.”

“Yeah. That might be a good idea. Probably. I’ll try it.”

“I have to go,” she says.

“I thought so.” 


I just got home at 12:15am from my mid-shift duty. Traffic everywhere, and it’s Monday such a killer combo. Ugh! Time check: It’s 3:18 in the morning, and I’m still up. I’m still caught up with this book, but I know I should probably be sleeping now. There’s always tomorrow…or in my case, later. It’s just difficult for me to begin a book and not finish it soon.


Right now my stomach’s grumbling and I’m feeling kind of dizzy. I guess I have more reasons to sleep now. Signing out. Bye.



Sometimes it is hard to smile whenever there’s something that is bothering you but always remember that at the end of every rain there is a rainbow. It may be hard to be optimistic, especially when you know you’re got no one to blame but rely on yourself. But also remember that those problems are there for a reason. God gave you those problems not because He wants you to suffer; He gave you those simply because He loves you. He thinks you’re strong and He wants you to be stronger. Problems are meant to make you stronger and not to break you apart. Always believe in the power of optimism. Be positive! Being negative is just like killing yourself out of this world. Smile and have hope! Like what I always tell myself.

Hearts everywhere

I know this is kinda late post for valentines day but who cares it still the LOVE month.


Your say on Valentines day?

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance for some, a day of chocolate and cards for others, but for some, it is a day of bitter desperation and longing. I think that everyday should be like Valentines day.

I honestly don’t think it’s nice that you’ll just go along with everyone; that you’ll just make someone feel special once a year. I think that people should erase that mentality and pursue on making their special someone feel loved for 365 days.

I think that is better compared to giving it your all for just one day. Give it your all everyday :) it’s super worth it especially when you know and see how much s/he appreciates everything you do. Even if it’s only by bringing him/her to his classroom or picking him/her up every time. Sometimes even by just texting him/her a sweet good morning/night message. :)

If you love someone, show them that you appreciate them everyday; that you care for them and that even without chocolates, roses, balloons, or any material things, you can make them feel special :) People usually get blinded with what they see thinking that that’s already what they feel, but seriously, I think it’s better if you really show the person that you love that you love them.

Right Down Memory Lane

Today, out of boredom, I decided to fix my bedroom and drawers. Finally, I decided to start seriously de-cluttering and weeding out my stuff and got to somehow finish it today. Fixing my room, especially my drawers are always an instant trip down memory lane.


I don’t have a big room and I even share it with my sister. I just keep a LOT of little stuff. There are always things that remind me of certain events and memories. I’m sentimental like that since. I rarely fix it. I get to keep even the most random items from the past. Haha! I used to be the girl who kept receipts of where she ate or what she bought, wrote every detail of what happened in the back of any paper I see or tissue paper and kept my past planners, notebooks with poems and quotes on it. I used to be the girl who kept every paper and notes from school, thinking that someday it will be useful. Among other things, I found my collection of studio and photo booth pictures from different events and handwritten letters from friends. I found myself staring at each one of them trying to relieve what happened for that particular night or day. Out of the blue, I’d catch myself smiling from remembering a certain memory. Be it embarrassing or funny, it’s simple reminiscences like that, that makes travelling down our own memory lane so comforting. So, here I wanna share some of the stuffs I find while fixing my things. I’m so sorry for the quality of the pics don’t have that much time to edit it. Hihi :P

My notebooks and pens.
My planners.
Taken during my 1st year college. Loooook!! I’m still soooo young!! “Nene” days Hahaha
My College Barkada!! TEAM PETIX. Sooo highschool with the studio pics. Hehe :))
With my dear sister. <3 :)
With my awesome family. <3
Some stuffs given to me by my friends. :)


This was given to me during my last day of review for my Nursing boards by someone named Frank as you can see on the pencil. Haha Actually, I didn’t know him personally, maybe I’ll know him by face. He just asked his friend to give this to me as sign of good luck for our upcoming boards. I just have a chance to say Thank You to him when added me in Facebook. By then, I remembered him that he’s the one who always smile at me whenever we bump each other and of course I’m kind of girl that smiles when someone smiles at me . :) I appreciated this little gesture of him of taking some time to buy this small box and add up some personal touch. :D
LEFT: These are the birthday messages from my roommates while reviewing for our nursing boards. RIGHT: Notes and letters coming from my awesome friends. :))
For some reason, after my clean up, I felt really good. Even though it was really tiring, I had all this energy to clean so more. Hehe  :) Now that I’ve fixed my things and throw the things that are needed to throw…I guess now I have free space for new momentos!! :D