Chew on this: Gastro Park Kapitolyo

My boyfriend and I spent one sunny afternoon in one of the newest foodie spots in Pasig City: Gastro Park Kapitolyo.


Food parks have been popping up here and there as of late. The first one I heard about was Maginhawa’s Streat, Z Compound in Malingap Street. Both are in Teachers Village in Quezon City where restaurants of all sorts seem to bloom on a regular basis. And then recently there is Gastro Park in Kapitolyo. Kapitolyo has already established itself as a foodie destination for homegrown hole-in-the-walls that serve good and affordable food. New restaurants are opening every now and then and they never go out of style.


Gastro Park Kapitolyo is an expansive (not expensive) space with different food stalls of different cuisines and specialties, wooden tables and chairs, and music. The garage-style food court has inventive burgers, Mexican bulalo, Filipino-styled sandwiches, bagnet, Thai-Mex street food and more. The vicinity, after all, is still partly residential even with the presence of commercial establishments. This is the exact ambiance that foodies can have at the district’s 1st Street where Kanto Freestyle Breakfast also is.


We tried as much food as our tummies could handle, and here are the dishes or drinks that we tried that day:

Sweet Nothing

 | Menu |@sweetnothingshakes |

Upon entering the park, the first stall that greets everyone is Sweet Nothing. Sweet Nothing is the park’s beverage provider. It also serves fun milkshakes, aside from refreshing juices and canned sodas.


I may be wrong but it seems that Sweet Nothing is the main stand for dessert items. Sweet Nothing is also the most attractive and thought out among the stands.

One of the most popular stalls in Gastropark is Sweet Nothing, which serves juices, milkshakes and desserts. We tried the Strawberry Shortcake Shake (Php 120) and the S’mores Milkshake (Php 120).


Though I’m biased with chocolate, I was more impressed with the Strawberry Shortcake Shake, topped with cotton candy. I enjoyed sipping the Strawberry Shortcake Shake more when I mixed the cotton candy with the shake.

Brick Plate

And one of the kiosks that caught my attention was Brick Plate. Brick Plate serves American comfort food including steaks, ribs and pizza.


The shake ribs come with two ribs packed with meat. The corn, coleslaw and barbecue sauce come in small plastic containers. The meat was slightly on the tough side and it was lightly seasoned. It is best enjoyed with the sweet barbecue sauce.  I liked the two side dishes as it added crunch and more flavor to the bland ribs.


Menu | @japbox_ph |


Japbox is Japanese food in a box. Putting a twist on the popular Chinese takeout boxes, Japbox is sure to surprise your eyes and buds whenever you unbox their filling and flavorful Japanese treats, from sushi to tempura to rice toppings and more.



Menu | @bagneto |

Bagneto is an Asian fusion restaurant specializing in bagnet (a deep fried pork delicacy hailing from the northern Ilocos region) served in different forms and flavors. Bagneto does their bagnet right.  If you’re looking for something different, Bagneto’s sisig is made entirely of crunchy bagnet, with a lovely egg cracked on top of it. In case you haven’t noticed, the name and logo was inspired by the character Magneto from X-Men.


We had a great time trying out various dishes and drinks at Gastro Park Kapitolyo. The prices are reasonable and the choices are numerous that one visit is not enough to try everything. This place is great for gathering of friends and family where you can buy different kinds of food and share it with every one so you can try them all. Unfortunately, we cannot try all of it because they were so many for just the two of us. I would love to visit this again and try out more food stalls soon.

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends, drive up to Kapitolyo, Pasig and enjoy the food. For more updates you can check their Facebook.

Gastro Park Food Park
1st Street, Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Monday 4:00pm to 12:00mn
Tuesday to Thursday 12:00pm to 12:00mn
Friday to Saturday 12:00pm to 1:00am

Selamat Datang KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA 2015 (Part 2)

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For the continuation of our Kuala Lumpur experience, we passed by the Sultan Abdul Samad building which is a strip of Islamic-inspired structures. Sultan Abdul Samad Building is now home to the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture of Malaysia and sits beside the old KL Railway Station. Too bad, since it is a government office, I could not get a grant to take a look on the inside. It remains one of the city’s most important tourist attractions and a historical landmark in the city. Its very outstanding with its design with Moghul Islamic architecture in mind. Also, it’s very distinct for the clock tower that is also popular to the locals as the “Big Ben” of Kuala Lumpur.


Just to let you guys know, there is a free guided tour along Dataran Merdeka, to visits all other historical landmark, but it is only available on certain time.


Next to it is Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. This is by far my most favorite place among others located near Dataran Merdeka. Classic, artistic, orderly mannered.  Since we were already touring around to have a glimpse of Malaysia’s history, why not go here to see more of modern KL inside.

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is another unique kind of tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur. It is a visitor information, where we could ask a guide about some road, or other tourist attraction place to visit.  It is located at around Daratan Merdeka, and there are a lot of other tourist attraction near to this place. This building is preserved from a historical building (I really like the classiness feeling around here :)). And there are a lot of historical landmark around this area, so once we visit this place, we could just spend the whole day to visit a lot of other places nearby.


Next stop, the Tugu Negara or The National Monument is one of the attractions in Kuala Lumpur. It is located at a walking distance from the famous Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur. The National Monument is a sculpture which was built in remembrance of the brave soldiers who died fighting for the independence of our country. This historic sculpture has also marked its place in the book of records for being the tallest freestanding group of bronze sculptures.


The Monument of 7 Soldiers is the tallest freestanding bronze sculpture grouping. The 7 figures of the soldiers have its own qualities: leadership, courage, strength, sacrifice, unity, suffering and vigilance.


What is so nice about the National Monument is it is surrounded with fountains and ornamental pewter lilies. This is the Asean Sculpture Garden just beside the monument.

We finally stepped foot to Merdeka Square which is Dataran Merdeka or translated in English as Independence Square. The entire place used to serve as the government administration center during the British settlement. This is where the Union Jack flag was lowered down and the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time to commemorate the end of British colonization over the country. The Merdeka Square has since then been the venue for commemorating the country’s independence.

I was so surprised to find this historic gem that was also probably nearby the busiest parts of the city. Amidst the modern skyscrapers, bustling shopping malls, and even the busy intersection roads surrounding Merdeka, I was certainly impressed with how this heritage area has been preserved.

The area is not that packed with tourists, in fact, I feel it’s not that famous of a tourist spot and I wish it would stay the same so as to preserve its very unique and relaxed atmosphere. During night, I reckon it’s also a good place to chill and talk with friends with these magnificent structures in view. Absolutely one of my recommended places in Kuala Lumpur.

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Selamat Datang KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA 2015 (Part 1)

How long has it been since I last updated my blog? I’ll only briefly apologize for the lateness of this post, which I meant to have written up within a couple of days of it happening. But I’m An ordinary employed girl reveling in a break from course work and schedules, so I got lazy and am just now getting to writing it up.

I feel as though I’ve been neglecting this little blog ‘o’ mine lately. Sadly, I have had every intention of updating before now. It’s been a long month so far, what with the general hustle and bustle that this season brings.  But anyway; excuses, excuses, right?

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I was off on a whirlwind trip to South East Asia a few months back (most of which, feels like a blur now). While getting into the swing of travelling, admittedly my updating has not been as frequent as planned. But let’s start with rounding up the 4 days and 3 nights of my trip, which were spent in and around Kuala Lumpur.

Together with my best friends Jen and Viv we boarded a Manila-Kuala Lumpur flight via Cebu Pacific. The flight lasted over 3 hours and went fairly smoothly. We arrived at KLIA2 2:30PM and immediately took a cab to Youniq Hotel, our home for the duration of the trip. Tip: You may want to exchange for enough Malaysian Ringgit (for the bus and cab fare) at the airport. However, money changers along Chinatown or Bukit Bintang offer the best rates.


Touchdown Kuala Lumpur!!


Youniq hotel definitely lives up to its name: unique. Its quirky designs left a deep impression on us. This is perhaps also attributed to its contrasting neighborhood which we would elaborate later. The hotel is also busked in neon lights!


The hotel provides facilities like hot & cold water cooler in the common lounge and, iron with iron board, washing machine and sink in a common space beside the balcony. Cool use of QR code on room key to access the room. We were struggling how to get into the room. We looked for a card slot and we tapped the card. We thought the QR code was to direct us to the hotel website or something. So, yea. Tap on the QR code. Haha.

Rooms are also spacious and provide decent amenities (cable TV, wi-fi, etc.), not to mention the clean bathroom. The hotel offers buffet breakfast (rice, bread, viands, pasta, etc.) which is a really good value, especially since you need much energy touring during the day.  Our rooms were also reasonably priced, I might add (booked via

For our first day, we booked a tour which also offers every foreigner visitors in the hotel. You can see Kuala Lumpur’s top sights in a rush on an overnight stay, but you’ll need at least two days to do them justice, and three or four days to really get a sense of the city. In a week, you can get a good look at most of what Kuala Lumpur has to offer, do some shopping and enjoy an excursion to Selangor as well – the Batu Caves is not to be missed.

Kuala Lumpur is adept at reconciling the old with the new. How the city excels at striking this balance is clearly observed in how the colonial facade and structure of the Sultan Abdul Samad building blends intimately with the tall, freestanding wonder of The Petronas Twin Towers.  One thing you’ll discover in Kuala Lumpur is the many priceless moments you get to sit back and reflect. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city, lies a calming yet serious appreciation of culture and the crafts.

Take a look. Take a walk. You will be inspired.

First in our list is the famous Batu Caves was our first destination for the day, though not exactly part of Kuala Lumpur, but we went to see it as it was very close to KL.  It’s one of Kuala Lumpur’s most famous attractions, is 45 minutes away from the city center. It is actually already in the outskirts of KL in the area called Gombak District. Let’s say this was my first taste of MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA.

It is one of Malaysia’s famous tourist attractions located at Gombak district, 8 miles north of Kuala Lumpur. The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India and is also known for its large gold statue of Lord Morugan.


The caves is said to be 400 million years old already but was only founded to be a site for Hindu worship in 1890 by K. Thamboosamy Pillai (the same founder of Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Kuala Lumpur). The place is also the main location of Thaipusam festival in the country that occurs every January or February every year.

We were greeted by a large statue of a green monkey deity upon entering, there was also a small shrine nearby the entrance but it seems that no one goes up there except for Indians. Walking further, we also saw some Indian restaurants that caters to tourists who wanted to take a quick bite before taking the journey to the caves or some refreshments to those who have already been up to the cave and wants replenish their thirst. There were also some stalls that sell souvenirs, clothes, and other snacks.

After few minutes, we were able to see the most photographed section of the Batu Caves, the grand statue of Lord Murugan. The newly erected statue, stands 140 feet high and took 3 years in construction. I think it is not made of gold, but just with gold paint. :)


The journey doesn’t stop just by having photos of the large statue. We ventured on taking the 272 concrete steps leading up to the Temple Cave. The stairs looks stiff and it was in a straight direction, no left or right. However, I saw a lot of senior citizen climb up and down the stairs, so how could we be discouraged! We climbed the stairs one by one until reached the top, it was not bad though, not as hard as we thought. P.S, be careful when climbing the stairs, as there were a lot of monkey around. Fortunately for us, we were not able to encounter the famous notorious monkeys in the area. The climb was manageable and good thing I brought with me a bottle of mineral water I was able to climb all those steps without getting dehydrated.

The view of course is good. I stopped occasionally along the steps and made I appreciate the view. Looking down, seeing the crowd trying to find their way up, and the buildings of the surrounding area even as far as downtown Kuala Lumpur, and looking up, marveling at the limestone formations on the mouth of the cave.


Once you’ve reached the top, you can now see the entrance to the Main Cave. There’s a bench so in case you get breathless, you can rest there for a bit. Walk your way through to the rear cavern that has a natural opening at the top that allows light to sneak in the rest of the cave area.

There was only a small Hindu shrine in the Temple Cave, which is dedicated to Lord Murugan. The entire place felt very spiritual especially with the light effect of the cave. There were some Indians worshipping on the site but most of the people there were too busy to take pictures. The area felt very touristy to me and I hope the travelers there appreciate the essence of why Batu Caves was established for, and not just by being there for a tourist attraction. The Temple Cave also offers great views of rock formations.

As it is regarded as a sacred Hindu Temple, there is no such thing as entrance fees, A.K.A it’s free, how cool is that! Except there are some museum around the cave area (outside the cave), which are not free.

The monkeys of the Batu Caves: The real attractions of the Batu Caves are the baboons living in these mountains. These monkeys are real thieves do steal anything to get food or drinks that lead over the visitors. Other people are dedicated to feeding the monkeys, but also can be a relatively dangerous activity if the monkeys want to take food from your hands. Normally, if you do not bring food and do not mind the monkeys do nothing. Still, careful with your personal items like sunglasses, among others.


After half an hour, we finally decided to go down and explore more. We finally saw the last of the three caves which was the Dark Cave. The tour will also require you to pay a fee but I heard that you’d be able to see nice limestone formations and some of the cave animals such as an arachnid called the Trapdoor Spider that is already an endangered species.



It was an awesome experience to be able to go to whole Batu Caves It surely gave a different light on how I see Hinduism as a religion and has opened to more understanding on the Hindu’s beliefs and culture. It’s also one of a kind what with the elaborate designs of the place and the thought of having a religious site inside a cave! It’s one of those places not to be missed when you’re around Kuala Lumpur.

We were up quite early for our first day in Kuala Lumpur. I was feeling excited to tour around the city even though the temperature here was probably even hotter than Manila. Our host offered to tour us around which we did not hesitate to accept.

Our next destination was Central Market, translated in Malaysian as Pasar Seni. I was told that formerly, the place was just your ordinary wet market but was transformed later on to this building that not just sell food, but also focuses on arts and crafts-related products imported from different countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, China and India. Now, the place is packed with tourists for its popularity as one of Kuala Lumpur’s unique destinations.


We were able to sneak inside and haggle with some vendors but we did not but anything though. One can buy souvenirs, Malaysian/Chinese/Indian food, local fruits, clothings such as sarongs and other traditional wears, and a whole lot more.

Just across the road near Central Market is Petaling Street which is probably considered as the heart of Chinatown. Our goal was not to do some shopping (yet!), but just to do some sightseeing, people watching and probably to have some bite of good cheap Chinese food in the hawkers stalls. Jalan Petaling is one of the city’s bargain hunter paradise. It’s also similar to our own Manila Chinatown though the vendor stalls are more organized and the area is way more cleaner in KL.


We walked around and noticed that the items being sold there were imitation goods (clothings, accessories, DVD and CDs) and souvenirs stalls were dime a dozen as well. Of course, haggling is the way of life here. One trick that I always practice is that I negotiate for almost 30-80% off the price, if they don’t budge, I’ll just threaten them to walk away and look at other stores. ;)


We went off to take a quick bite on one of the food stalls at Chinatown to figure out where we would be heading out next.

Next stop, the Instana Negara is known as National Palace in Kuala Lumpur. Considered as the favorite tourist spot where they welcome you with arch guards. This is sort of their Malacanang counterpart, where the Malaysian monarchs live. Nothing much to see here except the gates and the horse-riding security personnel guarding the premises. This impressive palace of white and gold is certainly worth seeing. This very pretty building is a rather underrated but very interesting sight in Kuala Lumpur.

We opted to pass by Brickfields as we were already in KL Sentral. Brickfields is also commonly known as KL’s Little India due to the high percentage of Indian residents of the town.. The place is filled with colorful monuments and landmarks which are very depicting of the Hindu culture. I can just imagine how colorful this area can be during Indian festivals.


Then we dropped by the KL Sentral to get food since we were getting a little hungry. There are also various fast foods, convenience stores, shopping boutiques and money changers around and this proved to be very convenient especially for first-time tourists.

More of my moments in Malaysia on upcoming posts…

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Chew on this: 8 Cuts Burger Blends

Hi my lovely-awesome readers! It’s been a while since I wrote a food review and now I’m posting my first food review for this year! Hell yeah! If you’ve been following my blog by now it’s quite apparent that I’m a sucker for good food! Burgers and I have a weird relationship. Normally, I’d prefer pastas and pizzas over burgers. However, when I crave for burgers, I yearn for it really badly. Like a mad man who needs his doze of bacon at once!DSC01274

8 Cuts Burger Blends had been quite popular in the past months. There were lots of news that they serve really good burger. Naturally, when I got a whiff of this new burger joint, I immediately informed my fellow carnivores and decided to finally try it out for ourselves in their branch in Megamall.

8 Cuts Burger Blends is brought by the same people who gave us Burger Bar. What they showcase here is that you can create your own burger. You can choose what meat cut to use for your burger and what toppings to put. I think choosing your own meat is a clever idea. I have my preferences when I eat my burger. I like to have my burgers meaty and yet juicy. Plus, I like my burgers how I like my steak; medium with perfect grill marks. And I was quite happy with how my burger was made.

8 Cuts was very casual with the concrete floors and unpainted walls that really sent out that “I just want to enjoy my food” vibe. Still, everything worked for us and we were looking oh so forward to our burgers ahead. Most burger places allow you to customize the toppings of your burger, but did you know that there’s a restaurant where you can customize as well as what cut of beef your patty will be made of?

6 5

Alright, I wouldn’t blabber much, so let me now share with you the “comfort food” we had!

The place was not packed when we got there. Luckily there was one vacant table which was perfect for us. Each table has utensils, napkins, and condiments on standby.


My best friend and I decided to dine at 8 Cuts Burger Blends which gets its name from the eight different cuts of beef from which you can choose your burger patty. Each cut has its own characteristics to suit everyone’s preferences. You can completely customize your own burger since you have the option of choosing everything from the bun, toppings, and beef. Everything sounds so good it’s such a shame you can’t just load up everything on your burger.

First thing that you notice about the place is the open kitchen. It’s basically an aquarium where you can see how the staff prepares the food—a food factory line. Kinda neat seeing that your food is not tainted by a mischievous kitchen crew, right?


The server let us study the menu, and came back when (he thought) we were ready to order. Honestly, the menu was easy to comprehend but we were overwhelmed with the choices; I wanted to have them all! In magazine format, their ultra-cool menu was an innovative approach that I had never seen before. The pages illustrates their five patty types, each formed from eight cuts of meat in various amounts and combinations (hence the name “8 Cuts Burger Blends”). I was so torn between ordering the Four Cheese (parmesan-crusted patty, cheddar, gruyere, mozzarella) or the Q-daddy (bacon slices, caramelized onions), that I just opted to Make-My-Own.

2 3 4 1

If you’re not feeling creative with your meal, you can just choose from the Tributes which are their own mouth-watering burger creations. While I honestly wish I could have tried all of the burgers, Jen and I just went for their best-sellers which are Piggy and Q-Daddy.

While waiting for our food, I couldn’t help but take pictures of their cool interiors. The place has a very modern, hip feel to it. The ambiance is relaxing amidst its simplicity. The place is cozy and refreshing. I guess its rustic design is a welcome reprieve from the normal dining decor. I love the gigantic butcher’s knives all over the walls because it adds so much character to the space. The casual and energetic atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for getting your hands dirty and digging into some greasy, delicious grub.

Cute set of knives hangin’ on the wall


Not to mention the tempting smell and sizzle of patties that welcomed us. It was a perfect timing because we’re in the mood for some #yoloburgermeal. 8 Cuts is an ultimate burger heaven. For me, it’s like a patty lab where they create assorted burger patties and invent various meat blends. Take note of the word lab – not factory. Each order is hand-pressed to make sure that it won’t look and taste too processed.

Now, on to the main event — the burgers!! The burgers are made in a systematic, assembly line like fashion. The process begins with: The Grind. Fresh cuts of meat are forced down the grinding machine, where it is blended with the other cuts, to create 8 Cut’s signature blends. The ground meat is then seasoned and rolled into a ball, where it goes into; The Press. The meat is hand pressed, and formed into patty, and slapped on to; The Griddle and The Build station where the burgers are then assembled, from the condiments to the sauces, depending on what you ordered.

I had the had The Q-Daddy which is a quarter pounder Ox Blend patty of flank, oxtail and rib eye, with yellow cheddar, onion tangles, crisp bacon strips, iceberg lettuce, tomato, jalapeño ranch and sweetly spiced BBQ sauce, all on a Sesame Seed Bun.

The Q-Daddy

This is a burger of excesses, I tell ‘ya! This pretty much has everything I look for in a Burger…Cheese, Onion strips and bacon, and two kinds of sauces in a single burger? I didn’t even know how to start eating this! But, it all works. I enjoyed this burger so much that from my first bite to the last, I was in pure, meaty nirvana. I just can’t have enough! This pretty much has everything I look for in a Burger…Bacon, Cheese, BBQ sauce, and Onion Rings. It’s like it was made specifically for me in mind! I loved the Q-Daddy, and this is most likely what I would order again.

My best friend, Jen had The Piggy which is a quarter pounder Beef Bomb Blend patty of the chuck and short rib with mozzarella, fried bacon strips, house-made bacon jam, lollo rossa, tomatoes, garlic aioli, all on a Sesame Seed Bun. For bacon lovers, this is heaven on a bun.

The Piggy

According to my best friend, the whole burger was so enjoyable, it successfully satisfied her burger craving. And the beef bomb blend is the bomb! Succulent yet not too intense, it’s definitely a beef patty that can work, work, work with all kinds of toppings.

Unfortunately we were not able to try making our own burgers. Since we had to wait in line for quite a time, we were already so hungry the moment we were seated. We just tried some of  their own combinations and it was not as bad.

Just like any good Burger shop, 8 Cuts has a delicious selection of Milkshakes too. I ordered the Salted Caramel Milk shake (P150 12oz/P180 16oz) from the “Classic” Milkshake selection. It was delicious, with its rich creaminess hitting the sweet spot of my taste buds. Jen ordered the Chocolate Milk Shake(P150 12oz/P180 16oz). The creamy and not so sweet chocolate shake was something to have as a drink to balance the taste from the burger. And besides, American dining won’t be complete at all if milkshake is not available on the table right?

Salted Caramel Milkshake
Chocolate Milkshake

By the time we finished our meal, I thought I had already lost any skill at breathing!

That’s me and my bestfriend Jen happy with our burgers! :)

Although I am not much of a burger person, I was able to appreciate the quality and taste of the burgers here in 8 Cuts. However, what took away some of the points was the lack of creativity in the presentation of each burger. Service was also exceptional. The service crew were very engaging and accommodating to our requests. But more importantly, our orders were served within committed delivery (10-15 minutes).

What about food, you say. Well, good food is a prerequisite in ANY restaurant. Without decent food, concept and service and ambience are nothing—although these three complete the overall dining experience. 8 Cuts’ food is undeniably good, it’s just that by sticking to their standard medium-well patties, they might be limiting their customers. Of course, we can always make a special request, but we must be informed beforehand!

I had a taste of all the burger we ordered, and I could definitely suggest this place guys! Burgers was AWESOME. It was succulent and you just can’t stop taking bite after bite. It was kinda hard to distinguished the taste from one another but good thing was my burger has these almost caramelized onions which was sweet and crispy chips on top adding more distinctive taste to my burger. But rest assured, all the burgers we had was great!

There’s so much going on in their burgers that there’s definitely no other way to eat them than to just go right for it, and get your hands dirty. The patties are so tasty and juicy that you should expect meat juice to run all over your hands while eating. I couldn’t actually taste the ingredients individually, but all the flavors just come together in every bite! Seriously, every mouthful was just an explosion of flavors! Throw your diet out the window because these burgers are not for the faint of heart.

Overall, my 8 Cuts Burger Blends experience is a pleasant one. Everything, from decors to menu, stuck to the concept, and for me theme is everything. Execution comes next, and at this 8 Cuts definitely did not fail. Indeed, good food are best consumed with friends. So that was it!

If you’re looking for food porn-worthy burgers, then head on over to 8 Cuts and “meat their blends.”

See you guys on my next Travel Food Trip! Where should I go next?

For more information about 8 Cuts Burger Blends, visit their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


Ooooh! Summer


Hello, I’m back with the glorious summer sun! Cold months has finally left us in peace! Our minds are drifting to summer barbeques, beaches, and the fact that we won’t have to haul around a bulky jacket or nice sweater!

And for the first day of April, we kicked it off with #OoohSummertime! I’ve always had this idea of the summer I want to have and now, I won’t let the things I want to be just theoretical, but I wanna see them happening. I wanna live my days the way I want it to be.

In a climate where only two seasons are sharply distinct, it’s mostly about the long and lazy days when you can get up early, sit under a tree with a mug of coffee to watch the sun rise, or wander into the garden in bare feet. It’s about warm and green-leaved surroundings, and the aura of infinite time. This timelessness may be, of course, an illusion, but there’s no doubt that the pressures of everyday life, in summer, seem less pressing.

Summer, it’s exciting, it’s fun,  it’s hot and it’s awesome. Since there are only two seasons in the Philippines, I prefer summer season more; biased in disguise ’cause my birthday falls on summer. Hot weather and burning sensation keeps mingling with me, together also with dry land and scorching, intense hot sunny sun.

It’s not for nothing that we associate summer with childhood, as most of us experience to be a student it’s like nothing better than the last minute of the last day of the school year, when the bell rings and they are set free for two or three months, to run wild in the neighborhood, ride bikes, swim, play games. None of that boring stuff, such as long home works, projects and arithmetic.

Usually during summer I spent my days listening to music which you guys will find old fashioned, but believe me it’s a lot better than the music today. Fast paced, every minute there’s something new, I appreciate old songs more than the new ones. As a person who’s not really engaged in Hip Hop or Dance music, Indie-folk, Rock, RnB  and Pop Rock are definitely the answer.  I felt like I’ve been born during the 60’s or 80’s time, if I do have a time machine I want to turn back the time to that era, I want to experience life before. Life now is engaged to a lot of problems; economic, love, war and many other form of rebelling. I find it easy to deal with – easy to deal with because I really don’t care so much for the fact that it’s saturating. Just like music, we criticize, we judge and even give our opinions, but at least for music it is well appreciated, for other aspects of life it’s just a simple opinion which they prefer not to listen ’cause.. yeah.. it won’t help? (I don’t think so) Nevertheless, opinions keep each and everyone going, it would be a big help for improvement.

Well, let’s just enjoy the summer and feel the heat. Excited for my Summer escapade! :)

Ooh Summer, you’re lovely! Oooh.

Happy weekend with Friends

“There is nothing quite like the value of friendship.”

I just got home a few hours ago. I slept over at my friend’s condo for overnight. At last this meet-up have been push through after of thousand and thousand of planning.

Let’s rewind…

Me and my friend, Zackie had an early nurse on-call duty at Makati for the scheduled vaccination. So, of course we shouldn’t be late since we expect the patients to come around 8am. After of almost 10 hours duty we meet our friend, Paige in Greenbelt and go directly to the condo to take a bath and change our clothes. It’s a very tiring day but it’s nice to have friends around; someone you can talk to who also enjoys eating the foods you crave. I had a night out with my college close friends. It was such a good feeling that after a stressful day, we can be with each other’s arms for one night.  The night started with dinner and night swimming. It was a great night! it was night of good music, never ending stories and loud laughter. Bonding moments like these never grow old. So that night was chill but awesome. A few hours after hanging out for milk tea at Agantea we decided to go strolling around Greenbelt and find a place where we can go to. Since it was around midnight or so, every place was packed! So, we opted to go back to the condo and just buy two bottles of Margarita and soda for chaser and some corn and chips. We lost tracked of time and if it weren’t for my cellphone alarm at 4am, we weren’t able to sleep and have stayed awake ’til morning. All you have to know is that we had a lot of fun and that we’re doing this again if time would allow us to.

Nurses on-call
Night swimming!
Chillin’ + Milk tea @ Agantea

The next day we woke up at around 11am. We are so very hungry so we ate our lunch at Gerry’s Grill in Greenbelt 3. Since, it’s Sunday I asked them if they want to hear the mass with me and right after they said yes, we go for the 3pm mass at Greenbelt Park Chapel.  So we heard the mass…And window shopping again after. And a cup of Tea from Chatime. A little chit chats then dinner and rest.
Lunch at Gerry’s Grill
I had a great weekend because I had the chance to go out and spend some time to bond and chat with my college friends. It really feels great to unwind and have some bonding time together with your friends. This one night of bonding was kind of perfect. We all had fun sharing stories about our college memories, current tsismis, and some other stuff. Even though we didn’t do crazy stuff, it was nice. We all went home around 8pm.
Girls nigh out is not complete without MIRROR SHOTS!
Wooow. It’s really a tiring weekend for me. Nonstop. Mind you…My dad’s already mad at me for staying out most of the time…I guess it’s already a part of me. I’m into adventures and I’m the one who can’t stay at home for a very a long period of time especially when there a lot of invitations to attend to. :p We only live once, so grab all the opportunities!! Hehe

So that’s it. Heaps of fun. That weekend made me too happy that I didn’t want it to end. However, all good things must come to an end. Oh my. Looking forward now to my birthday for a break. Cheers!! :D I hope you had an awesome weekend too. Be awesome and spread happiness!:))

Mini Reunion with my Avida Family

Last January 6, 2012 we had a “mini friend’s reunion” at Greenbelt and it was delightful! Finally, I could be with the friends I had missed so much. Reminiscing the moments, bonding and “kalokohans” we had for staying together for almost three months in a same condo, same building tower and two floors away but of course in different rooms. Hihihi :P 6O, 6S and 8F are numbers we’ll never forget. We are almost complete – Me, Bern, Sha, Gaena, Paige, Yo, Bobby and Josh are present. I’m kinda sad that Mommy Gina wasn’t able to attend and this calls for a round two. Communication was minimal, yet our hearts had remained close. Some friendships defy space and time.

This is one fun-filled day of laughter, togetherness, about hundreds of pictures, camwhoring and photoshoot, dawdling and fooling around so it takes twice as long to get where we need to go, and did I mention laughter (coz’ there was a lot of it)! HAHA! :)) And by the way, it takes us almost an hour, deciding where to eat and choosing what resto to have our dinner. Finally, since it’s getting too late we eat dinner at Italliani’s. Pizza, Pastas, Chicken fingers, Mussels and smoothies. Sooo bloated!! Happy tummy!! Thanks to Joshie for the treat. :))
Dinner @ Italliani's
Dinner @ Italliani’s
Seriously, when my friends and I get together we have the best time ever! Yeah! My friends are the greatest. I know that everyone had a great time and we’re already planning subsequent mini reunions because we enjoyed each others’ company so much.

But hey, let pictures speak for themselves.

Photoshoot on a sunny afternoon @ Greenbelt 3
Photoshoot on a sunny afternoon @ Greenbelt 3
Camwhoring at night!
Camwhoring at night! Girls and Boys!
Fooling around on the camera and dinner @ Italliani's
Fooling around on the camera and dinner @ Italliani’s
Attendance!! Present!!

Fun-date with Friends

It’s fun to be able to bond with friends. Chill out with them. Maybe go movies with them or shopping, or even drink with them.  These are some of the the things you and your friends do to mingle with each other. Especially when you just came from the stress all life gives you. 

I called it a lovely day! A day that I really can put my tonnes of stress and anxiety aside and don’t have to think about them. Me and my craaazzzy friends meet to have some catching up then have lunch at Mcdo and watch movie, Amorosa. I don’t usually watch a horror movie on big screen, since it was a movie treat of my friend I’ll go for it. I braved the movie!! :) I’m sooo great!! Haha It was such an accomplishment in my side. :P Of course, a little chit-chat to deep talks will always be part of the list.

You know how it is when girls have their girl talk session. We talk anything under the sun, and we mostly talk about life, stress, guys, relationship and life plans.  

I know, my money flies but the bonding time I get with these people are priceless. A fun, bonding day it was. Thanks girls!! In the end, it works out because you are with your friends and that gives you some kind of super power moral support!

Me and Jen
Ivern and Zackie
Clockwise: Ivern, Zackie, Me and Jen

FUN whenever…..wherever!

Last May 9, 2012 my friends, Jen and Vivian special event! They had this special party at the garden of Casa Espanol. The place is so solemn and has a good ambiance. 

L-R: Jen and Vivian, The STARS of the night!

It was fun! I had a great time spending the evening cause I had a chance to go see them again and spend some time to bond and chat with my lovely Petix friends. It’s almost been a year since our barkada become complete for one event. It really feels great to unwind and have some bonding time together with your friends as you share the laughters, heartaches, experiences, advices and other stuffs. We do crazy things and enjoy it a lot! Here are some of the pics we had during that night.

L-R: Daniel, Gaena, Me, Bern & Kat
Boys of Petix: L-R: Jorine, Daniel, Jen, Vivian, Winchy & JD
My lovely Girlfriends: L-R: Bern, Sha, Gaena, Jen, Kat & Me
L-R: Sha, Daniel and Me
L-R: Jen, Daniel, Winchy & Vivian
L-R: Mon, Kat & Mela
Ayun oh, F4 – Boys of Petix

And to end this blog post, there is one realization that I liked the most during our bonding and ‘serious’ talk. We realized that “nag-iisa lang talaga ang barkada namin!” – One of a kind!! Even if we had years and years and years of being apart, I guess our barkada would still remain intact. The communication and getting updates is still continued. We are like we never run out of kwentos every time we see each other. Some things never changed at all.

Also, BUM-ity is just in the corner. I just want to quote what my friend, Daniel commented, “BUM PETIX – Best Unemployed Members of Team Petix..”, “Well..ganun talaga..We are the best in bumming around..:D San ka makakakita ng magaganda/pogi, cool, matatalino na Bum?! Tayo lang yun…kaya tayo walang trabaho kasi kung magkakaroon pa, sh*t sobrang perfect na natin…invalid na ang mga katagang…”Nobody’s Perfect!” Hahaha” Sorry for the super build up of our barkada! That’s the way we are. Here’s the latest pic of TEAM PETIX after a year!! 

We go anywhere. We go anytime. Too busy. Too far from here. Too many other friends to bother joining. Too many other reasons. But, I MISS THEM. I MISS THEM A LOT. :)

Driving is…..FUN!!!

Last April 17, 2012 I started my very first driving lessons. I was nervous and excited about it. Yes, I do have a background in driving I knew how to drive but in an automatic type of car only. My dad decided to enrolled me in a driving school for me to learn how to drive a manual transmission cars. Because according to my dad, that once you know how to drive manual car, it is easy for you drive any types of cars. I enrolled for a five days – one hour per day course.During my first day, they give us a two hour orientation to help us be familiar on the different parts and how they function. Afterwards, I meet my driving instructor,  Sir Ronald. Before letting me drive, he explained again about the gears, brakes, clutch and accelerator (gas) pedal which was quite confusing at first but after he let me tried it by myself, it was alright. My instructor was very helpful as he really guided me with patience, of course! And didn’t get any scoldings from him. Basically, my first lessons was all about the first-things-to-do and how-to-stop-and-go. I was just going round and round till my lesson ended. Am I a slow learner?? Well, let’s see! :))

My second day, my instructor will let me drive on the main road. OMG!!O_O Am I ready and brave enough?? My first day lessons was rather more fun than challenging. It’s my first time in a manual car, driving in a main road. Such an exhilarating moment for me! However, the car did broke down twice meaning the engine stall as I wasn’t really familiar with clutch and this was my first time driving. Proud to say that I didn’t bang or get any honks from anyone. I even conquered the big and small roundabouts, bridges and U-turns. Other than that, driving was fun!

On my third day, I had encountered many challenges throughout the lessons. First, my instructor taught me the maneuvering procedures: U-turn, 2pt. turn and 3pt. turn. Unfortunately, I was panicked during my 2pt. turn. and the engine stall. Luckily, no cars were behind of me. I feel unsatisfied in that moment because I didn’t managed to perfectly do it while I’m driving on the road. :( Second, I was taught how to drive up or they called the hanging procedure without reversing the car. In this part, foot works is very important, it should be fast when pressing between the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals. Hand brake is also very useful and important when you’re driving up. But sometimes I have problems of using it coz’ its hard and stiff. Still, I managed to learn it after few attempts. Need more practice in my foot works!! Fighting!!

It’s my fourth day, another challenge again is how to go up and down the slope especially if there is traffic. It was fun and thrilling. But, I can say that this one is difficult. Because the most challenging part was getting up and you got to press the accelerator pedal till the engine sound heard loudly. If not, the car will go backwards and your car will end up banging another car. I was damn nervous! After a few attempts, I can do it even though there are times I experienced engine breaking down. Anyways, my instructor told me I’m not that bad because I did it a few times. 

On my fifth and last day, the weather was damn hot!! terribly hot!! I was sweating a lot and I didn’t know whether I smell bad when my instructor sat beside me after I sweated a lot…Anyways, my last day was all about reviewing all the lessons we had and applying it. Also, we had all about parking. There are so many techniques and formulas to remember. Just for the steering and the number of turns you should made. Everything must be done in no hurry and accurate within 3-5 minutes. You can’t miss a step or forget to turn or over turn the steering to the amount that is needed.

I forgot to include where I had my driving lessons. I enrolled at SMART Driving School in Pasig City. So, to those boys and girls who wants to learn SMART driving, enrolled now!! They have different courses available and you can also decide your own schedule. 

For me, driving is actually easy if you apply the techniques and formulas that your instructor have taught you. Of course, you should know how to follow traffic rules and regulations. Take the lessons to brush up your skills and be confident and ask questions to your instructor, don’t be shy!! The most important thing is to stay focus, have presence of mind while driving, just calm down and do it as usual.

So, that’s my driving experience! Happy driving folks!! :))