I collect moments, not things.


Life is about spending time tinkering your favorite old toy, reading a good book and crying about it, listening to your playlist, successful / failed surprises, whole-heartedly appreciating anybody who’s brave enough to show you simple act of kindness, sitting on a passenger seat singing songs on the radio out loud with someone you love, passionate kisses, long tight embraces and a whole lot little moments.

I figured you have to immerse yourself with anything that will make your heart happy, no matter how simple it is. Life’s a lot more meaningful by letting yourself go and feel what’s there.

Digital Sands of Time


Is the worth of something measured when you are able to record or document it? Is the worth of your day measured when you are able to tweet every single moment of it? When you are able to blog about it? How do we reckon the value of something nowadays?

I used to be anxious when I wasn’t able to document something and be able to share it. So I then stopped. I stopped. I was curious of this phenomenon that goes by unnoticed but took its toll. I realized, are we ever living in the present? We spend so much time documenting moments with our gadgets that we forget the most important lens of all, our eyes, and the most important memory card? The ones in our heads, not the 1 terabyte hard drive (although it comes in handy with school/work). We tend to live in the pictures that we are only reminded of the feeling once we see it, but do we ever completely feel the actual moment once we close our eyes and replay it in our heads?

I shifted my perspective. We don’t always have to blog about something or be anxious when we feel like we are missing something online. Slowly, I deviated away from Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I deviated from the noise and find someplace that is more tangible. I wrote in my journal, and I am writing it here too.

Sorry if I am not able to write often, or probably missing more posts and entries in the future. Sorry I am not sorry at all. I am busy trying to participate in the moment. Knowing I am alive, and I am here. I am present. I am living. I am here.

Right Down Memory Lane

Today, out of boredom, I decided to fix my bedroom and drawers. Finally, I decided to start seriously de-cluttering and weeding out my stuff and got to somehow finish it today. Fixing my room, especially my drawers are always an instant trip down memory lane.


I don’t have a big room and I even share it with my sister. I just keep a LOT of little stuff. There are always things that remind me of certain events and memories. I’m sentimental like that since. I rarely fix it. I get to keep even the most random items from the past. Haha! I used to be the girl who kept receipts of where she ate or what she bought, wrote every detail of what happened in the back of any paper I see or tissue paper and kept my past planners, notebooks with poems and quotes on it. I used to be the girl who kept every paper and notes from school, thinking that someday it will be useful. Among other things, I found my collection of studio and photo booth pictures from different events and handwritten letters from friends. I found myself staring at each one of them trying to relieve what happened for that particular night or day. Out of the blue, I’d catch myself smiling from remembering a certain memory. Be it embarrassing or funny, it’s simple reminiscences like that, that makes travelling down our own memory lane so comforting. So, here I wanna share some of the stuffs I find while fixing my things. I’m so sorry for the quality of the pics don’t have that much time to edit it. Hihi :P

My notebooks and pens.
My planners.
Taken during my 1st year college. Loooook!! I’m still soooo young!! “Nene” days Hahaha
My College Barkada!! TEAM PETIX. Sooo highschool with the studio pics. Hehe :))
With my dear sister. <3 :)
With my awesome family. <3
Some stuffs given to me by my friends. :)


This was given to me during my last day of review for my Nursing boards by someone named Frank as you can see on the pencil. Haha Actually, I didn’t know him personally, maybe I’ll know him by face. He just asked his friend to give this to me as sign of good luck for our upcoming boards. I just have a chance to say Thank You to him when added me in Facebook. By then, I remembered him that he’s the one who always smile at me whenever we bump each other and of course I’m kind of girl that smiles when someone smiles at me . :) I appreciated this little gesture of him of taking some time to buy this small box and add up some personal touch. :D
LEFT: These are the birthday messages from my roommates while reviewing for our nursing boards. RIGHT: Notes and letters coming from my awesome friends. :))
For some reason, after my clean up, I felt really good. Even though it was really tiring, I had all this energy to clean so more. Hehe  :) Now that I’ve fixed my things and throw the things that are needed to throw…I guess now I have free space for new momentos!! :D

Happy weekend with Friends

“There is nothing quite like the value of friendship.”

I just got home a few hours ago. I slept over at my friend’s condo for overnight. At last this meet-up have been push through after of thousand and thousand of planning.

Let’s rewind…

Me and my friend, Zackie had an early nurse on-call duty at Makati for the scheduled vaccination. So, of course we shouldn’t be late since we expect the patients to come around 8am. After of almost 10 hours duty we meet our friend, Paige in Greenbelt and go directly to the condo to take a bath and change our clothes. It’s a very tiring day but it’s nice to have friends around; someone you can talk to who also enjoys eating the foods you crave. I had a night out with my college close friends. It was such a good feeling that after a stressful day, we can be with each other’s arms for one night.  The night started with dinner and night swimming. It was a great night! it was night of good music, never ending stories and loud laughter. Bonding moments like these never grow old. So that night was chill but awesome. A few hours after hanging out for milk tea at Agantea we decided to go strolling around Greenbelt and find a place where we can go to. Since it was around midnight or so, every place was packed! So, we opted to go back to the condo and just buy two bottles of Margarita and soda for chaser and some corn and chips. We lost tracked of time and if it weren’t for my cellphone alarm at 4am, we weren’t able to sleep and have stayed awake ’til morning. All you have to know is that we had a lot of fun and that we’re doing this again if time would allow us to.

Nurses on-call
Night swimming!
Chillin’ + Milk tea @ Agantea

The next day we woke up at around 11am. We are so very hungry so we ate our lunch at Gerry’s Grill in Greenbelt 3. Since, it’s Sunday I asked them if they want to hear the mass with me and right after they said yes, we go for the 3pm mass at Greenbelt Park Chapel.  So we heard the mass…And window shopping again after. And a cup of Tea from Chatime. A little chit chats then dinner and rest.
Lunch at Gerry’s Grill
I had a great weekend because I had the chance to go out and spend some time to bond and chat with my college friends. It really feels great to unwind and have some bonding time together with your friends. This one night of bonding was kind of perfect. We all had fun sharing stories about our college memories, current tsismis, and some other stuff. Even though we didn’t do crazy stuff, it was nice. We all went home around 8pm.
Girls nigh out is not complete without MIRROR SHOTS!
Wooow. It’s really a tiring weekend for me. Nonstop. Mind you…My dad’s already mad at me for staying out most of the time…I guess it’s already a part of me. I’m into adventures and I’m the one who can’t stay at home for a very a long period of time especially when there a lot of invitations to attend to. :p We only live once, so grab all the opportunities!! Hehe

So that’s it. Heaps of fun. That weekend made me too happy that I didn’t want it to end. However, all good things must come to an end. Oh my. Looking forward now to my birthday for a break. Cheers!! :D I hope you had an awesome weekend too. Be awesome and spread happiness!:))


I am not a good writer, but I decided to pour my feelings and thoughts into pages. This way, I am hoping to realize what I want, who I am, and what I really want to be. Ever since high school, I have this hobby of writing in journals or diaries. As I remember my first ever journal is a bundle of pieces of ¼ size pad paper clip together. Haha! :)) I’ve always wanted to write. I am fond of writing down my thoughts, my deepest secrets, and feelings about my crush, about hate and anger to someone, revenge but not literally! And whatever that comes out of my mind. I had kept several diaries (journals & planners) back then and update them as frequent as possible because I really find it fascinating whenever I get to read my entries and laugh about them. It also gives me a sense of fulfillment at times as I felt I became better. I never got tired of writing before I go to bed, not until I was in college where busy times takes place and social networks became popular. I’ve taken for granted my journals and lose time on writing. I was always in front of my laptop all the time. So since, I spend most of my time in the net, I come up to the decision to make an account to blog online. And so from up till now, I tried my best to update my blog like a planner that I have to write on every event that happened to me every single day. It’s my scrapbook of memories!! :D

But even though I’m into online right now, I never gave up my ink and paper. There are still things that only pen can express. After all, thoughts are meant to be written, not to be read. My updates in my blog/journals could just about anything. It could be my means of coping with my emotions (which would be most of the time I believe), my escape route or the expression of random thoughts when my mind starts to float in the air. Writing is for everyone, as long as you’ll be able to express yourself and show your individuality among others. I found something that I love to do. Have you found yours? :)

Here are some photos of my journals/diaries/planners. My old ones are nowhere to be found. :( Where art thou?

My past journals/planners which are gifts from friends except the SB planner. :)
My past journals/planners which are gifts from friends except the SB planner. :)
Gotcha! My 2013 planner.
Gotcha! My 2013 planner.

And I’m still looking for more journals/diaries/planners to collect. :)

Mini Reunion with my Avida Family

Last January 6, 2012 we had a “mini friend’s reunion” at Greenbelt and it was delightful! Finally, I could be with the friends I had missed so much. Reminiscing the moments, bonding and “kalokohans” we had for staying together for almost three months in a same condo, same building tower and two floors away but of course in different rooms. Hihihi :P 6O, 6S and 8F are numbers we’ll never forget. We are almost complete – Me, Bern, Sha, Gaena, Paige, Yo, Bobby and Josh are present. I’m kinda sad that Mommy Gina wasn’t able to attend and this calls for a round two. Communication was minimal, yet our hearts had remained close. Some friendships defy space and time.

This is one fun-filled day of laughter, togetherness, about hundreds of pictures, camwhoring and photoshoot, dawdling and fooling around so it takes twice as long to get where we need to go, and did I mention laughter (coz’ there was a lot of it)! HAHA! :)) And by the way, it takes us almost an hour, deciding where to eat and choosing what resto to have our dinner. Finally, since it’s getting too late we eat dinner at Italliani’s. Pizza, Pastas, Chicken fingers, Mussels and smoothies. Sooo bloated!! Happy tummy!! Thanks to Joshie for the treat. :))
Dinner @ Italliani's
Dinner @ Italliani’s
Seriously, when my friends and I get together we have the best time ever! Yeah! My friends are the greatest. I know that everyone had a great time and we’re already planning subsequent mini reunions because we enjoyed each others’ company so much.

But hey, let pictures speak for themselves.

Photoshoot on a sunny afternoon @ Greenbelt 3
Photoshoot on a sunny afternoon @ Greenbelt 3
Camwhoring at night!
Camwhoring at night! Girls and Boys!
Fooling around on the camera and dinner @ Italliani's
Fooling around on the camera and dinner @ Italliani’s
Attendance!! Present!!

Another 12 months and 365 days in progress

I know, I suck! I haven’t blogged in a while. I wonder if there’s any ‘blogging juice’ left in my brain. :P I’ll only briefly apologize for the lateness of this post, which I meant to have written up within a couple of days of it happening. But I’m just a ‘little’ girl reveling in a break, so I got lazy and am just now getting to writing it up. But anyway, excuses, excuses, right?? Hihihi
Congratulations!! I’ve made it this far! With that trending “end of the world” thing…Naahh!! Sure 2012 has been a hard and tough year; yet I survived it!! Clap! Clap!

2013 is fast approaching, and whenever a new year is on the horizon I get a bit nostalgic for the one I am about to close to chapter on. I tend to think about all those things I did or didn’t accomplish, and look forward with hope and wonder about what opportunities this year will bring. Another 365 days are ahead of me. What’s in store of me? I don’t know what God’s plans are for me. But whatever it’ll be, I know it would be for my own good.

My 2012 started out quite rough. There were so many challenges I needed to face that almost put my spirit down. It was like a machine gun firing continuously at me, and the tough part was I didn’t die with the first, second or third shot…It wasn’t anything like the real thing. I had to endure all those bullets being shot at me. There were so many things going on and being my normal self who is an optimist, it was not really a pain in the ass. {Sarcastic me! I’m human too! I feel pain! Hehe} Still, I’m thankful! It was not like I had the world’s biggest problem. I know I’m still blessed compared to others.

It’s been a crazy year. I’m sure this applies to a lot people. There are many reasons to be thankful for what you’ve brought about, but at the same time there are also plenty of reasons to be pissed off. I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations with you but I can honestly say that I don’t blame you. There are many things that I’ve learned from you. There are many things that I picked up from the pain you’ve brought about but also many good memories from the smiles you’ve brought to me.

Looking back at those hard times, it made me somewhat proud of myself probably because I was able to face them rather than cry in one corner or run. I feel like giving myself a big, big pat on the shoulder now. Haha! :)) Looking back, it also made me realize how God truly loves me unconditionally. Though, I wasn’t really giving my all to Him, He did….He was still faithful with his promises even though I wasn’t really in complete obedience in the past years. He was (and is) answering my all-time prayer: to not give up on me, no matter what, even if I have given up on myself and on Him. There were moments I felt like not seeking Him, but he was still there. He never left and that was what I truly needed, not a timeout with Him. It was God who carried me through all life’s obstacles for the past years. I’m sure he will do the same thing, even more, this 2013.

Then it took me to a cloud, you brought me up so high. Met new friends along the way. You gave me hope; gave me something to believe in. Inspired me and reminded me of what it’s like to have faith, to believe in something you can’t even see, to fight for something that you truly think is worth it.

Last year was not just dark moments. I still had my fair share of life’s ups and downs. My family received a handful of blessings before the year ended. I was able to discover something I can do, career-wise. I had accomplished, even not all, more than what I had planned for the year. Yeeeyy!! :D I made new friends, great friends actually. Most of all, I made a lot of realizations and learned many lessons before the New Year kicked off.

It taught me fear, reminded me of trauma and reminded me that life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to, no matter how hard you believe in it or no matter how hard you fight for it. It taught me that there are some battles you can’t win, that no matter what, friends and family will always be there for you. They will stand with you through thick and thin and they will support you no matter what how hopeless you may seem to them. They will always have your back as long as you’re in the right path and that they will give you advice even if you don’t seem to pay attention to them.

Reminiscing how I’ve lived my life, I’ve realized I’m still missing out a lot in life. I want to do sooo many things and I promise myself that I’ll do my best to achieve it!! This year, it wouldn’t be the same thing. I want a “new” year. It’s not about becoming new…..I just want a better me. I want to look at life from a different perspective. It just feels good when you feel good about life whatever it brings. Life doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be beautiful in our sight, and we can choose to see it this way. Well, this 2013 I’ve got another year, another 365 days to fully embrace and celebrate life’s beauty and goodness, to choose happiness every single day. I guess that’s not so hard to do. While we cannot change the things in front us, the things of the world, we can change our outlook on life: to appreciate more and complain less; to thank God more and question Him less; and to love and live life to the fullest no matter how tough the world may seem.

With that, I say goodbye to you 2012…..I thank you for the lessons you have taught me, the people you’ve brought into my life and the trials that you’ve given me. I say goodbye to you with a smile on my face not because I’m glad that you’re over, but because I’m glad that you’ve left me several lessons which I have yet to learn.

So today, we face a new beginning. A new hope was given to us. We have to set our minds and hearts for what is about to happen. As long as we have faith in God and we believe in ourselves, nothing is impossible. ;) This year let us make ourselves better, wiser and bolder. Cheers to confidence, maturity, witty and love. Always remember that this 2013, a new journey awaits. For those who were part of my 2012, THANK YOU for sticking around and let us continue this little journey that we started. I will greet 2013 with a big resounding hello and I can only hope that it’s as great as you’ve been to me.

2013 here I come!!! Just walk, talk and enjoy the roller coaster ride. :))

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! HAPPY 2013!! Let’s welcome it with a banggg!!

**Sorry it’s kinda long for first entry this year! Too many thoughts to share.**

Girls wanna have fun!

Well, again I had a chance to go out again with my friends so this is always fun. Me and my friend Zackie meet first since we are the ones who came early. As usual, early birds! Hehe Since we’re both hungry and haven’t had dinner yet, we decided to go to Banchetto to eat. I missss it!!! Sooo many foods! Happy tummy again! :))

When our other friends came, we stroll in the tiangges located in Citywalk. I like so many things to buy however, “budget constraint”. Need not to tempted. Then, have some picture picture with those human statues in Eastwood.

with Zackie, dinner @ Banchetto
with the Human statues @ Eastwood
Afterwards, we decide to have some drink at Graffiti. We order a tower of ‘Sex on the Beach’ with a mixed of vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice. Have a ‘pulutan’ of  nachos and cheese sticks. Little catching up and chikahans. 
@ Graffiti + Sex on the beach
Attendance!! Complete!! :) L-R: Me, Zackie, Ivern, Jen & Ate Aimee
This is how I spend my last friday of 2012. It’s always a HAPPY HOUR with these people. Hanging out together with you guys is soo cool and fun! As I’ve said before, our gimmicks always keeps us young! Haha Does it mean I’m getting old?? Nah!! 


If it’s Christmas in UST, I guess we are pertaining to Paskuhan alone. The annual UST PASKUHAN happened last friday December 21, 2012. UST is filled with people from different universities and parts of Metro Manila. All gathered in one place to celebrate Christmas the Thomasian Way! Paskuhan is one of the best event UST has to offer. It is well-proven to be one of the most awaited events of the students. This is the most awaited time of the year for UST students or not. Everyone gets excited to see the extravagant Christmas lights in the campus. :))

Paskuhan is one of the best events in the whole University Belt. Thousands of students are swarming over the campus. There could be an average of 15,000 to 20,000 people every year celebrating with UST. Other students from other schools are going too. There are tons of popular bands, singers and artists invited there to perform and give testimonials. There are various booths around the campus too with lots of goodies there. The FIREWORKS display. It is more like minutes of non-stop action up in the air. You really see grand fireworks display courtesy of UST.

When we arrived at UST, I was like, WTF! The line’s soo loong!!! But then we had no choice but to line up. Then, when we were close to the entrance, the guards separated the females from males. Again, I was like O.o because we have to line up again! This means we’ll be at the end of the line again!! But I think luck’s on my side. Hihihi So after 3 or 5 minutes, we were able to get inside UST. There were soooo maaaaany people. This was already expected!! It was hot, crowded, no signal, and again, too many people. I had pasta, pizza and chicken for dinner. Thanks to Shakey’s, one good thing that happened that night. With a massive crowd like this in one location, we have come in terms with the fact that network signals are seriously jammed. It’s so hard to send and receive SMS nor do or receive calls.

The second good thing was I spent it with my college barkada! And last good or I mean the best thing…..none other than the FIREWORKS!!! UST fireworks are surely zeee best!! Seriously, I was like aww-ing and wow-ing. The most awaited attraction here are the bands and fireworks wherein students joke around and say that “Hey! There goes my tuition.” Haha
L-R: Me, Bern, Jen and Ivern
L-R: Michael, Gaena and Me
With Gaena and Ivern
With Michael and Bern
Can I just say that UST did a good job in pranking us all? Like, seriously. Great, job guys! If you’re not there, what happened was they kind of let us count to 1 and then some crappy fireworks display happened. And there’s no sound so whatever and everyone was like asking for the sound and stuff and it ended quickly. Well, it’s actually not that crappy but it was far from the usual UST fireworks display. So whatever!

And then we kind of faced in the front again. And the hosts announced something like, “The real Fireworks display!” The fireworks were beautiful, eye catching and most of all its colorful. The night sky was filled by beautiful lights of the fireworks. It was long and that’s why my back neck was aching but it’s worth it. Although it’s not the greatest fireworks that UST has but that thing surprises me and I said “WOW!” because the combination of lights brings happiness to its viewers. The fireworks display took more than 5 minutes and whew the back neck ache is worth it. :) and these pictures happened.
The FIREWORKS DISPLAY!! Grab pic from my friend.
Some attend Paskuhan for them to watch the hottest bands as well as the fireworks. But for me, it’s really the bonding that what makes me want to attend these kinds of events in UST. It’s because I have the AWESOMEST FRIENDS in the world! They’re the craziest, supportive and loving friends I have! Even, if we have our own problems, once we get to bond with each other, all our apprehensions are gone! We never ran out of stories to talk about. That’s what I love about them. We have our OWN WORLD! AND OUR OWN WORLD ROCKS!
With my girl friends. L-R: Bern, Me, Gaena, Sha, Ivern & Jen
Of course that is the time that all of my friends to do some picture picture. My friends loves to camwhore and while where at some kind of event like this, flashes of camera are turning on and off. Even though the others are doing something, they will run to where the designated spot where we will pose. You know it’s like we were destined to be friends because we love to take pictures! Haha! Corny, I say. :p
Pose! Pose! with Sha and Bern :)
Cam-whoring with Jen, Michael and Ivern 
After celebrating the Paskuhan, me and my bestie Sha, stay at Starbucks near UST in P. Noval street to spend the entire night! It was a long walk because we are first timers there so we don’t know the exact location. Thanks to the security guards and the people we asked around the place! Some of our friends go first they still have things to do. So two of us had our GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Hahaha Funny!! it’s only at Starbucks just to wait for the simbang gabi at UST and wait for sunrise and go home. I settled for a toffee nut frappe, and sit on a cozy portion of the store. We had soo much fun. I got home around 8am, nooo sleep yet and I still have to go to my granny’s burial at 11am that day. Phew! It was really exhausting but it was worth it.

Back to the event, UST Paskuhan was really fantastic! Not because it is a gathering of friends, you know, some kind of feeling that you don’t explain and that feeling brings total happiness. That is wicked awesome!! It was really tiring but it was a blast! I miss them so much! I’m looking forward for another trip with you guys! For now, ’tis the season to be jolly!! Happy Holidays!! :D

So what do you say? I guarantee you will never ever regret attending such an event like this. Being a part of this event, I’ll say its worth to come in this event. I really had fun! Until, the next Paskuhan 2013! :))

Nifty Shoebox of Photographs!

Hey, guys!! How are you?? Long time no post again. I’m sooo sorry for not updating my dear blog just kinda busy preparing for my boards but now it’s all done!! Yeehaa!! :)) Anyway. Yeah, I know, I know. And I bet you already know the reasons why so I need not to elaborate much. :P And I have tons of delays too with regards to my blogger post. 
So allow me to bombard you again with OVERLOAD of PHOTOS and catch a glimpse of my-so-called-not-so-humdrum-life so far with the help of my Instagram account: caireyes. Do add me if you have one. :D
Waaaarrnnniiiinnnnggg!!!! Photos overload!!!

**TGIF at Music21 with my friends and thanks to Ate Aimee for the treat! :D
**Stickers! Stickers! Spending time at Starbucks @ Bonifacio Global City
**Late lunch @ Max’s.
**Duchess. #friends
**Because when we’re together we don’t really give a crap about calories @ Shakey’s. 
**Woop. Woop. Eat Halo-Halo @ Razon’s! 12.12.12
**It’s all about the LIPS!! Soooo vain with my friend Rai. :D
**REVIEW DAYS!! Final Coaching. :D Block 3 – December 2012
**Last day!! Had mass at San Sebastian Church. Fly balloons for passing the boards. 
**After the 7 church visits for Divine Intervention. Rest and drink chilled Taho @ Mamang Taho.
**Coz’ were experts in fooling around. :P
**Going back to my dear Alma Mater. Visit our beautiful and loved sis. Ana & dear professors. :)
There you have it. I realized that I miss blogging sooo much. Oh well! will compensate should I have the time. Just wait…I have tons of thoughts in my mind!! Hehe :)) Have a great day everyone and I’m missing all of you!! ^^,